Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle for Puerto Rico’s Future
The impoverished island turned to hedge funds to stave off collapse. Now someone has to pay.
By Jonathan Mahler and Nicholas Confessore

The money poured in by the millions, then by the hundreds of millions, and finally by the billions. Over weak coffee in a conference room in Midtown Manhattan last year, a half-dozen Puerto Rican officials exhaled: Their cash-starved island had persuaded some of the country’s biggest hedge funds to lend them more than $3 billion to keep the government afloat.

There were plenty of reasons for the hedge funds to like the deal: They would be earning, in effect, a 20 percent return. And under the island’s Constitution, Puerto Rico was required to pay back its debt before almost any other bills, whether for retirees’ health care or teachers’ salaries.

But within months, Puerto Rico was saying it had run out of money, and the relationship between the impoverished United States territory and its unlikely saviors fell apart, setting up an extraordinary political and financial fight over Puerto Rico’s future.

4 R’s: Encantadia (Aug. 12, 2016 episode review)

I’m on time, and I ain’t team replay tonight! Woot! 😝


Ybarro and Alena’s wounded hearts does not seem to heal even after all these years. Despite of the painful separation, the two still long for each other—another proof that they are still in-love. Meanwhile, Amihan dreamed of her own daughter, in that dream, Lira’s life was in danger, strange and mystifying thing is that the Lira in her dream was different, far from the Lira sleeping beside her, the queen becomes suspicious as to what that dream meant and what does it have to do with her only daughter.

It seems that Aling Flora, the fortune-teller was right about her suspicions about Mila. Because on the child’s supposedly happiest day of her life, Dado got into an accident—he fell off the bridge for saving Mila thus killing him in an instant. Amanda was devastated upon the death of her beloved husband and blames Mila for what happened. While “Lira” was happily celebrating her birthday in Lireo, Milagros’ suffering has begun on that day. And on their birthdays both Lira (Mira) and Milagros (Lira) manifested one of their powers, that is to vanish and re-appear.

Whoo! What a great way to end the week! This episode literally blew me away!


❤️💙 Pirena and Amihan’s silent competition for Lira’s (Mira) affection is cute. Obviously both mommas love the little Sang’gre but of course, Amihan always win because in Mira’s eyes, the queen is her mother. Duh.

❤️ Glaiza’s expression says it all, how she hated the fact that Mira loves Amihan more than her despite of her efforts to get close with her bio-daughter.

💙💛 Kylie and Sanya’s sisterly tandem is #GOALS! Ugh! Kylie is the best when it comes to fight scenes—from sword to hand combat, Kylie was awesome! Raquim has every reason to be proud of her unica hija. And no other Sang’gre is fit to keep up with her skills and stamina than Sanya. More of Amihan and Danaya moments pleeeease!

💜 The young Lira made me want to hug her, she is such an effective actress I  swear this kid is so good (and so cute), I’ve watched her in “Little Nanay” where she played a daughter of a woman with psychological disability and she nailed that character! She will have a bright future in the showbiz industry.


Here I thought Mira is going to show off her fire manipulation skills and Mila’s going to summon a whirlwind to literally blow her uncle Berto away and that everyone is going to suspect about Mira’s true identity and all but, the director and the writer said, “Not so fast!” and the little Sang’gres showed the most common power a Royal diwata has. Pfft! Paasa!

Rating: 9 out of 10, I must re-watch Kylie and Sanya’s fight scene. Pasarte! 

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Encantadia 2016 HQ Version DDL

Giving out the HQ version of my previous post. Since these are HQ, they tend to have big file size and Kickass Torrent is dead - this will be my only means to share/upload the files. Please understand that Philippines doesn’t have fast internet so I resorted to splitting the episodes into 6 parts. You just have to download every parts and you can just extract one file from the 6 parts to get the whole episode extracted. Let me know if you have any questions. :)


