Would share this last one picture for the day, but probably will be drawing more, I amin the mojo LOL I love Garuda, but very very much, and I had this idea in my mind for some time since I beat her in game, expression quite serence considering her personality is very savage, played with some painting methods, and as the word says PAINTing, I worked so hard on this one that my hand hurts a bit lol but worth it, I am happy with it ;-;


I finished my entry for the fanfest art competition and got it send off Saturday (I’m hoping so hard that it makes it in time…TmT) but I was in a rush so I just threw together my light box to snap some shots that would hopefully be acceptable for my portfolio if they do refuse to give my work back to me.  I pretty much just tossed these into PS to lighten them up a bit and crop off the extra edges.

So yeah, I call it ‘Lady of the Vortex’ (not the most creative I know ^_^’).  It is made of copper, quartz (the face), and some stone that I hope is a low quality chalcedony I found during my Deadhorse rock hunting trip a couple weeks ago.  I experimented with some patina techniques and while it isn’t what I had vaguely planned for in the beginning I find that I like it more.  I was almost done when I realized I had forgotten to make her face so I grabbed a random chunk of quartz and ground it down on my genie to make it fit the hollow I had left for a face of some sort.  The gods totally blessed me (fc crafting buff must have been active) while I made those wings, I think I broke, like, one? blade for all of them.  Soooooo much cutting, and then I used my little battery powered etcher thing to cut in the uppermost feather designs on the wings and a ton of different details all over the torso portion.

I hope you all like it and if it makes it to being displayed at fanfest I hope all of you get a chance to check it out (sculptures really gain something when you can see them in-person I think)!  Good luck to all of you other awesome people entering; can’t wait to see your pieces there!