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New York City - Year 3 Day 335

Mama, they call her bad girl! All because she wanted to be free!!

I’ve found myself drinking every night these past 14 days. It stems mostly from the summer heat index and bad, bad company.

When I’m with him, something in my heart eases up. We cast spells binding our fears to the willow tree in the backyard. We talk about the moon and Rihanna and the friends who’ve left us behind. About LA and my naivety. I love when he speaks earnestly. I misjudged him. He is a generous man. There are moments  in the night where I feel my heart slip into his. My hand on his leg. His arm around my neck. 

We connect over Picasso and Gareth Pugh and it binds me to his bed; brings me back for another night spawned from drunken desperation. It’s not all bad. He reminds me that I’m just a speck of dust. That I’m okay as I am. That Vienna waits for me.

Three whiskies deep. We’re in his room. We aren’t having sex – I’m just kissing his furry mustache. He takes off his pants. I get naked. We fall asleep. Sometimes with sandwiches. Sometimes wrapped in each other’s arms.

We wake up, order our coffees, and I find a way to pry away. What am I doing?

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Well I39m both

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Man drowned while collecting golf balls in lake, court hears as judge accuses his boss of putting profit before safety

A man drowned while searching for golf balls in a lake, a court heard as a judge accused his boss of putting profit before safety.

Gareth Pugh, 29, entered the water at Peterstone golf club, near Newport, South Wales, to collect golf balls despite the fact he was wearing unsuitable equipment and had no diving experience.

Dale Pike, a 25-year-old who had founded Boss Golf Balls, was supposedly supervising Mr Pugh but he had ignored health and safety guidelines, and one of his arms was in plaster, the court heard.

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He was also not qualified to dive either recreationally or commercially and was not trained to supervise others diving.

Pike would pay golf courses 10p for every golf ball he collected and would then sell them online - charging up to £30.99 for a pack of 20 balls.

Mr Pugh, a father-of-one who had the mental age of a nine-year-old when he was 13, worked for Boss Golf Balls on an ad hoc basis, earning up to £40 a day collecting balls.

The incident happened on February 11 last year while Mr Pugh was using diving equipment for the first time, which supplied air from a length of pipe attached to a surface compressor.

Prosecutor Philip Evans QC said: “The defendant was the only other person present and was supposedly acting as the ‘banksman’ keeping a look out. But that was not effective because he had one of his arms in plaster.

"He realised he had not seen Mr Pugh for some time and the emergency services were called. By the time Mr Pugh had been located he had been submerged for 70 minutes.”

Pike had made inquiries with professional diving companies about what he needed to do to collect golf balls safely and was told he would need a qualified team of five people, costing around £1,250 a day, but he only wanted to pay £40 a day.

Gareth Pugh, 29, entered the water at Peterstone golf club, near Newport, South Wales, to collect golf balls  Credit:  WALES NEWS SERVICE

“There is evidence that the defendant knew of the risks and that this activity was governed by the health and safety regulations. It is clear the defendant knew that the activities he was undertaking were governed by Health and Safety Executive rules and he chose to ignore them,” Mr Evans said.

Pike had told prospective employers that he had all the necessary qualifications to run a company retrieving golf balls from ponds and lakes.

A health and safety investigation found there were 16 breaches of regulations, including no risk assessment, Mr Pugh was not qualified to dive, he was not attached to a rope and the equipment he used was not suitable for the job.

“This is a case where many of the failings are stark and many of them were simply matters of basic common sense which this defendant chose to ignore,” Mr Evans said.

It is not clear what happened to Mr Pugh but he became detached from his face mask while he was at the bottom of the 2.4 metre deep lake. His body was found with his bag containing 341 golf bags.

At a previous hearing, Pike, of Chain Walk, Glynneath, Neath, admitted a charge of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Davis Elias QC, defending, said: “He has expressed sincere and genuine remorse.

Peterstone Lakes Golf Club, where the incident happened   Credit: WALES NEWS SERVICE

"He does not accept that Gareth Pugh’s vulnerability was exploited. He had known him for many years and regarded him as a friend and an equal.

"Dale Pike decided foolishly that the equipment that he purchased was sufficient to enable whoever would use it to go deeper into the lakes.

"He did not believe that this sort of thing would ever be able to happen and he accepts complete responsibility for the failings.

"He naively and foolishly believed all would be well in that lake.”

Judge Keith Thomas jailed Pike for 32 months and told him: “You ignored both the risks and advice because it would eat into your profits.

"Instead you sent Mr Pugh into a pond with inadequate equipment, a complete lack of training, and only you as a completely untrained and incapacitated back-up.

"You allowed him to take these risks in order to make a quick buck. I am satisfied that the risk of death or serious injury was obvious to you, and your cavalier attitude to safety was the cause of Mr Pugh’s death.

"You ignored all the safety advice for your own personal and financial gain. I accept with hindsight that you bitterly regret what happened and that is reflected in your guilty plea.”

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even dear rip van winkle. her outburst arouses a SNORT from cam, who flicks their hand obnoxiously in her direction. ❝ Whatever foul mood you’re in, I’m not interested if that’s how you’re going to act ! ❞ they pause, to raise a WICKED claw up at their despicably rude company. ❝ …———and by the way If I can listen to your opera without a peep for God knows how long, you can suffer my talk of fashion for a few minutes. ❞