EPISODE 01 [ link ]
EPISODE 02 [ link ]
EPISODE 03 [ link ]
EPISODE 04 [ link ]
EPISODE 05 [ link ]
EPISODE 06 [ link ]
EPISODE 07 [ link ]
EPISODE 08 [ in progress ]
EPISODE 09 [ in progress ]
EPISODE 10 [ in progress ]
EPISODE 11 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 12 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 13 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 14 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 15 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 16 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 17 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 18 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 19 [ not yet available ]
EPISODE 20 [ not yet available ]

4 R’s: Encantadia (August 10, 2016 episode)


Pirena switched babies Lira and Mira and took Amihan’s real daughter whom she originally intended to kill, fortunately for the Lirean heiress, Pirena was unable to harm her because of Alena and Danaya’s blessings. Pirena then took Lira to the mortal realm using the medallion she stole from Ynang Reyna’s stuff and summoned the Asnamon portal to take them to the world of humans. Muyak, the lambana witnessed Pirena’s evil schemes and followed her to the mortal world and attempted to stop Pirena. Muyak proved to be powerless against the Sang’gre and ended up stuck in the mortal world with the real Lira. That very same night, a childless couple was taking a walk when they heard a crying baby, both Dado and Amanda were frightened and ecstatic when they found a child lying all alone in the ground and wailing miserably. They took the baby in and adopted her not knowing that the child is a diwata and the daughter of Queen Amihan.

Ybarro’s suspicion was confirmed when he sneaked into the palace of Lireo to talk to Amihan. The latter confirmed that her daughter, Lira was conceived in a collective dream arranged by Bathala and Ybarro is the biological father of the heiress. The reason why Amihan strongly forbids his affair with Alena. Grief-stricken, Ybarro has to make a sacrifice for the sake of his beloved—to prevent Alena from getting hurt.


💙 Baby Lira sure knows how to fight back at such a tender age like her momma, she sure is going to be a one fine Sang’gre when she grows up!
💙❤️ Let me just rave more about how cute babies Lira and Mira are (hahaha!)
💕 Angelu de Leon gave a different image of Amanda, instead of being harsh and cruel like in the original series, she showed a kind, loving mother even if Milagros isn’t her own flesh and blood. Question is will she remain the same when Dado dies because of Milagros/Lira? 

💛 Sang’gre Danaya sure knows how to use the earth gem, unlike in the original series where Danaya seldom use her gem (mostly for healing purposes), Danaya 2016 is slaying her earthly powers and I like how she is showing the viewers more of the powerful brilyante ng lupa. 

💙 I have to say this: Kylie’s cheekbones are everything, slay that contour queen! Kidding aside I’m glad she was able to maintain her momma queen aura.

💘 Seriously Ybarro, are you really a mandirigma or Spider-Man? 


😪 That heart-breaking scene between Alena and Ybarro isn’t exactly heart-breaking for me. It’s almost there, but it didn’t make it. Ruru’s eyes were kind of plain, and I could barely see the pain in his eyes. The eyes are everything Ru!

😰 Gabbi’s acting is “so-so,” she should really step up to her game because she has potential and she has to use that to prove to everyone that she CAN be Alena, maybe not surpass Karylle but can be just as good. 

😭 I still couldn’t feel Pirena’s motherly love for Mira, seems to me that selfishness has consumed all of her that she only sees Mira as an instrument for revenge. Sad.
😱 Can I just rant about Queen Amihan (not Kylie) being selfish? It’s tragic that Ybarro was banned from seeing Alena, and even though I do understand their complicated situation, it’s still not a wise decision Reyna Amihan.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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🤓 💭 4 R’s: Encantadia (August 22, 2016 episode review)

🔊 First off, I’d like to apologize for posting the pics on a photo set instead of my usual style, Tumblr is being a bitch again and the web version isn’t working. So I had to use the app instead, unfortunately it cannot allow to upload pics on a text post. And speaking of, I was wondering if y’all like this posting style or you prefer the same old format? Lemme know!

‼️ Hey y’all! It’s mondaaaaay again and you all know that weekdays are Encantadia days. I’m kinda pumped up today because for starters this week, I am eggzoited of what surprises Enca has for us Encantadiks anyways, let’s start the review sesh shall we?

