New Rapper Mulls Which Gang To Be Extorted By

Bompton OG C Me extols the benefits of a Blood gang platinum package, including a complimentary Draco

“Alright Cuz, like I said. We offer a combinissive package.”

“Do you mean comprehensive?”

“Yeah you know what I mean. Anyway, get up with me.”

Compton OG Lee-Locc daps up rapper Handspring Crank and leaves his rented condo.

It’s the Georgia native’s first trip to Los Angeles, which as a gangster rapper, means one thing: choosing which gang to be extorted by.

“I like what they had to say. They’re offering on demand security, a couple visits to the hood per month, and a photo op with Tookie’s nephew,” Crank says while peering through the thick pamphlet’s blue pages.

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