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Rosewood Suspects & Their Potential Motives for Being A

If only that iconic Black Hoodie turned around to reveal one of the following familiar faces instead of CeCe Drake’s. 

We are allowed to dream, so here is a list of possible motives for each of Rosewood’s leading suspects & why they might have targeted the PLLs if they ended up being A:

With all of these terrible, yet justifiable motives, instead we got this:

Melissa Hastings Theory...

***Edited post on 5/30/16

(Beware, it’s the longest theory I have done yet)

I’ve said it time and time again, I firmly believe in Melissa being big ‘A’ with Wren, Cece Charlotte, and Toby’s aid, along with the fallen N.A.T members. I’ve written theories about Melissa and the others involvement ( x , x , x  , ) but here is where I’m going to tangle all of my theories and thoughts together, like a bowl of spaghetti. 

Let’s start with the events of “That Night” on Labor Day 2010.

Morning of Labor Day. 

Alison is at the Hilton Head resort in South Carolina with Ian on a weekend reprieve (when she is supposed to be visiting her grandmother in Georgia) and Melissa appears at their hotel room. Melissa yells at Ian about Alison being there and demands that she puts an end to their affair but Ian calms her down, reassuring her that Alison means nothing and that he was just killing time. Melissa forgives him and then tells him that he can’t see her again, or else “somebody is going to get hurt.” 

Alison hears this conversation from the bedroom and in spite, turns on Ian’s computer and copies all of his videos (N.A.T videos) onto a thumb drive and then she leaves Hilton Head. She goes to a small airport and has her friend Duncan fly her back home to Rosewood. 


In episode 2x23 Aria meets up and flies around with Duncan to get some answers as to what or who Alison was looking for.

Aria: “So how often did you take her flying?”

Duncan: “On and off that summer. As often as I could.”

Aria: “Can I ask you something else?”

Duncan: “Was I in love with her? Could have been. If somebody hadn’t gotten in the way.”

Aria: “Another boy?”

Duncan: “Ah, that’s what I figured. At least I had her all to myself up here. It made her feel safe.”

Aria: “Safe?”

Duncan: “Yeah. Nothing could get to her, and she had control. You want to try it?”

Aria: “Do I want to what?”

Duncan: “Take me up.”

Aria: “No. No, thanks.”

Duncan: “If you want to understand your friend, what she was looking for, take control. You got it? How does it feel?”

Aria: “I don’t know.”

Duncan: “She would sit in that seat and I would see her face just change. No masks. Nothing to hide from or be afraid of. They couldn’t get to her.”

Aria: “Who’s they?

Duncan: “Maybe a stranger. Maybe some boy she knew. Maybe a friend.”

He stares at Aria for awhile and makes her nervous and then she loses control of the plane for a second but quickly gains it back. 

Duncan: “I’ve done some reading since we’ve talked. The papers said that a man named Ian Thomas confessed to killing Alison before committing suicide. He left a note and everything.”

Aria: “The note was fake. We don’t think that he did it. We think.. we think that he was trying to protect somebody.


And we know that somebody Ian was protecting was Melissa.

In 1x21 before Ian and Spencer get into the fight in the church he says to her, “your sister would want me to take care of this.” Then when Ian tries to push Spencer off the bell tower she says to him, “If you love my sister you wouldn’t do this.” to which Ian responds, “I’m doing it because I love her.

Afternoon of Labor Day.

When Alison returns home to Rosewood the very first thing she does is visit Jenna in the hospital and threatens her to stay away from Rosewood. 

"Jenna, If you ever come back to Rosewood, I’ll bury you." 

Alison explains in 4x24 that she was visiting everyone implicated on the videos she downloaded from Ian’s computer and was trying to scare 'A’ away from hurting her. Her and Jenna seem to come to some sort of understanding so Alison leaves, thinking that she’s won and that Jenna couldn’t be 'A’ until she receives an 'A’ text. 

Then Alison took a taxi home/Spencer’s house to see the Liars. They talk about  how exciting the last night of summer will be, partying in Spencer’s barn.

Later that afternoon Alison goes home and walks into her bedroom to get ready. She sees a note on her bed from her mom that read "Good color on you. -Mom” with a yellow top next to it. She put it on and turned around to look into the mirror and she see’s an 'A’ message waiting for her.

Terrified, Alison decides on a back-up plan. She paid for a storage unit and put the thumb drive of the videos inside of it.