⏪ Recap:

Sang’gre Lira (Mira) met a mysterious diwata who introduced herself as “mata” (eye), an adoyaneva mo-re (correct my spelling if I’m wrong guys) or a fortune-teller and offered the young Sang’gre a glimpse of her future. Curious Lira (Mira) followed Mata/Cassiopeia to her lair, in exchange for Mata’s service, she asked for gold for every question Lira wants to be answered. Still upset over her Ashti Danaya’s harsh words, Lira asked if she would become queen of Lireo, and if she will be come as good as her “mother” Amihan. Cassiopeia then saw a vision and told Lira straight to the point that she will not become queen and that she will choose a guy over Encantadia, this angered Lira (Mira) and refused to believe at first, she left Cassiopeia’s lair panic-stricken and confused.

Back in the mortal world, Milagros (Lira)—the real crown princess manifested another one of her powers when she saved her foster mother, Amanda from getting hurt—being able to move swiftly like the wind. Berto who has been eyeing on her for years saw the whole thing and confronted Mila (Lira) afterwards to which the lass denied for the nth time. Amanda dismissed the whole idea as Berto’s delusional tendencies. While having a busy day at the market, Mila (Lira) was finally able to convince her mother to look for a place to rent (for their business) so they wouldn’t be able to stay on the sidewalk and get caught by the police again. While looking for a place to rent, Milagros almost got hit by a car but was saved by a young man and unfortunately placing the lad instead in danger, this again gave Mila’s new power an opportunity to manifest as she was able to save the guy a few seconds from the possible impact. The guy was stunned at Mila’s (Lira) fast move to which the latter merely considered as adrenaline rush. The guy introduced himself as Anthony and as if on cue, Mila (Lira) became attracted with the very handsome guy and later on told her mother about it. Amanda warned Mila (Lira) to be careful of whom to fall in-love with since Anthony was obviously a rich guy and they were only poor.

Berto once again secretly confronted Mila (Lira) and showed her the video he apparently took when Mila (Lira) saved Anthony. Mila (Lira) pretended that she has no clue about it and that it was just a “special effect” courtesy of modern technology, Berto then warned her that he had known what Mila (Lira) really is and threatened her that he will use her powers to his advantage. Mila (Lira) surprisingly shot back at her uncle Berto saying that “if ever” she does have powers, she will use it against him.

Meanwhile in Lireo, Mira contemplated everything Mata has said and later considered the possibility of falling in-love—after all it is no secret to her and to the whole Lireo that the late Queen Mine-a, had fallen in-love with Prince Raquim of Sapiro (although the law of the diwatas strictly forbids a queen to marry), Amihan’s parents and Lira’s Ylo and Yla, as told by the Queen herself. The latter told Lira that it is not wrong to fall in-love but should be prepared of the possible risks especially that she is next in line for the Lirean throne. Pirena overheard this and told Amihan that she strictly objects the idea of her real daughter to fall in-love, Amihan insists that Lira (Mira) has to, for her to fully understand what it means to be a queen and that a man cannot hinder Lira’s duties and responsibilities as queen since Mine-a became a good leader of Lireo despite of Raquim being around. Still, Pirena disagrees to this and had a one-on-one talk with Lira (Mira), the young heiress confessed to her Ashti Pirena that an adoyaneva mo-re foresaw that she will fall in-love, thus she will choose the man over the crown. Pirena, seeing this as a possible major threat to her plans convinced Lira (Mira) not to believe in everything the fortune teller has said and just in case this happens, Pirena suggested Lira (Mira) to look for that man and kill him. Pirena then ordered Gurna to look for that fortune-teller whom Lira (Mira) met in the forest. Being young and impulsive, Lira (Mira) rushed back to Mata’s lair to find out more of the man the latter saw in her vision, Mata revealed that the man Lira (Mira) will fall in-love with is not from Encantadia but he is someone who hails from the mortal world, fully convinced of her Ashti’s advice, Lira (Mira) asked Mata how to go to the world of mortals, Cassiopeia told the Sang’gre about the key of Asnamon which is under the possession of the current Ynang Reyna, determined to eradicate anything that gets in her way to the crown, Lira (Mira) is going to obtain the key to the mortal world, little did she know that it was only the first step of Cassiopeia’s plans to bring back the real Lira to Encantadia.

