Mountainbike Lago di Garda

I found this roadside store that sold traditional regional products and produce a couple years ago but haven’t been able to find it since, until stumbling back n it yesterday. there is this spicy tomato based…stuff… that is so yummy I was wondering if I would ever find the likes of it again. they also sell fresh farm fruits and veggies, balsamic and apple vinegars, all kinds of olives, cured meats and the best cheeses all from farms in northern Italy. homemade candies. strawberry juice! oh and wine and fruit liquers. well I filled up my basket and got a great selection of things. we told the owner that we loved his stuff so much but couldn’t find the place again until we accidentally found it now and he thought that was hilarious. he said “well I haven’t gone anywhere!!” and then he gave us two bottles of the wine from his vineyard which is this one in the picture. its right beside the store. if you are ever near Riva Del Garda, check this haven of yummy things out! the owner looks serious but hes really nice!

I made sure to get the address this time:

So schmeckt der Sommer – Genussurlaub im Garda Trentino
Berlin, 20.05.2015 Im milden Klima des Garda Trentino gedeihen die heimischen Produkte unter optimalen Bedingungen und lassen sich in den Sommermonaten frisch verköstigen. Die Region am Nordufer lädt hierbei mit traditionellen Festen und zahlreichen Märkten zum Probieren und Genießen ein. Unter … |

Here we go with this beautiful piece of Paradise!
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