May 9, 2014: I tore my Achilles Tendon. My orthopedist told me I would probably never run again. My physical therapist told me I might, but never like I “used to” (~9:15 pace).
May 9, 2017: I just finished an 8 mile run (~7:40 pace). In a little over 2 weeks, I’ll be running my 6th half marathon. I’m healthy and injury-free.
Work hard and never give up


17 Miler // Pineland Farms

Had a solid training run last Saturday at Pineland. My first time back there since the fall, and it was a good but a weird experience. The trails at Pineland Farms are familiar and bring on a whole mixed bag of feels. Regardless, I’m running a 50k race there on Sunday and feeling good about it.

Let’s hope those positive vibes keep up. ✌🏻

Moore’s Law of Garmin ForeRunners

Some people reminisce about old mobile phones; I collect my old Garmins.

I can’t remember when I bought my first Garmin, but I remember thinking it was a pretty awesome piece of technology, though a bit ungainly.

I’ve upgraded every few years and they just keep getting better smaller, lighter and more amazing. The 735 is a birthday present and does a lot of really cool stuff, some of which depends on tech embedded in the chest strap.

Beth has a similar collection - you’d think Garmin would send us Christmas cards.

Second round of the 6-mile tempo run. Around 30F with some snow flurries, so I had a couple layers on top with just shorts on the bottom. Not having any restrictions on my legs usually helps these go better.

My goal is 6:45, but I’m giving myself leeway to pick it up in the second week at each distance. This felt pretty smooth other than a couple spots where I continue to struggle going uphill. More practice and glute strengthening should help.

I cut it really close as far as getting to work, so no selfie. I’ve been happy that the sun’s coming out around 6, but I’ll definitely have to start earlier soon as the daily distance continues to creep up.