A Bagginshield Gardener AU (work in progress!)

„So that’s your gardener’s name? Bilbo?“

„Bilbo Baggins, and he’s our gardener”, Dis replied. „Don’t give me that look, Thorin Durin! He’s been recommended by Gandalf – “

„Now that changes everything …”

„… and not only has worked true miracles in the short time he’s been here, but he’s also a very nice man and considerate enough to put some flowers in your room at your return although I warned him how … stubborn you can be.”

Thorin noticed the little pause very well. „You called me an idiot, didn’t you?”


Have a little sneak peek for the Bagginshield Gardener!AU ^-^ I’ve returned to the habit of writing more often by hand (the pic of the flowers is actually from the notebook I use for this story) and thus my progress is somewhat slower. I’ve only written a kind of introduction, but these few lines are for all of you (especially @nerdeeart and @badskippy) as a promise that I’m working on it! :D

Gardener AU!! 

(I’m a bad writer, but if you’re interested in some rambling, read more)

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Page 3 of the Magic Garden AU.
I drew it a few days ago. Sorry it took me a while but I wasn’t in the mood.
This time I used ink and then Sai.
I used this page to practice expressions.
Yuuri is so cute.

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@ace-x-haru sorry dear, you can’t have him, chibi fatty Yuuri.

AU List A-Z

Made a list of all the AU’s I could think of. Used to help me when I have no ideas, decided it could help others and I should post it. It took a few weeks to fill it out this extensively and I have no more interest in adding to it, so please don’t bother suggesting anything (; ̄д ̄)


  • Accidental Marriage AU
  • Actor AU
  • Alien AU
  • Amnesia AU
  • Android AU
  • Angel/Demon AU
  • Animal AU
  • Apocalypse AU
  • Arranged Marriage AU
  • Artist AU
  • Art Student AU
  • Assassin AU
  • Athlete AU
  • Author AU
  • Avian (Bird People) AU


  • Babysitter AU
  • Bakery AU
  • Ballet AU
  • Band AU
  • Bartender/Bar AU
  • Beach AU
  • Blind AU
  • Blind Date AU
  • Bodyguard AU
  • Book Store AU
  • Bounty Hunter AU
  • Brothel AU


  • Caterer AU
  • Camp Counselor AU
  • Camping AU
  • Carnival AU
  • Castaway AU
  • Celebrity AU
  • CEO/Boss AU
  • Chef AU
  • Child AU
  • Choir AU
  • Circus AU
  • Clothing Shop AU
  • Club AU
  • Coffee Shop AU
  • College AU
  • Conductor AU
  • Choreographer AU
  • Coworker AU
  • Criminal AU
  • Cult AU
  • Cyborg AU


  • Dancer AU
  • Dead/Death AU
  • Deaf AU
  • Demigod AU
  • Demon Hunter AU
  • Detective AU
  • Dimension Hoping AU
  • DJ AU
  • Doctor AU
  • Domestic AU
  • Dragon AU
  • Drama Class AU


  • Enemies AU
  • Ex AU


  • Fairy AU
  • Fake Dating/Engagement/Marriage AU
  • Fashion/Fashion Designer AU
  • Fire Fighter AU
  • Forbidden Love AU
  • Fugitive AU


  • Gang AU
  • Gardener/Gardening AU
  • Ghost AU


  • Hairstylist AU
  • Haunted House AU
  • Hero/Villain AU
  • High School AU
  • High School Reunion AU
  • Historical AU
  • Horror AU
  • Hospital AU
  • Hunger Games AU


  • Immortal AU


  • Judge AU
  • Jury Duty AU


  • Kidnapper/Kidnapped AU


  • Lawyer AU
  • Library AU
  • Lifeguard AU


  • Mafia AU
  • Maid AU
  • Magician AU
  • Magic AU
  • Marriage AU
  • Mechanic AU
  • Medieval AU
  • Mermaid AU
  • Military AU
  • Model AU
  • Modern AU
  • Monster/Monster Hunter/Monster Tamer AU
  • Murder Mystery AU
  • Musical AU
  • Musician AU


  • Neighbor AU
  • Ninja AU
  • Nurse AU


  • Office AU
  • Officer (Police) AU
  • O/B/A AU


  • Parallel Universe AU
  • Parametric AU
  • Paranormal Investigator AU
  • Parent AU
  • Pen Pal AU
  • Pet Store AU
  • Photographer AU
  • Pirate AU
  • Podcast AU
  • Porn Star AU
  • Prisoner AU
  • Prank War AU
  • Prostitute AU



  • Reality TV Show AU
  • Reporter AU
  • Restaurant AU
  • Resurrection AU
  • Road Trip AU
  • Roll Reversal AU
  • Room Mate AU
  • Rival AU
  • Royalty AU


