Garurumon is all done! He is 10in long, 9in tall and 6in wide of Digimon awesomeness!

It’s crazy that of all the amigurumi I’ve made, ive only done a handful of them fully standing, and wow does it really make some of them shine so much more 💕 I’m so proud of Garurumon, and I hope his new Tamer loves him as much as I do.

I’ll be offering Garuru as a made-to-order plushies (along with the others I’ve been promising) over the next week or so, so keep an eye out at!



A quick compilation of a few digimons I’ve drawn all in 1 in celebration of 50 days of daily digimon, There’s a lot more back at my page so do check it out

SIZE is NOT ACCURATE, just a compilation :p

Thanks you for the support, I appreciate em

a reverse white tiger werewolf?? sign me the fuck up!!

i gave him a tail because…i know he’s not supposed to have one, but then cyber sleuth gave him one, and i always gave him one on my digivolving toy because no one can stop me, so…there ya go

man guys idk every time i try to sit down and really work/push it on digital iwry illustrations or just iwry stuff in general my brain just screeches to a halt and doesn’t want to hear it. i’ve still got some steam for the traditional illustrations, so i’ll try to ride that out as far as i can and in the meantime i’m gonna be putting some focus on stuff i apparently want to draw/can finish quickly enough before i lose focus.