She goes over to Emily’s house and gives her a present from her grandmothers house, a vintage snow-globe. Underneath the snow-globe she had taped a key that belongs to her storage unit containing the N.A.T videos.

Evening of Labor Day.

After Alison is ready for the night she goes downstairs to leave and she’s stopped by her mother, Mrs. D. Mrs D is on the phone and seems very worried saying, “How could this happen? I don’t understand.” Ali goes to leave the room but Mrs. D yells at her and tells her that she’s not going out, end of discussion. Then she returns back to her phone call and says, “You need to send somebody immediately.” (We speculate now that Mrs. DiLaurentis was on the phone with Radley about Bethany disappearing from the Sanitarium). Once Mrs. D hangs up she says to Alison about the Hastings, “You have to remember that you can never turn your back on a Hastings.” 

Alison ignores her and takes a few of her pills when she’s not looking and escapes out the back door to go next door to Spencer’s.

She enters the barn and all the Liars and her hang out and drink a little, which is how Alison drugs the girls to get them to fall asleep. Once the girls fall asleep she leaves the barn to meet with Toby outside. 

They talk for awhile and then Toby leaves, leaving his jacket behind on Alison. (What do they really talk about? We never see a flashback. In 4x24 Alison tells the Liars that Toby told her that night that he was grateful for her, that his time he had spent in juvie got him away from Jenna)

Alison then goes to meet up with Ian at the kissing rock but as she’s leaving her house she see’s a car parked outside and walks to it.

It’s Ezra Fitz and he’s very upset at her for lying about her real age. He tells her that their relationship is wrong and although he likes her, he can’t continue to see her, she’s too young. As she gets out of his car and is saying goodbye she says to him, “If you ever get your story published, you better spell my name right." 

She then walks to the kissing rock and meets with Ian. They record a video, make out a little, and then Ali threatens she will show everyone his and his friends videos that she stole. 


 Alison: “Thanks for meeting me, that was some goodbye kiss.”

Ian: “No hard feelings, right?”

Alison: “Please. This is just me killing time before somebody better comes along..”

Ian: “Look, why don’t we just… end this on a positive note, okay?”

Alison: “You and Melissa deserve each other. She is such a bitch.

Ian: “Hey, watch your mouth.”

Alison: “You’re going to jail.”

Ian: “We never had sex, Alison. So… I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Alison: “I saw your home movies, Ian. What does N.A.T stand for? Need A Therapist?” 

Ian: “Listen, you are NOT going to blackmail me into staying with you.”

Alison: “That’s hilarious. Somebody is threatening me. And if it’s you or your crazy girlfriend then it stops tonight because I’ve made a copy of every single video on your laptop. And if I get one more text or a doll then you’re going to be buying your soap on a rope.”

Ian: “You have no idea how much trouble you’re going to be in if you show these videos to anyone. Look at me. There are things on here that could bring everybody down, including your family.


Ian broke his promise. He told Melissa he would never see Ali again just that same morning, didn’t he? Oops… 

Now somebody is going to get hurt…

After Ian left Alison he went to meet with Garrett and Jenna in Alison’s bedroom to look for the videos and Ali went back home too. (Question: What happened to Toby’s cardigan? Where was she before she came home?) She was walking around in her backyard when she ran into Garrett and Jenna, who had just left her bedroom. 

She makes a comment about telling Jenna earlier that she would bury her if she ever came back to Rosewood, which pisses Jenna off and they fight a bit. Garrett grabs Jenna’s walking stick and goes to swing at Ali but she drops to the ground and he hits the tree behind her instead. He pretends to beat her and then grabs Jenna and the two of them run away, leaving Jenna to believe that Garrett had just killed Alison. Which explains why Garrett gave Jenna page five of Bethany / Alison’s autopsy results in season two, Jenna thought that he had killed Alison with her walking stick and couldn’t let the police figure it out. 

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After Alison got up she met with Mr. Montgomery and she threatened him about his affair for some money. They had a heated discussion but eventually Byron refuses to give in to her blackmail and leaves. 

When Alison retells this portion of the evening to the Liars in 4x24 she says that she met with Byron after her argument with Spencer that night, but Garrett tells Spencer in 3x13 that her overheard Ali and Byron’s conversation after he and Jenna left Alison in her backyard. 