  • Scientist AU
  • Serial Killer AU
  • Servant AU
  • Sick AU
  • Social Media AU
  • Soulmate AU
  • Space AU
  • Spy AU
  • Stalker AU
  • Stranger AU
  • Street Racing AU
  • Stripper AU
  • Student AU
  • Survival AU


  • Tattoo Shop AU
  • Teacher AU
  • Theater AU
  • Thief AU
  • Time Travel AU


  • Undead AU
  • Undercover Cop AU


  • Vacation AU
  • Vampire/Vampire Hunter AU
  • Veterinarian AU


  • Waiter AU
  • War AU
  • Wedding Planner AU
  • Werewolf AU
  • Wild West AU
  • Witch AU
  • Wizard AU



  • Yandere AU
  • Youtuber AU


  • Zookeeper AU
  • Zombie AU

Please consider the following: Community Garden AU where the Inquisition members rent small plots of land for the growing season.

Varric is the generous landowner that decided to rent out his property for a small fee.  He has no interest in gardening – “Why would I waste my time in the dirt when there’s a perfectly good store just down the street?” – but he won the unused land in a bet and he’s not one to waste any of his assets.  Sometimes he can be seen tending to one of the plots, filled with daisies.  

Cassandra decided to try gardening for the first time, seeing it as quite the romantic hobby.  She realizes early on that it’s way more work than expected and quickly frustrates over the constant weeding, watering, and wayward animals eating her sprouts.  But when the first roses begin to bloom, she is over the moon and makes the commitment to return next season.

Solas diligently tends to his plot every morning before dawn.  He has an assortment of strange and rare plants that are carefully labeled and spaced. Never has a problem with deer or rabbits eating his plants because of the “secret” spray he covers his fence with (it’s wolf pee).

Sera’s garden is covered with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with her garden, and weeds cover almost every available inch.  Her fence is covered in strips of colored plastic and cans to ward off animals.  Whenever she’s at the garden, she spends her time talking to other renters instead of tending to her own plot – “If it grows, it grows.  Who am I to decide what happens, yeah?”

Vivienne can be seen at the community garden every afternoon, wearing catalog-worthy gardening gear in her flawless plot filled with medicinal plants and herbs.  Her garden puts all others to shame, and she knows it.  If you’re brave enough to approach her, she’ll happily give you advice on how to improve your skills and sometimes even give you clippings if she likes you enough.

Blackwall loves his small plot of land.  He sees it as a summer tradition and puts all his effort into it.  It takes him an entire month to just prepare the land: exterminating every weed, tilling the ground, setting up an impenetrable fence. He even mixed in nutrient-enriched soil to help his seedlings grow.  He’s one of the few renters that owns his own rain catcher (everyone else needs to carry their own tubs of water from the nearby water spigot).  He only grows vegetables that he eventually salts and freezes.  They last through the entire winter.

The Iron Bull also loves his small plot of land.  He and Blackwall share adjacent plots and they often exchange gardening tips.  He grows a small patch of vegetables, but the rest of the space is filled with flowers.  He is very proud of his flowers and brings the Chargers out to see them whenever a new species blooms.  There are always bees and butterflies flying around his plot and he swears he knows each of them by name.

Cole’s garden doesn’t have a fence, and the other renters rarely see anyone tending to it.  But there are huge piles of growth that threaten to overtake neighboring plots.  Animals come to eat the vegetables and new sprouts, and Cole always makes sure there is enough for them to leave with full bellies.

Dorian often complains about the manual labor and “blighted humidity” that comes with gardening, but that doesn’t stop his garden from being taken care of.  Each type of plant is sectioned off in their own little fenced area, carefully labeled and even shaded if needed.  He keeps a detailed journal of their growing process, illustrating and taking lots of pictures.  He swears he won’t come back next year, but he’s already planning how to improve things.

Leliana only grows food for her nugs.  She makes sure to use the best kind of soil, fertilizer, and cleanest water for her garden.  Sometimes, she even brings a few of her pets to the garden to enjoy the fresh air and kind company.  Cole always seems to be there when they come.  

Josephine doesn’t have a natural green thumb, but she still tries her hardest. Her garden has a balanced amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but it is a little crowded with the space she has.  She eventually has to buy a second plot to make enough room.  

Cullen treats gardening as his therapeutic reward after a long day’s work, so he’s often seen at the community garden late at night.  Unfortunately, that also means he gets a lot of mosquito bites during the growing season.  He doesn’t mind them one bit.

Bilbo’s cottage from the Gardner AU. 

Deciding he needed to live a bit more spontaneously, Bilbo agreed to Gandalf’s job offer becoming the live in Gardener at the Erebor Estate.  Upon arriving, he was astounded to learn he would be living in a lovely little cottage on the edge of the estate with a charming breakfast nook and greenhouse.  The plants around the cottage were sparse and unhealthy and it seemed that the prior resident had devoted all their time to the Estate’s plant life and had throughly ignored their own gardens.  Bilbo quickly set to work caring for the plants around the cottage during his off hours and planted his own vegetable and herb gardens.  He also took in a stray cat found wandering around the estate that was quickly employed as the resident mouse catcher.  Her name is Myrtle ^_^

anonymous asked:

I saw your Bitty Gardener! AU and had a dream where Jack just sent him hundreds of bouquets on a daily basis because everyone knows Jack is the kind of person to send ridiculous amounts of flowers and of course he'd go even more over board in this AU.

