These incredible women inventors are creating our future and its gonna be incredible.

27 year old Isreali Danit Peleg has made it possible for us to 3D print our own clothes at home with her fully 3D Printed fashion collection.

Korean American Harvard graduate ‪‎Grace Choi made a 3D printer you can buy for under $300 and will allow anyone to print any colour of makeup at home using normal printer ink.

This means people who didn’t have access to shops before because of disabilities or living in a remote area can have access to clothing and makeup as and when they need it without paying for the cost of delivery or store mark-ups.

People who cant find clothes in their size or to fit their bodies can easily size up garments before printing and people who aren’t one of the four shades of beige that makeup companies produce can finally find products in their shade.

Peleg’s technology could lead to 3D printed menstrual pads and nappies meaning they can be printed in private without embarrassment at the checkout as they’re needed. It could even lead to 3D printed medical supplies in hospitals!

Choi’s technology could rid the beauty industry of its ridiculous mark-ups and provide more accessible beauty choices for everyone no matter their skin tone or budget. She has made it possible for us to take a photo of our friends lipstick and print it out- using normal printer ink. This could mean an end to cosmetic animal testing and a new future of accessible, cruelty-free beauty.

3D printers are a revolution- they’re going to be a huge part of our lives and its amazing women inventors like Peleg and Choi that are ensuring the human race can access their full potential.

Please remember their names!!! They deserve credit for shaping our future.


Sack, cloth and ashes: Children’s Place CEO’s ‘reign of terror’ has seen staff fired, activists arrested           

When the eight-story Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013, 1,129 people were killed and thousands more injured. More than two years later, The Children’s Place continues to purchase garments from unsafe factories.

This is part two of a two part series. 


We’ve seen a marble sweatsuit and marble sculptures that appear to be made of crumbly styrofoam, now please marvel along with us at these lovely lightweight, airy dresses on hangers waiting to be worn. Only they won’t be worn by anyone because they’ve been painstakingly carved from Carrera Marble by Edinburgh, Scotland-based sculptor Alasdair Thomson for a series entitled The Identity Collection. Each piece is based on a garment donated to Thomson by a friend or family member.

Visit Alasdair’s website and Instagram account to check out more of his awesome sculptures.

[via Colossal and Beautiful/Decay]


THE T-SHIRT ISSUE ‘Muybridge Part Two’ at MAD NYC

Art collective THE T-SHIRT ISSUE were born out of a frustration with the current approach to clothing design and their result is an innovative digital approach to apparel construction that uses a 3D construction technique to give them the freedom to create garments that begin with a concept. Their latest installation, Muybridge Part Two, is currently on show at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. The exhibition is a study on temporal change in 3D: a bird in full flight is rigged, animated, and transported into T-shirts, and is inspired by Edward Muybridge’s photography from the late 1800′s which pioneered the capture of animal and human locomotion. Exhibitors alongside THE T-SHIRT ISSUE include Zaha Hadid, Frank Stella, Anish Kapoor and many more. The show continues until June 1.

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Squalor Harbor Co.

Squalor Harbor Co. is a garments and accessories brand “for brawlers, drunkards and lovers” featuring dark nautical and Americana themes across their array of awesome, top of the line products co-created by artist Derek Nobbs and Kirsten Anderson of Roq La Rue.  I got myself several of their shirts and they’ve immediately become some of my all time favorites.

You should definitely check them out and also on Instagram and Facebook.


Fine Art Clothing Lets You Proudly Wear Your Favorite Paintings

Infusing fine art into your everyday attire is easier than you think—especially thanks to the shop Purple Fishbowl. They create garments inspired by van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, and many other iconic artists. From skirts to shirts to entire dresses, the pieces are playful and colorful, covering a range of artistic movements. Check out the rest of the wearable museum on Etsy.