The sun sets and dark wings embrace a breaking moon.
The screams of a thousand, thousand souls,
on their knees, pleading for pleasure, for pain…
Down from the mountains of madness,
and into the heart of an endless storm,
an ill wind blows,
an ancient evil rises…

Would share this last one picture for the day, but probably will be drawing more, I amin the mojo LOL I love Garuda, but very very much, and I had this idea in my mind for some time since I beat her in game, expression quite serence considering her personality is very savage, played with some painting methods, and as the word says PAINTing, I worked so hard on this one that my hand hurts a bit lol but worth it, I am happy with it ;-;


Artist: Shinji Hosoe
Album: Street Fighter EX2 Plus Original Soundtrack