All the while this is taking place, Melissa is outside on the phone with someone (who I assume is Ian or Wilden) and she says, "what do I have to do, call 911 to get your attention?" 

Next thing we know, Melissa and Cece Charlotte (dressed in the same yellow top as Alison) are in the DiLaurentis backyard talking/scheming. 

After talking to Mr. Montgomery, Ali goes back to the barn to check on the Liars and finds an awake Spencer, high as a kite on adderall. Alison pushes Spencer’s buttons and they end up outside arguing. 

At one point Alison says, "you’re way out of your league Spencer” which makes Spencer even more angry so she grabs a shovel and says, “are you sure about that?” Spencer’s pills fall out of her pocket when she goes to swing at Ali and Alison takes them and asks her if she’s speeding. They both promise to keep it a secret and Alison tells Spencer to go back to the barn and sleep the high off, so she does. Alison waits at the barn while the Liars sleep and waits for a text from “A”. After she didn’t, she thought it was over and she walked home. 

While Alison and Spencer were fighting Melissa and Cece  Charlotte must have still been in the DiLaurentis’ backyard together because they both have accounted for overhearing the argument between the girls.. I wonder if they were still there when Alison walked home shortly afterward? 

After Ali had walked home and reached her front yard she was hit in the head from behind. 

Somebody got hurt…

Who hit Alison? 

As of 6x10 we know that it was really Cece Charlotte who hit Ali thinking she were Bethany, but Is it possible that Charlotte wanted to hit Ali all along for Melissa? 

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Melissa tells Spencer in 5x11 that she found Alison’s body (which was ID’d as Bethany) and had thought that Spencer killed her, so she proceeded to bury the body to protect her sister. Well, I think that’s a lie. I think Melissa saw Charlotte hit Alison in the head with a rock after Ali and Spencer parted ways. And THIS was part of the agreement between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. D. Melissa said “somebody is going to get hurt” and she meant it. It’s not possible for her to have committed this crime alone, though, so I think that Cece Drake Charlotte helped her by doing the dirty work and has continued to help her since. 

I suspect that Melissa and Cece Charlotte were friends before Charlotte and Alison were. Charlotte tells the Liars when she first meets them in 3x07, “you were friends of Ali’s.. me too, I’m Cece.” Spencer introduces herself and Cece goes, “ah. Melissa Hastings little sister. Ali talked about you, she talked about all of you, a lot.” Emily finally asks, “how do you know Ali?” to which Cece says, “before I moved to L.A. our families rented summer homes in Cape May, we went through an intense couple of weeks together. I dated her brother Jason, she never mentioned me to you guys? Well, it was intense for me.. she was going through such a hard time, like a broken doll.” 

However, because of the photo that Emily and Jason found of Darren Wilden, Alison, and Cece taken by Melissa that summer in 2010, I think that this was Melissa’s group of friends (N.A.T club) at Cape May that Alison was with. Especially after learning that Cece was actually Prom Queen at Rosewood High the year of Melissa, Ian, Jason, and Garrett’s prom. Surely they must have known each other before Cape May…

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

If Melissa was telling the truth when she told Spencer that she only buried the body thinking that Spencer was a murderer then why did she ever say, “I’ve been protecting you since it started. Since before it started.” in episode 4x05? If the “it” is when Melissa buried the body then what is the before? Melissa was never protecting her sister, she was only protecting herself. Self-preservation. Spencer tells her mother in 2x03, “Mom, Melissa wouldn’t even tell me if my hair were on fire” so why would she cover up a murder for her?

Melissa also admits to Spencer in 2x22 that she is the one who sent Alison threatening texts ‘before she 'went missing’. 

Remember the little boy from the doll shop in Brookhaven? He told the Liars that a man and a woman wanted to hurt Alison. A woman with dark hair, like Spencer’s. The Liars asked him if the woman was blind and the kid said, “No. She can see.” 

A man and a woman, Ian and Melissa?

Melissa also had an office in Brookhaven at a law firm and the address to the firm happened to be the same address that the Liars got from one of Vivian’s friends who had tracked the location of these threatening texts…


Melissa: “One night before she disappeared, I came home early. Dad was up, something was bothering him but I didn’t notice at first, I was a wreck myself. I had caught Alison flirting with Ian and I, I sent texts to..”

Spencer: “Ali?”

Melissa: “Telling her to back the hell off. I told dad everything I didn’t know what else to do.”