👍🏻 Raves

❤️ Pirena’s maternal instinct is on point. Her worry and protectiveness towards Mira surfaced when the latter got MIA, this just shows that Pirena still has a soft side and her heart still has room for love. As always, great job Glaiza!

💜 🙇🏻 Newbies Mikee and Migo surprised me tonight, I couldn’t help but smile at Mila and Anthony’s first meeting because I felt Mila’s kilig when she saw Anthony, and they do have pretty good chemistry.

💑 Hm…changes in Mila and Anthony’s love story eh? Back in 2005 Mila and Anthony were childhood sweethearts, got separated and met again years after when Mila served as a maid in Anthony’s household, in here it seems like they’re trying to parallel some parts of Mila and Anthony’s story to Ybarro and Alena’s. Their first meeting (based on this episode) was kind of…kind of the same you see? Ybarro got smitten with Alena the first time he saw her, pretty much the same way how Mila (Lira) fell in-love at first sight with Anthony. Guess we all know where Lira got her hopeless romantic trait from, courtesy of her dad and Ashti Alena (talk about genes and all). If that’s the case that would be interesting, but still I want see difference in Lira and Ybarro’s love lives.

🔱 Solenn’s performance tonight impressed me the most, she’s delivering Cassiopeia’s character so well, and the best part is that, when I look at Cassiopeia I can see Solenn without me getting reminded or even see Cindy Kurleto in her, I mean I love how she’s showing her personality and not trying to embody the original actress who played Cassiopeia’s character. (Am I making any sense?)

💗 I see a star in the making in the form of Kate Valdez, so far I am enjoying her and Mikee’s portrayal as Lira and Mira, but I do hope to see a little bit more of Mira’s bratty side because I like that part of Mira’s character.

👎🏻 Rant:

🤔 I do wish Mikee showed more sass with her confrontation with Berto, you know Berto threatening Mila and all, blah, blah, blah. So far, that was my only concern with tonight’s ep. The rest, story wise, performance wise, it’s a good episode.

📈 Rating: 9 out of 10:

💻 Photo credits: @GMAEncantadia (via Twitter) and Encantadia 2016 (Official Facebook page)

4R’s: Encantadia (Aug. 24, 2016 episode review)l


Milagros immediately brought Amanda to a nearby clinic, she was diagnosed with heat stroke and the nurse suggested that they should see a doctor. Amanda strongly disagreed for they don’t have money to pay for the doctor’s fees and medicine. Berto convinced Mila to use her power to be able to get money for Amanda’s treatment, and by the statement “use her power” it meant using it the wrong way. Desperate times lead to desperate measures as they say, Mila agreed. With her uncle Berto, they successfully stole the wallet of a rich old lady, Mila happily handed the cash to her mamu Amanda, but when the latter asked where she got the money from, Mila admitted the crime she committed which made Amanda very disappointed and refused to undergo treatment using the money Mila stole. Mila, realizing her wrong deeds planned to return the money to the owner only to find out that Berto already spent the cash on alcohol, cigars, and food with his friends.

Alena and Apitong found a skeleton in the forest near Sapiro, at first, they both thought that it was the Hathors since there were Hathorian soldiers surrounding the skeleton but a witness showed up and claimed that he saw who the culprit was—not the Hathors but a diwata clad in black clothes, she used her power to devour his body and soul. Alena feared that aside from the Hathors, they have other much more dangerous enemy lurking behind the shadows.

Aminan caught Pirena holding the key of Asnamon, to prevent Amihan from suspecting, Pirena chided Amihan for not being able to keep the key safely and “worries” that Lira (Mira) might decide to steal it again and go back to the mortal world. Pirena convinced Amihan to hand over the key to her for “safe keeping” and so that Lira (Mira) wouldn’t find where it is. Seeing the opportunity taking her side, Pirena wasted no time and went to the mortal world to find the real Lira.

