Fun Video Game Asks for you and your cool friends

1. First game you played obsessively?
2. A game that has influenced you creatively? Writing, drawing, etc.
3. Who did you play with as a kid?
4. Who do you play with now?
5. Ever use cheat codes?
6. Ever buy strategy guides?
7. Any games you have multiple copies of?
8. Rarest/Most expensive game in your collection?
9. Most regrettable purchase?
10. Ever go to a midnight game release or stand in line for hours?
11. Have you ever made new friends from playing video games?
12. Ever get picked on for liking games?
13. A game you’ve never played that everyone else has?
14. Favorite game music?
15. If it was a requirement to get a game related tattoo, what would you pick?
16. Favorite game to play with your friends IRL?
17. Ever lose a friend over a game?
18. Would you date someone that hates gaming?
19. Favorite handheld console?
20. Game that you know like the back of your hand?
21. Game that you didn’t like or understand as a kid but love now?
22. Do you wear game related clothing/accessories?
23. The game that you’ve logged the most hours into?
24. First Pokemon game?
25. Were you ever an arcade game player?
26. Ever form any gaming rivalries?
27. Game that makes you rage?
28. Ever play in a tournament?
29. What is your gaming set up?
30. How many consoles do you own?
31. Does the 3DS and/or Virtual Boy hurt your eyes or give you headaches?
32. Did you ever play a game based on your favorite show/cartoon/movie/comic?
33. Did you ever have any bootleg games or plug-n-play games?
34. Do either of your parents play video games?
35. Ever work in a game store? Or do you have a favorite game shop?
36. Have you ever shed actual blood, sweat or tears over a game?
37. Have you played E.T. for the Atari 2600? Do you think that’s the worst game ever, or do you have another nomination?
38. A game you’re ashamed to admit that you like?
39. A sequel that you would die for them to make?
40. What to you think of virtual reality headsets or motion controls?
41. A genre that you just can’t get into?
42. Maybe it wasn’t your first game, but what was the game that started you on your path to nerdiness?
43. Ever play games when you really should have been concentrating on something else?
44. Arcade machine that has consumed the most of your quarters?
45. How are you at Mario Kart?
46. Do you like relaxing games like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon?
47. Do you like competitive games?
48. How long does it take your to customize your player character?
49. In games where you can pick your class, do you always tend to go for the same type of character?
50. If you were a game designer, what masterpiece would you create?
51. Have you ever played a game for so long that you forgot to eat or sleep?
52. A game that you begged your parents for as a kid?
53. What’s your opinion on DLC these days?
54. Do you give in to Steam sales?
55. Did you ever make someone you hated in the Sims and did mean stuff to them?
56. Did you ever play Roller Coaster Tycoon and kill off your guests?
57. Did you ever play a game to 100% or get all of the achievements?
58. If you can only play 3 games for the rest of your life, which ones do you pick?
59. Do you play any cell phone games?
60. Do you know the Konami Code?
61. Do you trade in your games or keep them forever?
62. Ever buy a console specifically to play one game?
63. Ever go to a gaming convention or tournament?
64. Ever make a TV or monitor purchase based on what would be best for gaming?
65. Ever have a Game Genie, Game Shark or Action Replay? Did it ever mess up your game’s save file?
66. Did you ever have have an old Nokia with Snake on it?
67. Do you have a happy gaming-related childhood memory you want to share?
68. Ever save up a ton of tickets in an arcade to get something cool?
69. In your opinion, best game ever made?
70. Very first game you ever beat?

Sam’s Ultimate Failproof Guide to Packing

Extensive Packing List

Warning: This will seem like a lot, but it doesn’t once you get there, and you can use your own judgment as to whether or not you will need something. Also, this particular list is geared towards my specific univeristy