Spencer: “Did you sign these texts?”

Melissa: “I didn’t have to. She knew who they were from.”

Spencer: “What did dad say?”

Melissa: “Nothing. He had this look like… like he supported me.”


Sounds familiar, right? Remember in 4x24 when Melissa revealed to her father that she had buried the body whom she believed to be Alison the night Ali disappeared?

Which brings us back to Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis “understanding”. I speculate that Peter blackmailed Jessica into keeping Melissa’s murder a secret with another secret, Bethany Charlotte. Only once Jessica discovered that Alison is alive and that her body wasn’t the one that was found in her backyard a year later, all bets were off. Which was what lead to Mrs. D’s demise. Peter couldn’t trust that Jessica would keep their secret any longer and that was a risk he wasn’t willing to take, so he had to put an end to it. He had to. He shut Jessica up in order to protect his family. And this is why Veronica Hastings had filed for a divorce after Jessica DiLaurentis’s body was found in their backyard. Veronica knew what her husband had done and couldn’t look at him the same. No other explanation would make sense. 

It is one of the few theories that make sense through and through, in my opinion. Melissa and her family are all tangled in this. 

Especially after the Lodge fire. 

In 3x24 Spencer and Mona (as A-team) had orchestrated a meeting with them and the Liars at the Lodge for a supposed “Hastings party” to celebrate Spencer’s mental health. Spencer gave out fake invitations to the Liars and somehow, Melissa got a hold of one. Melissa visits Jenna and Shana at Jenna’s home at this is what Emily over hears them saying;

And then what happens later that evening? Someone sets fire to the Lodge while Mona, Hanna, Aria, and Emily are locked inside and someone leaves an “A” marked in the fire outside. An odd coincidence… 

Melissa confirms in 4x04 to Spencer that Jenna, Shana, and herself WERE at the Lodge to see who the Liars and Mona were meeting, thinking it was Ali. However, she blamed Darren Wilden for the fire and played the victim card. The only problem with that though is that Darern Wilden was already dead. Plus, whoever set the fire to the Lodge used the same invitation to Spencer’s fake party that Melissa, Jenna, and Shana were seen with right before they went to the Lodge and we saw someone, particularly a female, knock Toby out cold after they set the place on fire and they even left him the lighter they used, which has a picture of a compass, and Toby recognizes it. Jenna’s?

We never saw Wilden or a hint of any male besides Toby so I don’t think Wilden was actually there or apart of the plan. He was already murdered by Cece. 

During the lodge catastrophe we find out that Mona wasn’t in charge anymore. 

Then as the fire gets worse Mona starts freaking out and says, “now I’m never going to know who she was.” 

After all this time, Mona was working for someone as ‘A’. Somebody stole the “A” game from her while she was in Radley. 

Melissa with the help of Wren, Melissa’s beau and Mona’s doctor, perhaps? These two conversations are very telling.. 

Spencer: “So all of this started when you were in Radley?”

Mona: “I made a deal with the devil and she gave me a way in and out of that place. At first it was fun, having a partner, but then the game changed. She stole you from me.” 

And then there’s this between Mona and Doctor Wren in 4x11. 

Wren: “I’d like to know how you feel.”

Mona: “About farm animals?”

Wren: “About what you say you’ve done.” 

Mona: “Look, those girls used to make me feel bad but recently I realized we’re on the same side. I wanted to make up for the things that I’ve done and Wilden was bothering them. So I got rid of him.. and I’d do it again.”

Wren: “I don’t think you got rid of anybody. That’s my response. Let’s take a break.. I’d like you to think about being honest with me.”

Mona: “Why would I ever be honest with you?

Wren: “You used to be.”

Mona: “Well, that’s before I realized where your loyalties were.”

Wren: “I’m not sure what that means but I thought that we had done a good job at establishing trust while you have been a patient here.” 

Mona: “That was before I realized you were keeping secrets from me.”

Queen of Hearts.

After the Lodge fire we also learn from Mona that Melissa was on the Halloween Ghost Train back in 3x13 dressed as the Queen of Hearts. (Melissa also confirms this in 4x05 when Spencer confronts her) 

Then back in episode 3x01 (one of the episodes I.Marlene King said we should rewatch for clues) Spencer visits Garrett in jail for the first time. 


Spencer: “You said that you would tell me the truth, so what is it?”