Milagros (Lira) went to the Church and asked God for forgiveness for her reckless deed to help her mamu, not long after, another mysterious woman clad in red robes showed up who turned out to be Pirena. The keeper of the fire gem confirmed that Milagros is Lira after seeing her birthmark on her back—the mark every Sang’gre possesses. Mila (Lira) found out that the woman is an encantada after the latter spoke to her a familiar en-chan phrase she learned from Muyak when she was younger, Mila (Lira) thought Pirena came to finally pick her up and take her back to Encantadia and excitedly searched for Muyak, completely oblivious that the woman does not intend to bring her back to her real home but to kill her.


💎 I like the fact the Encantadia is not just about powers and fight scenes and glamorous fairies, the show also teaches the viewers especially the young ones important lessons and values.

💗 Mira the brat is ❤. I love how Kate is showing us variety of Mira’s character—she can be sweet, she can be kind, but she can also act like a spoiled little princess if she wants to whenever she has mood swings just like her real momma Pirena. Like mother like daughter.

🌸 Klea Pineda is soooo good! I felt her frustrations, her weariness and longing for Encantadia, it was heart-breaking. Love you Muyak!

💙❤️ The irony of Pirena and Amihan’s characters are the most interesting. Amihan’s element is air meaning she can see through anything but is blinded when it comes to Pirena and choose to be blind towards what she really feels for Lira (Mira). Pirena seems to be very cold, distant, and bitter towards her sisters, unlike fire, there seems to be no warmth in her heart.


😪 I’d say I didn’t enjoy Mikee’s performance that much tonight, it was okay but not as impressive as Kate’s. I wish she would have shown more of Mila’s worry, desperation, and fear  when she stole that money for mamu’s meds, I wish those tears fell down or at least welled up on her eyes when mamu scolded her and realized what she has done, Mikee has to work on that aspect in terms of Mila’s personality as a person. Her character is a mixture of mortal and Sang’gre which makes it quite complicated so Mikee has to work extra harder to be able to show and balance both sides of Mila’s character.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Sang’gre Alena in action! 

Amihan and fake Danaya’s sweet sisterly moments

Hello Adhara! 

Photo credits: @GMAEncantadia (GMA Encantadia)

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4 R’s: Encantadia (Aug. 19, 2016 episode review)

Dese Avisala!

I woke up quite late today, but first, breakfast and…of course, Encantadia


Ybarro finally met his real father King Armeo in their fallen kingdom, Sapiro. In that brief encounter, Armeo gave Ybarro the kalasag. An armor owned by Sapirians to help the heir on his journey to bring back Sapiro. Meanwhile, in the camp of the mandirigmas, Apitong and his brethren mourned for the “death” of Ybarro, Sang’gre Alena showed up in the middle of the lamentation and refused to believe that Ybarro is really dead unless his corpse is found, this somewhat gave Apitong and the mandirigmas a spark of hope that Ybarro survived the ordeal. Because of bringing Ybarro back to life, Cassiopeia was punished again by bathaluman Ether this time (Emre being the first for splitting the mother gem into four), one of the three gods who created Encantadia for going against the will of the gods, she was cursed to live in the forest and will never get out. Amihan has finally decided to give back the fire gem back to Pirena as a sign that she now fully trusts Pirena, especially now that the latter already knows her secret, little did she know that Pirena’s plans progressed and all she had to do is wait for Lira’s (Mira) coming of age.

Many years have passed, Lira and Mira grew up into beautiful young ladies. Mira, the fake Lira grew up to be loving, sweet towards her mother, a little bit mischievous and has the weight of the world on her shoulders due to so much pressure given to her by her ashtis, especially Pirena and Danaya. Nevertheless she tries her best to prove to everyone that she is worthy to be the next queen especially in the eyes of her mother (Amihan) whom she looks up to a lot.

