The receding monsoon marks the beginning of the long Indian Festive season. Different gods are worshipped in different festivals. The season begins with the festival of Lord Ganesh, the deeply loved elephant headed god. It is celebrated for ten long days, with the idols being immersed in the sea on the last day. Herewith some of the images I have captured on the recently concluded Ganesh Festivals with my Leica X2.  Each of the frames appears so real that it will open a dialogue with you on the rich Indian culture. The moods & moments are captured in a span of a few hours on the immersion day.  

Lord Ganesha: Patron of the Arts and Sciences, Remover of Obstacles.

His large ears remind you to listen, his broken tusk symbolizes sacrifice for a good cause, a modak (sweet dumpling) in his hand symbolizes the rewards of a peaceful life,  his large stomach peacefully digests both good and bad experiences, his axe cuts unhealthy attachments, and his rope will pull you closer towards your goals. 

career, income, and passion spell jar

this is a customized/modified money honey spell jar. i made this spell with my budding career and the passion I have for my work in mind. rootwork, as the name suggests, tries to get at the true “root” of the problem or what you need. I know that even though I am focused on becoming financially secure, that I will not be successful if I am not also passionately connected to what I am doing. overall I made this with ingredients that are money drawing (so i will get paid what I am worth), luck drawing (to help push me onto a clear path to success), for attraction (make opportunities im open to find me easier) and love/passion (for a career that runs parallel with my devotion to the Divine Mother, the Universe itself). 

I’m a baby witch and this is my first spell, here goes!

What I used:

small recycled glass jar (cleaned in hot water and cleansed with palo santo)

raw clover honey - luck, attracting happiness and purification 

nutmeg (powdered) - monetary luck, money drawing, clear sight

allspice (powdered) - money and luck drawing, energy and determination

cinnamon (powdered) - attraction, happiness, money drawing 

cloves (whole) - luck and prosperity, protection from jealous rivals 

rose water - healing through love, protection

oil of oregano  - financial protection, luck

peppermint oil - money, passion, purification and release 

bay leaves (whole) - money drawing, wish fulfillment

red roses - passion, love, protection 

honeysuckle - money, luck, intuition 

money (i just used change because I never have cash) 

found raw agate, blessed by the light of the full moon - victory, luck, mental clarity

intention on a piece of paper (written in green, gold and red ink) crossed with a verse about Mahalakshmi 

blue, red, and yellow candles - intuition, strength/passion, and luck/prosperity, respectively 

piece of own hair as a taglock 

After praying to the ancestors, Lord Ganesha, Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, I began to layer a mixture of all the wet ingredients with the spices. when the jar was ¾ full, I began adding the solid ingredients such as agate, roses, honeysuckle, cloves, hair, and money. I then added the bay leaves, putting them around the perimeter of the jar for protection. finally I added a strip of paper with my specific intention crossed with several verses about the Goddess’ power to manifest abundance. I then put the metal lid on the jar and stuck a lit tea candle to the top to start sealing. as it burned, I tied honeysuckle vines around the neck of the jar and sealed them with wax. having had the red, blue, and yellow candles lit, I slowly poured some of the accumulated wax over the jar. blue first for intuition to show me my path, then red for the passion and the strength to work hard and finally yellow for luck as a recognition that help will come from outside of myself.  while the tea light continued burning, I placed crystals corresponding with security, creativity, passion, and intuition around the jar. I meditated on how all of these things are necessary for me to have a successful future. i visualized this future in great detail. finally, when the candle stopped burning, I placed one bay leaf in top of the jar as the wax cooled. 

Since completing this spell, I have tried to push whatever desires I have for the spell to “work” out of my mind. I placed it on my ancestral altar with two citrine crystals and a clear quartz geode for creativity and a spiritual boost. i shake the jar occasionally and just take extra care to make regular offerings to my devas and my ancestors. if im not nourishing them, how can they nourish me?