Garrett: “There’s a lot you don’t know, Spencer. Some of it you don’t want to know. And if there’s any chance of me getting a fair trial in this town…. everybody already thinks I’m guilty.. I don’t know anything about Maya but I might know who killed Alison.” (Melissa?)

And in episode 3x02 when Spencer visits Garrett in jail a second time he begs her to get her mom to be his lawyer but Spencer tells him no, she needs more information from him before she or anybody else can trust him. He finally says to her, “Spencer, someone that you know well has you completely fooled. People lie but… medical records don’t.”

And next thing we know, Veronica takes Garrett’s case pro bono, without pay, and ends up getting him off scotch-free. Until he gets murder in 3x13 on the Ghost Train. Why would Veronica take Garrett’s murder case? What did Garrett  blackmail the Hastings family with? Did he see something else “That Night” that he didn’t share? Did he see Cece hit Ali and Melissa help cover it up?

Then flash forward to 4x04 when the Hanna finds this poster board of everyone in Rosewood in Holbrook’s office. Notice that it says “medical records” on Melissa’s photo. A little weird and suspicious…

Oh, and remember this? Melissa once said to Spencer, “I will never forgive you for this.” back in the second season.

I definitely don’t think she would have covered up a murder for as long as she did for her sister… she’s hiding protecting somebody else.

And Alison knew how Melissa felt about Spencer all along, she hinted at it in 2x23 when she visited Spencer for the first time since going ‘missing’. 

The Liars also find the mask shop that made all of the famous Alison’s masks back in 4x04 after Hanna finds the police board. It turns out that Alison got paid to have her face masked by an artist named Hector. 

Aria, Emily, and Hanna visit him at his shop and are asking him questions when Hanna finds another familiar face as a mask. Melissa Hastings.

Spencer takes the mask home and ponders it for awhile, and then Melissa knocks on her bedroom door. She comes inside Spencer’s room and they talk for awhile. 

What does it all mean? Okay, ‘A’. 

Then she says to Spencer, “you asked me a question once, if it came down to protecting you or somebody else, somebody I loved, who would I pick? Do you remember? What would your answer be if I asked you the same question? If you had to choose, what would you do?”


In 4x05 Spencer confronts Melissa about the masks.

Spencer: “You asked Shana about where somebody could get a mask like that? You wanted to know if Alison came here and ordered it?”

Melissa: “I wanted to know when it was made.”

Spencer: “Before or after Ali disappeared?”

Melissa: “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it yourself.”

Spencer: “What? That Ali is still alive? I have but it’s crazy.” 

Melissa: “Crazier than anything else that’s happened?”

All this time she had believed that she killed Alison and once she figured out that Alison was still alive she started getting worried. If she didn’t kill Ali, then who did she kill? Whose body did she bury? Where is Alison now? What does Ali know? Melissa did not tell Spencer that she knew Alison was alive because Melissa was still trying to track down Ali secretly. It was only once she realized that she needed the Liars to lead her to Alison that she told Spencer she suspected Ali was alive in 4x04. 

And THIS is right around the same time that “A” starts taunting the Liars with messages about finding Alison… such as this from 4x15. 

Hide and seek was Spencer’s favorite game to play with Melissa…

Then there’s this. In 5x09 Emily finds a recording and some photos in Noel’s car of one of Alison and Shana’s phone calls from the time Alison was missing. Spencer confronts Noel and he tells her that it’s his “insurance” just in case Alison decides to betray him. He asks for the recording and photos back but Spencer says no and that she promises she’ll keep it in a secret place and that the Liars need insurance against Ali too. Spencer then decides in 5x10 to hide the recording and pictures in her hiding spot which is underneath the cushions of her red chair in her bedroom and it turns out, isn’t so much of a secret place. It’s the same hiding spot that Spencer used to hide the recording of Alison’s medical exam that she gave to the Liars back in 5x03. And when Spencer goes to hide Noel’s things there, she notices that 'A’ stole Ali’s recording… and Melissa certainly had access to Spencer’s bedroom. In fact, right after Spencer discovers that Ali’s recording is gone, Melissa walks into her bedroom.


Melissa: “Need any help?”

Spencer: “I thought you left already.” 

Melissa: “We forgot the grocery list. Looking for something or are you just redecorating?”