The real Lira, known in the mortal world as Milagros grew up to be kind, caring, helpful especially when it comes to her family’s financial needs, quite a trouble maker for being rusty at controlling her power but can always get away with it—street smart like her father Ybarro/Ybrahim. She has fully accepted who she really is and is still hoping that one day, she will return to Encantadia and be with her real family. Muyak became her mentor of all things related to their world including sword fighting.

Meanwhile, Alena still hasn’t lost hope and would go to the shores of the sea where Ybarro fell and would ask her sea creature friends if they have found anything, none after all these years. A new character emerged in the form of Kalasag, Ybarro in disguise, for every Hathor he slays, he would collect all of their weapons to hand it over to Ascano, land of the barbarians to gain the favor of Vish’ka, their leader and give the kantao (the key to Sapiro’s wealth) to Ybrahim.

While training early in the morning with her Ashti Danaya, Lira (Mira) got fed up of her Ashti’s nagging and walked out in the middle of their sparring sessions, in the forest, the young sang’gre met a strange diwata and introduced herself as Cassiopeia, the eye of Encantadia and that she has been waiting for Lira (Mira).

Sorry for my lousy summarization of last night’s episode, I’m still kind of groggy and a cup of coffee isn’t helping.


💜💗 Congratulations to Kate Valdez and Mikee Quintos on their first acting stint (yay!), for their first appearance on this episode, I’d say their performance is really good. Lots of potential!

💜 I love how Mikee gave us a different Mila. Back then, the original Milagros (played by Jennylyn Mercado) was a damsel who’s weak and doesn’t know how to fight back. The new Milagros however, is much more of a “bad ass in the making.” She has a mixture of a mortal-like personality and sang’gre like her bio-mom, and her upbringing is pretty far from the original series, and Muyak contributed a lot on Mila’s character while she’s still in the mortal world. I love both versions of Lira/Milagros but all praises to Mikee on this. And can we all not mind about her boyish voice? I personally think it’s unique and she sings really well too, and her body built? Seriously? Come on she’s in the mortal world, she has other things to think about other than working out.

💗 Kate pretty much delivered the same Mira, she has her soft side, but has a short temper (courtesy of her real mother Pirena) minus the arrogance,  I’d like to say she’s more child-like…err…spoiled brat in a cute way. Looks like Danaya would have a double headache in the future.

💪🏻 I was kind of surprised that Kalasag showed up earlier in the series, back in 2005 kalasag was introduced on the later part of the series when Asval locked Ybrahim up in a room somewhere in the palace of Sapiro (his parents’ room I think…or was it his room? Long story) but here he is, I wonder when will Ybarro discover about the kabilan?

⛰ I’m excited for Vish’kaaaaaaaaa!

No rants in this ep, this whole week’s episodes were so-so.

Rating: I gotta say that I like this episode way better than the rest but nothing much happened so it’s 8 out of 10


Oops! Bad move Amihan, one day you will regret this. 

Double cursed Cassiopeia, uh-oh! 

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4 R’s: Encantadia (Aug. 18, 2016 episode review)


Pagaspas went on his way to search for the mandirigma, Ybarro. Along the way he encountered an aircraft manned by Agane and a group of Hathors. Agane thought the diwatas sent Pagaspas to attack them which is why Agane ordered her companions to kill the Mulawin. Pagaspas had all the advantage since the air is a Mulawin’s domain and defeated the Hathors.  

Meanwhile on the forest of Encantadia, Ybarro, Pako and Wantuk crossed paths with Hitano and his companion, in order to get rid of Ybarro and win Alena’s heart, Hitano attempted to kill the mandirigma, but the latter refused to go down without a fight, thus a duel between him and Hitano ensued. Unfortunately, in the middle of the battle, an encantado showed up and shot a poisoned arrow on Ybarro’s back, it was Asval—the same encantado who assassinated Mine-a. Asval didn’t want any more hindrance to his ambition to claim Sapiro as his own, and he was positive that the mandirigma he shot was the son of King Armeo, Prince Ybrahim. Hitano took the opportunity to his advantage and kicked Ybarro off the cliff, the latter fell into the ocean, killing him in an instant.

