Best Fitness Smart Watch

  2016 is the year of the fitness watch, and Garmin has already won the war. The Garmin Fenix 3 is by far the best fitness watch on the market right now. The watch is as much of a smartwatch as it is a fitness tracker, sporting social media, text, and email connectivity. The newest addition to the Fenix 3 is the wrist based heart rate sensor. The watch not only graphs your heart rate analytics on screen but also calculates your oxygen uptake per minute. The watch also provides on screen GPS, so you can always know where you are going while out for a run. For those who always have the weather in mind, the Fenix 3 has an onscreen weather application, which provides not only basic weather stats but also displays UV Index and air quality in your area. As if this wasn’t enough to prove the watches superiority, it also include a barometer, altimeter, and on screen compass. And of course this would not be a Garmin if it did not provide its standard features such as stride length calculator, cadence, virtual running buddy, step counter, and race predictor. Think you know a better fitness watch? Send me a message!


Details of Xrayed cyclists


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Note the differences of transparency between alloy and steel, the engravings on the chainring and the bar end that are perfectly readable. The thing below the stem is a wallet and one can see the GPS chip at the top end of the watch.

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