Two seconds later, Spencer’s phone rings and Melissa grabs it and hands it to her. When Spencer answers the phone all she hears is the missing Ali recording playing in her ear, teasing her. When Spencer finally hangs up the phone Melissa asks her, “Is something wrong?” Now, that’s only suspicious to me because during this entire scene with Spencer, Melissa is holding and playing with her own phone and the director focuses on it. Weird coincidence, if you ask me…

OH and let’s not forget when Spencer went to London on college interviews in 5x21 and somehow had a tube of blood break in her bag that she figured was planted by ‘A’. The only people we knew that were in London were Melissa and Wren and Spencer was staying at their apartment, after all.. Melissa certainly would have had access to her sisters bag.

Bottom line, Melissa is my prime ‘A’ suspect. She is the only constant character that’s tangled in everything. I’m sure there is much more evidence to prove my point but this is all I can fit into one post. Thank you to anyone who read this gigantic theory, hope I convinced you. xoxo

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Who literally cannot be Charles:

Jason DiLaurentis: We’ve already seen him in flashbacks when Alison was alive, and interacting with her. Charles + Jason are not twins, which has been proven to us without a doubt, through the release of the Dilaurentis home movies. They couldn’t have switched places. It’s not Jason.

Ezra Fitz: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and brother, we’ve learned about his past with Maggie + Jackie, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls 

Toby Cavanaugh: almost had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and step-sister, we’ve learned about his past with Jenna + being locked up in reform school, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls

Caleb Rivers: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his father and learned about his Rivers family history through Ravenswood, we’ve learned about his past and all the places he’s lived + illegal things he’s done, he’s been the most involved in trying to expose A. 

Bonus: Caleb is very obviously Native American, and this was supported in learning his family history in Ravenswood. He cannot be a Dilaurentis, he comes from a long line of Rivers’. 

Lucas Gottesman: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we know that Lucas has his own non-Dilaurentis parents through Caleb living with them for awhile and mentioning his parents a few times, A-Team involvement already found out by the girls, which has honestly always been shown/revealed to us

Bonus: Lucas is the absolute wrong build and structure to be Charles. He’s too small, too pale-skinned and his bone structure is way to different. Even if plastic surgery is an optional explanation, there should still be a hint of Dilaurentis in whoever Charles is. It’s not Lucas. Plus, can you imagine Alison’s disappointment if it were? I’m pretty sure she’d throw him off the roof at Radley herself, let’s be real here.

Noel Kahn: is afraid of Alison turning on him, to the point that he was prepared to blackmail her with proof she was never kidnapped; that doesn’t even sound like Charles at all. We know Noel has his own non-Dilaurentis family + actually met his brother, we know that Alison is holding Noel’s own secrets over him, his shady involvement has mostly been found out by the girls

Bonus: see Bonus for Lucas above; Noel is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Ian Thomas: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, Veronica Hastings talked to some of Ian’s non-Dilaurentis family after he died, shady background has already been found out by the girls + mostly explained/revealed to us

Garrett Reynolds: the girls know his non-Dilaurentis family, already revealed to have pretended to hit Alison + NAT club involvement, he was used + abused by Jenna, arrested for murder and then murdered himself; Charles is much better than that. 

Bonus: see Bonus’ above for Noel and Lucas; Garrett is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Minor Characters: such as Travis Hobbs, Johnny Raymond, Alex Santiago, Nigel Wright, Ted Wilson, Sean Ackard; these characters never served the main plot, but rather the filler story lines.

New Characters: Dominic from Prom, Rhys Matthews; Marlene has promised Charles is someone we’ve already met and know pretty well.

Characters of Color: Nate/Lyndon James, Caleb Rivers, Clark Wilkins, Garrett Reynolds; for hopefully extremely obvious reasons. 

Bonus: This goes for Redcoat + Black Widow as well. We’ve already seen the promo for the finale, and Redcoat’s skin is very pale. We’ve seen Black widow at Wilden’s funeral, and her neck + legs were pale. Neither one is Maya. 

Extra Bonus: Black Widow is not Jenna, because Black Widow sat right behind Jenna + Nigel Wright at Wilden’s funeral. 

Female Characters: Bethany Young, Sara Harvey, CeCe Drake, Lesli Stone; Marlene has already promised that Charles is a guy, and that the show will not be touching on Trans issues. Not to mention, ignorantly associating trans issues + serious mental instability seems pretty offensive, in my opinion.

