Sunday rundays are my favorite, especially when it’s nearly 70 degrees in November. Getting to run in shorts and tank top? No complaints here! My legs were super sore so it was a more relaxed run but I was just thankful for the perfect weather and opportunity to run


I got a new watch!!!!! I’ve been envious of the cool kids who can immediately sync to their phone. They get the cool Garmin layout. AND since it was my first run with it- automatic PR’s. Longest run, fastest mile. That’s a good day.

I got the happy stuff out of the way. Now it’s time to enter the confessional.

CONFESSION…. y'all, my inner thighs chafed for the first time EVER in my whole entire life on my 7 mile run. I’m devastated because I’m bow legged and my thighs have never touched. I’m great with Operation Jennifer Garner during the week, then weekends the wheels come off and I struggle getting back on plan. I don’t like my thighs touching. It’s time to get serious. I may even do a dreaded before picture as motivation. And maybe not. But I probably should because I’m just not happy with me. And it would feel worthwhile if I saw improvements.



I went on my first longer run in a long long time this afternoon and it felt great! The weather was somehow in the mid 50’s today so I had to take advantage. I wore long sleeves and I honestly should’ve worn a short sleeve top or shorts bc I ended up getting really sweaty, which was kind of annoying. I didn’t intend on going so fast, but I started out quick and slowed down a little, but not that much considering I haven’t run far in awhile. Overall I’m very pleased and definitely want to start incorporating more longer runs into my workouts!


16.2.2017. // 5:43pm

Might just be me buuut I might be getting a more defined waist? I honestly find my body type weird. Mostly because my abs sort of stick out and I don’t see that often, especially in girls. 😅

Queued up 200+ posts for the weekend since I’ll be away until Sunday. A bit relaxation with the husband and away from everyone. 🙂 I still have to eat, shower and pack my bag tho. 😥 But right now watching my father play The Witcher 3 is more interesting. 😅


Ok this whole gif thing might be getting out of hand… hopefully that shaky cam doesn’t make anyone dizzy. I traded shifts with a coworker and worked earlier in the day today. This is especially good because I have to work at 4:30am tomorrow which is pretty much my nightmare… uggggh mornings. But that gave me the afternoon to chill out and get a run in. I’m worried about over doing it and my feet have been feeling pretty sore, so I set out to do a slow, easy run. I ended up doing 4 miles and thought about going further, but today was supposed to be easy! It’s just SO nice out. 

I don’t know if it’s the weather or my increase in meds, or my actually getting out and running more, or a combination of all 3, but I have been in a pretty good mood the last few days. I have more energy, I’m not wanting to stay in bed all day. I definitely procrastinate getting moving, but I don’t have the urge to just wrap myself in a blanket and not move all day. If you are struggling, PLEASE talk to your doctor and talk about medication and see if it would help you. Getting the meds right can make a world of difference. I’m definitely feeling it.  

Now I’m just gonna chill for a while and try to go to bed as early as possibly for that ridiculously early morning tomorrow. Yuck!!!