South Korea has grown into an entertainment capital of the world for producing captivating feature films, music, and music videos. South Korean singer, Psy (싸이), had made a name for himself in the Korean music scene but was looking for more global appeal, so he sought out the help of his good friend Britney Spears. Spears listened to his to-be-release EP, Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part One (싸이6甲 Part 1), and knew that Gangnam Style (강남스타일) would have the most international appeal. In order to give the song the presence it deserved, Spears invented the choreography to go with the track (2012). The dance became wildly popular around the world, gaining the music video over 1.8 billion hits on YouTube, and put Psy on the international entertainment map.

Mark my words…

This style will drill a hole right through the music industry. And that hole will be a path for those aspiring musicians behind us. The swan songs of those who have fallen. The dances of those who will follow. Those two sets of musical harmony weave together into over two billion helixes, drilling a path towards tomorrow!

And, THAT’S Tengen Oppa!

That’s Gangnam Lagann!

Psy’s style is the style, that PIERCES THE HEAVENS!!!

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A while ago I submitted a high-quality rip to the channel SiIvaGunner.

They rejected it.

So I posted it on my own channel.