Pagaspas arrived shortly after the encounter and found out from Pako and Wantuk that Ybarro is dead, much to the Mulawin’s dismay due to his failed mission. Pagaspas went back to Lireo and told Queen Amihan about the news. The queen became even more guilty for she was the reason why Alena is suffering and will suffer even more because of her lover’s death. Nevertheless, she regretfully broke the news to her sisters, as expected, Alena’s heart shattered once more. Hara Amihan found out that it was Hitano who attacked Ybarro which made her very angry for making a move without the queen’s knowledge, although Hitano denied that he was the one who killed Ybarro, he was punished because of his reckless behavior and for violating one of the laws of Encantadia and has been warned that he will be stripped off his title and position in the Lirean army if he disobeys the queen once more. Amihan ordered Aquil to grant a portion of land to the mandirigmas, Pirena suspected it as a compensation for Ybarro’s death, Pirena revealed to Amihan that she knows that Ybarro is Lira’s father, Amihan had no choice but to explain her side to Pirena and vowed to tell Alena the truth, Pirena however told Amihan otherwise, she convinced her own sister to keep this as a secret for the rest of their lives.

Ybarro’s corpse was found by mermaids and brought him to the shores of Cassiopeia’s island. The ancient queen recognized him as Prince Ybarhim and foresaw his destiny and his role in Encantadia thus she did not allow his body and soul to go to Devas…yet. Cursed by Emre with eternal life, Cassiopeia used her own blood to bring Ybarro back to life. Ybarro was successfully revived. Cassiopeia then told Ybarro to go back to the ruins of Sapiro, for the answers to all his questions are there. Ybarro did what Cassiopeia told him, thankfully he did because that very moment, someone from Devas came back to the world of the living, King Armeo, Ybarhim’s father.

(You know I ain’t replay when I write a detailed recap)


💚 Gabbi’s performance tonight is way better than the previous episodes, I kinda—KINDA felt her pain in this episode, it’s almost there, just needs a little bit more push on the expression and delivery and it will all be good.

❤️ Pirena still loves her sister despite all the bitterness in her heart, #heartoverhate Pirena. And I think Alena is her favorite sister because come on, let’s face it, Amihan is Pirena’s biggest competition (plus Danaya and Alena loves Amihan more) and Danaya, unlike Alena will never ever soften up when it comes to her.

🔱 Can we all just admire Cassiopeia’s en-chan skill and omnipotence? She has proven to us again that out of all queens, she is the most powerful. And Solenn slays!

🃏 Nice to see Wantuk’s weakness, he was known as the funny guy in the series but it’s really good that Buboy Villar was able to show us that even the funniest man can also feel pain and be vulnerable.

💪🏻 Whew! Kalasag, you’re early! Saw  you on the next episode’s teaser and I’ll be waiting for ya!

💜💗Am I the only one who’s excited for the grown ups Lira and Mira?


🤔 Why the heck did Pako and Wantuk just stood there when Ybarro was on the verge of death? Seriously you guys? Even though Hitano is much more stronger, they could have at least done something to help Ybarro out! I guess they aren’t familiar with the saying, “Three heads are better than one.”

 😒 What’s the connection of Lireo’s national anthem to Alena’s personal issues? She should have sang a more sensible song and something that has to do with her feelings, that scene would have been more relatable for the viewers and hello? Personal problems has nothing to do with the entire kingdom.

🙄 Amihan, seriously? Listening to Pirena’s advice? You’re starting to think like a human again. Ugh!

Rating: 8 out of 10, that loop hole in the story was f*ckin’ killing me.

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4 R’s: Encantadia (August 15, 2016 episode review)

Sorry I’m late, Internet connection was crappy af last night. Also the reason why I don’t have that much screen caps so I do apologize. 


Everyone in Lireo was ecstatic when Sang’gre Lira (Mira) exhibited one of her powers. Pirena being the most proud, meanwhile, Amihan confessed to Alena about what she feels towards her own daughter—she loves her no doubt but deep in her heart, she felt that something was missing, it seemed like Lira wasn’t THE Lira she gave birth to. Gurna overhears this and warned Pirena about Amihan’s growing suspicion, and although Pirena was overly confident that Amihan will never find out about her treachery, Gurna has a point so she listened to her advice and poisoned her own sister mind…even more.

