Scenario: Hungover with the Hobbit Cast
  • Bilbo: I don't think I remember having this birthmark.
  • Thorin: Well, I do.
  • Thranduil: Where the fuck are my eyebrows???
  • Bard: Um, by any chance...Does anybody know how to get a dick out of a bottle? Not that I...
  • Legolas: *wakes up next to Kili naked*
  • Kili: Not again. Dammit.
  • Fili: Omg guys, is this a Ring of Power???
  • Tauriel: ...O crap I married the wrong brother.
  • Gandalf: I wont't be able to look in the mirror ever again. Please forgive me, Ilúvatar.
  • Dain: The beard ombre turned out better than expected wow
  • Gollum: Your legses spread easier than peanut butter, my precious defiler.
  • Azog: Someone save me
  • Elrond: Welcome to the Undying Lands of *squints eyes* Aman.........oh my god

wilfiplier  asked:

{ @googleoliver } Oliver had been sent on a small errand. He was aware that this was for the Host, to give him some books they had recovered from... Well, Google hadn't told him where they were from. The books were old and worn with yellowing pages and scrawling handwriting. All he knew was that he was meant to be here, where the Host was currently living, to fulfill his primary objective. Hand him the books, and then stay if the Host required any further assistance. ((am I doing this right?))

@googleoliver / yep!!

Oliver was greeted by a cat when he arrived at the door. Grey with attentive eyes, silently judging the unknown man. When the front door opened to show the Host -his usual coat missing- the cat turned to look at him and meowed.
“He’s alright, Gandal. Come inside, Oliver.”, the Host spoke first to his cat -who then entered the house- before having his attention on his guest.

He stepped to the side, letting the other with his books enter his home. It was small, but cozy. A nice home.