Who still could be Charles, but it’s a stretch: 

Andrew Campbell: We know he was adopted, and that mention hasn’t been explained; Alison and Spencer made a connection to this + Bethany’s drawing of a boy potentially being “switched by a Goblin”. He’s obviously connected to the old Campbell Farm. He’s gotten close to Spencer + Aria. He physically perfectly fits the Dilaurentis look, he actually looks a bit like Alison. However, I don’t think the ages match up + he’s already been found out by the girls and somewhat explained to us. There just isn’t a lot to go on for Andrew right now.

Darren Wilden: We think the ages match, he physically looks quite a bit like Charles as a kid, he was at Noel Kahn’s Halloween party in The First Secret, he got close to Hanna’s mom. However, we also know from The First Secret that Wilden was already a police officer before Alison even started getting A threats. Wilden being Charles doesn’t make sense because Jessica would be out of her everloving mind to allow Charles to have a gun; it doesn’t seem plausible that she would allow that to happen. Also, we were led to believe that Wilden was Alison’s “Beach Hottie”, but in all fairness, that is purely speculation. We do know that CeCe dated Wilden, and later allegedly killed him.

Who could easily be Charles, and why it works: 

Wren Kingston: no known connection to being Alison’s love interest, no known family connections, no known friend connections, and no known connections to A. All we know about Wren is what he’s told and shown us: he has family problems and a family history of mental illness; he was working at Radley as part of some kind of deal, “Quid Pro Quo”, and this deal likely involved Mona + Redcoat. Speaking of Mona, she also “made a deal with the Devil, and she gave me a way in and out of Radley”. We also know that Wren’s deal involved tricking Veronica into getting herself dismissed from Ashley Marin’s case. This showed us that he is manipulative, yet charming. We know that his being a “Doctor” has been called into question by Mona + the police. His shadiness has never been explained, and that’s important. It means Wren is not a Red Herring. Everyone else mentioned in this post has been at least mostly revealed/explained, except for Wren. The show has never even touched on this. All we know for sure is that Wren + Mona each made a deal with someone during the same time, Mona said “it was fun for awhile, having a partner”, Wren was revealed as being shady, and then he was gone + Mona was kicked to the curb by the new A. Those last two things happened simultaneously. There are no coincidences in Rosewood.

Wren would be the most shocking to the girls because they have never had reason to suspect him, and Mona has never said a word to them about her secret relationship with him, whatever it was. He has never been implicated as being involved with A activities, except to the viewers.

These are the facts, based on logic and process of elimination. This post isn’t trying to explain everything, but to recap what we know for sure. 

Personally, I’m placing my bets on Andrew or Wren, but I think almost all of the viewers will be badly disappointed if Andrew is Charles, and it’s not what I’m hoping for. I’m not even entirely convinced it could even work. 

Ian had help. There’s no way he could have filmed it all on his own. At times, I even thought he was filming it for someone else.

Jason to Spencer



OKAY SO I’m rewatching seasons 3-5 over the weekend and I obv started with S3E1 and I was like oh well they say that this episode parallels with S1E1 so I’d better watch that first and then start season 3 right

So I did that and I made notes for each episode and was comparing/contrasting what might parallel and I had an epiphany

THEY PARALLEL, which means you can use the pilot to plug in things in S3E1, AND VICE VERSA


ALSO, now that we’re so far into this story we’ve learned other things about the night Ali was attacked, and we should be plugging all of it in when watching 101 and 301

here’s a couple things I noticed, but I would love for anyone who has the time to watch these two episodes together and cross reference BOTH WAYS and post about it in the pll theories tag because you guys are so much smarter than me and I wanna collaborate

101x301 Parallels

Sleepover, drinking + drugged
Ali drugged the girls/A drugged Emily
Spencer mixed drugs + alcohol/Emily unknowingly did
Both have unclear potentially true or false memories of hurting “Alison”

*Remember that Ali told Hanna the girls know more about that night than they think, which has never been explained

NOTE: FUCKING MARLENE KING OH MY GOD, the girls are talking in 301 and Aria hears something but Hanna says “ITS JUST THE WIND” and immediately after they get an A text that says “Show me your boobs” and they joke about A being Mona’s brother, and he turns out to be Alison’s, like are you kidding me

*Originally we’re led to believe that Ezra and Mona care about Aria and Hanna while in reality they always had ulterior motives (Ezra’s book, Mona being A) / We’re led to believe Toby is a model friend and boyfriend while in reality is on the A team, so we have some of the liars being tricked in both episodes. I also think this applies to Wren: introduced as lovable in season 1, reimagined as having ulterior motives in season 3, specifically S3E1 when he explains to Hanna he’s working at Radley “Quid Pro Quo”

*If Mona was originally A and was basically hiding in plain sight and in the pilot when the girls got their first A messages and often popped up during the season, PLL logic rules argue that the same can be said of Charles.