Milagros was shocked and confused about what just happened between her and her uncle Berto, Muyak sensed that it was now time to tell Mila about who she really is and where she came from. Muyak explained to Mila that the latter just underwent a “banyuhay” a process when a young Sang’gre exhibits her power for the first time, the lambana revealed to her that she is not human but a diwata, a sang’gre—daughter of the queen of the diwatas and heiress of their kingdom and that they came from a world called Encantadia, Muyak briefly narrated how they ended up in the human world because of her ashti or aunt Pirena. Milagros was convinced that Muyak was indeed telling the truth because of her power and the fact that she has a lambana friend. Because of Berto’s threat, Milagros went away with Muyak and went to the place where Dado and Amanda found her. According to Muyak, the only way to open the portal to Encantadia is through the magical medallion of Asnamon which is now under the possession of Queen Amihan, but Milagros, being strong willed like her brethren tried to call out to her real mother, but sadly, nothing happened.

Amanda, realizing her harsh treatment towards Mila went out to look for her, she believes her brother has gone insane due to drug addiction for Berto told her that Mila is a maligno (after witnessing Mila’s banyuhan) and he is planning to hurt her. Luckily for Mila, she was saved by her adoptive mother Amanda from the evil Berto.

The still devastated Alena destroyed another one of her and Ybarro’s memento, the rock where Ybarro carved their names on it as a symbol of their love for each other. Unknown to her, Ybarro has been watching her all this time. Heart-broken Ybarro then went back to the woods and came across an encantado who is need of help and protection against the Hathors, being kind-hearted and always willing to help, Ybarro single-handedly defeated a group of Hathors but unfortunately injured himself, and like his daughter Milagros (Lira), he unconsciously summoned his innate power—healing, an ability possessed by Sapirians.


💜 Young Mila is super amazing! That scene when she tried to call out to her mother was indeed heart breaking it almost made me cry, this kid is going to be an award-winning actress and star of her generation.

❤️ Pirena’s chill moment is lit

💚 Alena finally showcased her powerful voice. Not the same voice quality as the original Alena (Karylle), but good enough (just not THAT impressive but, oh well pwede na)

💜👊🏻 I actually like the fact that they maintained the similarity of Ybarro and Mila’s life story. Separated from their families at birth, adopted by kind hearted people (and encantados), and discovering the truth about their identity—it’s happening at the same time. Like father like daughter indeed.

📸 Gurna should become a paparazzi, always updated with the latest chismax, whenever, wherever. Hands down Vaness Del Moral, I love you but I still hate your character


🤔 Ybarro and Alena’s continuing pabebe love story. #Seriously? How many years have already passed and the teenage Alena and Ybarro hasn’t grown.

😪 I wish Gabbi pushed herself a little bit further with regards to Alena’s emotions when she broke that rock, mixed emotions of pain, longing and anger, all I saw was a high school girl who got rejected by her long time crush. Sang’gre Alena where art thou?

😑 I know I said that I ain’t comparing Gabbi’s voice from Karylle’s but that doesn’t mean I don’t have sky high expectations. I just don’t think her voice was that powerful to shatter that piece of rock into pieces, I don’t really know her vocal range but I wish that note was a bit higher, and her voice more “clean” so it would be serene, and enchanting yet powerful–that would have been epic and would really leave an impact to the audience. She has no doubt a beautiful voice, pleasant to the ears and all but it’s not yet up there. I honestly think that Gabbi is more suited for the role of Lira instead, but oh well, there is always room for improvement. 

Rating: 7 out of 10, worst episode for this week. Originally wanted to give it a 6 or a 6.5, but for the sake of the young Mila, I decided to give the extra point to her. Pluuuus nothing surprising happened in this ep, just father and daughter’s identities being revealed and all which I already knew since 2005. 

Photo credits: Encantadia 2016 via Facebook and @GMAEncantadia via Twitter