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Kill me &/or break me w/ ... hmm. Ohh! Roxy & any troll of yo choice :)


[ Leave a “Break Me” in my ask, and I will write an angsty drabble. |  Leave a “Kill Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character killing another.]

I love Gam but he’s so good for angst so have this Zombiestuck (tw for violence, blood, angst, death, ect.)

  That clown. That god damned clown. Roxy growled as she stumbled along the path. it wasn’t hard to follow his trail. He was still dripping blood. And it was smearing Rose’s and Terezi’s blood along the path as well. Roxy’s grip on the gun tightened as she heard a distant honk. 

  It was hours before she found him. He was coughing up blood now. The virus was eating at his skin, twisting it into a gray instead of his normal, deep brown. He looked up to her, slowly, eyes wide and rimmed with red. And then he grinned. 

  “Sis.” He said. His voice was low and hoarse. He spat out a glob of blood. “Here to finish what Kar started? HAH. I’d like to see your PASTEL BITCH ASS try ME.”

  Roxy leveled her gun at his head. It wasn’t fair that this had happened to anyone. But Gamzee? That creepy, high kid who never fought and who always lent a hand if you asked? Gamzee, who’d saved Karkat’s life? Gamzee, who cried when he stepped on a lady bug? Gamzee, who collected bike horns every time he went on patrol and came back with his arms full? It was unthinkable. 

  Gamzee’s grin stretched, his mouth starting to split open from the strain. He laughed, a thick, bubbling, low laugh that caused blood to dribble out of his mouth. He already smelled like rotting and death. 

  Roxy closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. There was a bang and a gurgle. Slowly, she opened her eyes and stared at what had been Gamzee’s head. His body slumphed over to the side. 

  The deed was done. She turned and started to trudge back to the camp. This whole damn thing was unthinkable. And it wasn’t ending any time soon. So she squared her shoulders and choked back her cries. 


put your slimey claws together for this fuckbunch of endgame dream teams. i wish these teenage shit waffles luck cus youd have an easier time finding atlantis and fondling aquamans goods than fighting these chumps.

oh and lets not forget these guys:

ok well this is officially the worst thing i’ve ever made

based on this post because the colors were just too convenient to pass up, also the phrases were actually pretty in-character for a lot of these????