Scenario: Hungover with the Hobbit Cast
  • Bilbo: I don't think I remember having this birthmark.
  • Thorin: Well, I do.
  • Thranduil: Where the fuck are my eyebrows???
  • Bard: Um, by any chance...Does anybody know how to get a dick out of a bottle? Not that I...
  • Legolas: *wakes up next to Kili naked*
  • Kili: Not again. Dammit.
  • Fili: Omg guys, is this a Ring of Power???
  • Tauriel: ...O crap I married the wrong brother.
  • Gandalf: I wont't be able to look in the mirror ever again. Please forgive me, Ilúvatar.
  • Dain: The beard ombre turned out better than expected wow
  • Gollum: Your legses spread easier than peanut butter, my precious defiler.
  • Azog: Someone save me
  • Elrond: Welcome to the Undying Lands of *squints eyes* Aman.........oh my god