It would be a god damn mess. 

I also have the feeling that more than one member of the Haus gets terrible hay fever, and while Bitty tries his best to plant things that don’t make their allergies go crazy, Jack in his love fulled bouquet rampage forgets and everyone tries to be chill about it, but after the second week of EVEN MORE FLOWERS WE HAVE NO MORE ROOM MR ZIMMERMANN, the entire haus makes the trip to Jack’s place and just glare at him, runny nosed and puffy eyed until he finally calms down.

Then its just once or twice a week. four times tops. Very restrained.

Thanks for the ask!!

I’m trash, but this AU needs to exist.

I knew my small beans reminded me of some other small beans! If any of you Rosegarden shippers were looking for a sign to watch Miraculous Ladybug consider this it, because both are filled with small beans awkwardly falling grossly in love. 🐞 ❤️✨.

Summer Flowers - A Bagginshield Gardener!AU

“So that’s your gardener’s name? Bilbo?”

“Bilbo Baggins, and he’s our gardener. Don’t give me that look, Thorin Durin! He’s been recommended to me by Gandalf –”

“Now that changes everything …”

“… and not only has he made great progress in the short time he’s here, but he’s also a very nice man and considerate enough to put some flowers in your room at your return although I warned him how … stubborn you can be.”

Thorin noticed the little pause very well. “You called me an idiot, didn’t you?”


The first chapter is online now, you can read it here on AO3! Inspired by @nerdeeart‘s lovely “Stop and smell the flowers” AU :))

Sterek Secret Garden AU: After his family dies in a house fire, Derek is sent to his Uncle Peter’s manor to live. Being the only member of his family to survive, Derek becomes an aggressive, selfish child, but all that changes when he gets to his uncle’s manor.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

At first, Derek is as rude and sour as ever. He dislikes his new home, the people living in it, and most of all, the bleak moor on which it sits. Derek spends most days walking through the gardens. The gardener, a man named John Stilinski, tells him about how his uncle Peter’s love, Melissa, used to spend hours on end in the private walled garden, growling roses and feeding the birds. But when Melissa died because of an accident in the garden, Peter ordered the garden to be locked and buried the key. Derek grows curious. He starts searching the gardens for the key to the locked gardens when he meets the gardener’s son, Stiles.

Originally posted by petm

At first, Derek is rude and abrasive, but Stiles brushes it off, offering to pick the lock so Derek can go into the rose garden. But before Derek can say yes, they’re disturbed by the eerie echo of gut-wrenching cries from the house. When Derek goes running up to the manor, the cries have quietened and he cannot find where they came from.

The next day, Derek goes to find Stiles in the garden and asks him to unlock the door to the hidden garden. The garden is incredible, preserved and flourishing. There’s a cobblestone path that leads to a fountain, flowering lily pads floating on the still water below it. Swans, ducks and peacocks wander about the grassy courtyard.

Originally posted by wendyenchanted

Derek takes a liking to Stiles. Despite seeming like a delinquent, Stiles is kind and good with animals, which he proves by making Derek help him feed the red-breasted robins in the garden.

Later that night, Derek hears the cries again and follows them to a hidden bedroom. In the bedroom he finds a boy named Scott who says that he’s Derek’s cousin and he suffers from a spinal problem that means he can’t walk. Derek visits him every day that week, distracting him from the pain and loneliness with stories of the moor, the animals that he and Stiles feed in the gardens, and the stories of the secret gardens. Derek promises Scott that he will take him to see the garden. Scott says he can’t; he hasn’t been outside for years.

In a burst of anger, Derek tears down the shutters that block out the sunlight. With difficulty, he lifts Scott into a wheelchair and takes him outside to see the secret garden.

Their neighbour, Jackson Whittemore, looks over the walls of the garden with a ladder, saying that Scott is a cripple and that he’ll never amount to anything. Trying to prove him wrong, Scott shakily rises to his feet, proving he can stand; although his legs are weak from not walking.

Scott begins to spend more time in the garden, sometimes with Stiles as company – making Derek jealous, not realising that Stiles likes Derek, not Scott.

Originally posted by blakcstairs

The three of them decide to keep Scott’s recovering health a secret in order to surprise Peter, and practice walking in the gardens where the grass is soft enough that he won’t injure himself if he falls.

When Peter returns from a trip, he goes for a walk through the gardens, hearing voices beyond the door. He finds it unlocked and is shocked to see the garden in full bloom. He wants to be furious, he wants to shout at the kids for going into the garden, but his words die short when he sees Scott, standing on his own two feet.