*S3E1 the girls are being set up for taking “Ali’s” body, destroy and bury evidence (Spencer’s field hockey stick was buried originally/here, Aria and Hanna bury shovel), rehearse a fake alibi (Wilden said in season one that their original story seemed rehearsed.) Can this parallel to fill in some blanks about the liars on that night?

*Originally, Bethany escaped Radley that night and was killed in Ali’s backyard / Maya escaped from someone and was killed in Emily’s backyard

(trying to tell Emily something important; MAYA KNEW, possibly knew Ali was alive because she had some of Ali’s things + stayed at Kahn cabin; this could work because originally Mona knew Ali was alive, which would also be a parallel!)

Can this parallel to Bethany knowing Charles was alive?

*Spencer hallucinates seeing Alison in her old bedroom/Aria hallucinates seeing A in the school bathroom, have fun with that connection 😂

*Jessica Dilaurentis knows who “killed” Alison/Garrett knows who took “her” body


Cece Drake & That Night

Let’s go back to (Season 3 Episode 20 Hot Water) when Cece tells Emily why she was there the night Alison disappeared. 

Cece: Ali called. She was freaking out about some videos. Everyone wanted them. Spencer’s big sister more then anyone. When I showed up, she (Melissa Hastings) begged me to talk to Ali so I did. Then Ali left to go get them. Next day, she was missing. 

When Cece showed up, she witnessed the fight between Alison and Spencer. Don’t forget, Mrs. DiLaurentis paid her not to tell anyone about the fight because she would later on blame Spencer for hurting Ali.

Let’s also not forget, Melissa Hastings witnessed this fight, and she thought Spencer hurt Alison. Now, Melissa didn't and couldn't have found Bethany’s body straight away (Flashback Season 5 Episode 11 No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me) as Melissa was caught on camera running into Alison’s room, asking “Where is she?” Was she referring to Alison? Garrett tells Spencer (Season 3 Episode 13 This is A Dark Ride) that he and Jenna left Melissa and Ian to talk. They wander onto the DiLaurentis backyard and find Alison. She reminds Jenna what she told her earlier about returning to Rosewood, and Garrett pretends to kill Alison, as Jenna is blind and cannot see the commotion. 

They leave Alison, and Garrett admits to going back. He sees Byron and Alison talking. Byron and Alison fight about exposing the affair. Byron leaves an angry Alison, who screams “You made your bed Mr. Montgomery!” as Melissa Hastings walks onto the back porch on the phone.

Melissa: (into phone) What do I have to do, call 911 to get your attention? 

Was she on the phone to Cece, or was it Wilden? “What do I have to do, call 911 to get your attention?”In other words, Melissa is trying to say “Do I have to do something big to get your attention like call the cops?" 

Melissa then walked onto the DiLaurentis backyard and met Cece. This is when a drunk Jason stumbles out and sees his Cece and Melissa talking. Why was Cece dressed like Ali? Was she the reason Bethany was also dressed like Ali that night? 

If you listen closely to their conversation:

CeceThe treasure chest in her room, it takes you were you have to go..

As we know, everyone was in Alison’s room from the NAT club searching for the videos Alison had stolen, copied onto a USB and put into a snow globe, later given to Emily. Cece said Melissa wanted them more then anyone. 

I do believe Cece saw Alison that night, Alison just chose not to tell the girls. After Ali waited for the next ‘A’ text, she went home. Maybe on her way home she bumped into Cece, who made Ali go get the videos. Ali said she would go get them. This is when while walking home, someone knocks Alison out with the rock and her mom buries her.

Cece: Ali left to go get them. Next day, she was missing.

Cece never saw Ali again that night, as she was buried then saved by Mrs. Grunwald and taken to hospital. Cece WAS telling the truth, she was there that night, talking to Melissa, wearing that yellow blouse, and acting suspicious as always. What do you think?