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I'm still laughing from last night - after they claimed Olive Garden was beneath them, Cousin Trash trumpeting her Dinner at Pizza Express like she was private dining at The Goring!



Christmas at Longwood Gardens is an exciting time of year, but the preparation that goes into A Longwood Christmas is equally as exciting. Christmas changeover at Longwood has been one of my favorite experiences as an intern at Longwood Gardens. The first night of changeover brings almost all Longwood staff together for bed removal and cleaning in the conservatory. It is very enjoyable to work alongside members of the marketing team, arborists, outdoor gardeners, and librarians. The subsequent two days involves long, exhausting days bringing to life a conservatory full of Christmas cheer. Camaraderie fills the air as associations are made with fellow employees that you haven’t had the pleasure of working with prior to the Christmas mayhem. The organized chaos provides the needed energy to bring about a huge change of scenery in just two days, bringing to life the conservatory in reds and whites and the smells of the cut trees in the air – all signs of the season. In those few short days new friendships were established with fellow staff, new callouses were formed, and a conservatory was transformed to a winter wonderland, minus the cold temperatures!

-Matt Peterson


The Mondo record release of the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack had a really cool version of the Beast’s lantern on the cover that showed Wirt and Greg walking through the woods and it was such a neat alternate version I decided to make one. We only get to see that one image for one of the sides though so I had to make up the designs for the Woodsman and Beast but I think they look ok. Still deciding on something for the last side of the lantern.

the smile is curly because of the despair