  1. Bedroom
    1. Bedding
      1. Duvet cover and insert or comforter
      2. Matching sham
      3. Sheets and pillow cases (I recommend two sets of cotton minimum, one set of flannel in addition is optional)
      4. Egg crate topper (super cheap but super comfy after the first few nights—you may want to get a second one towards the end of the school year)
      5. Mattress pad—holds the topper in place
      6. Mattress protector (as recommended by an Anon). Some universities have bed bug problems, and you never really know what happened on your bed before it was yours, and this will help ensure a little more help on the cleanliness front.
      7. Pillows
      8. Stuffed animals
    2. Desk Area
      1. Stapler
      2. printer, ink, and paper
      3. Three hole punch
      4. Binders and notebooks
        1. For some classes you’ll want to keep every piece of paper ever (things related to your major and math classes), so these will need to be in binders.
        2. Math and science classes lend themselves to hand-written notes, so you’ll want to use a binder with loose leaf paper or the notebook of your choosing for those.
          *note* My personal favorites are Mead Five Start Flex Hybrid Notebinders
      5. Pens, pencils, Sharpies (you will use black and silver frequently for labeling random things)
      6. Tape dispenser (can be a cheap $2 plastic one, or a heavy duty, belongs in the office of a CEO one)
      7. glue sticks (yes, you will use them)
      8. Headphones
      9. Phone and laptop
      10. Phone and laptop chargers
      11. HDMI cord (literally the most used item in my dorm room)
      12. Power strip
      13. Desk lamp
      14. Post Its, paperclips, extra staples, push pines
    3. Closet and Laundry
      1. Leave your high school shirts at home unless you want to use them as sleep shirts. You’ll get plenty of shirts from your college or university.
      2. Hangers. Mine are mismatched and plastic and came straight from my closet at my mother’s.
      3. Hamper. You can choose your preference here. I prefer sturdy plastic with handles, but my roommate loved her fabirc one. Walmart has one that rolls, which is cool. Maybe you just want a laundry bag.
      4. Detergent.
      5. Fabric softener and Downy balls
      6. Dryer sheets
    4. Other
      1. Fridge
      2. coffee mugs (can use for tea, coffee, soup, ice water, milk for cookies, Spaghetti-Os, literally anything you can think of)
      3. microwave if you don’t have one in the common area/common area is far away
      4. Small table lamp or floor lamp (put this somewhere across the room from the desk lamp because overhead lighting is the worst)
      5. Books and movies
      6. TV (optional, I use mine as a second monitor pretty frequently)
      7. Video game console, accessories, and games (if desired)
      8. Purse/wallet
      9. Trash bags
      11. Canvases, posters, pictures, corkboards, etc
      12. Command strips (the Velcro kind of the absolute best) and sticky tack (Loc-Tite brand, it’s blue)
      13. Keurig or coffee pot (if you’re into that) and all the fixin’s
  2. Bathroom – some of these are included because I have a bathroom within my dorm room
    1. Trash can
    2. Shower curtain, liner, and rings
    3. Bathmat
    4. Toilet brush and cleaner
    5. Plunger. Plumbing on campuses can be iffy
    6. Lady supplies (if you need those sort of things)
    7. Toiletries and makeup
    8. Some sort of caddy if you’re living in traditional or you’re sharing your bathroom with multiple people and don’t want to clutter the counter
    9. Toothbrush holder
    10. Soap dispenser
    11. hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths

aaaaaaaaa okay i absolutely ADORE these and im so excited to share them!! i’ve always wanted them for my game and now that thought has finally come into fruition :P

there are 3 deco meshes, one laying flat, one standing, and one thats on a slight angle (to look like it’s leaning), and each version has the 10 swatches pictures above. these are not cas items (though that may come in the future)

i’ve worked SO hard on these and so if you attempt to steal them or claim them as your own i will hunt you down >:( if you wanna recolor them, just follow my tou! let me know if you have any issues with the meshes. i don’t bite! and i never get asks so when i do get them i get really excited and reply super quick lol

enjoy them in your game!! post pictures and tag me!! i love seeing my content in people’s games :))))



Make jokes about my brother having cancer? I'm going to fucking take everything back that I ever gave you.

Hey guys, just ranting on mobile because I’m extremely pissed off right now.

This just happened yesterday. Recently, my brother passed away due to leukemia. We just had his funeral and it was a great to officially say good bye to him. We both bonded over a lot of things, video games, music, etc. I’m very protective of him, so when someone fucks with him, they’ll get it.

So after the funeral, I heard my best cousin make a cancer joke about my brother.  I was enraged, but stood off to see if he said anything else. Of course, that dick decides to play the Misha cancer song. That’s the part where I felt my blood boil. Worse timing, especially when all my relatives were there, so I decided to set up a plan.

He’s one of my favorite cousins (not anymore lmao), and I lent him a bunch of stuff such as a gamecube, couple Xbox accessories, and a bunch more during the times when we used to hang out. We were going back to his house for a family dinner later, so I decided to get everything back when we were about to leave.

So we’re about to leave, relatives say goodbye to each other, blah blah blah. During this time, i storm upstairs with a bunch of grocery bags and start packing everything up. 6 full bags of all my gaming accessories that I’ve missed so much. As I’m walking down stairs with the bags, he goes up to me and says “what fuck are you doing with my shit?” I proceed to say “Your shit? You mean my shit, you fucker. Don’t make cancer jokes about my brother and think you’ll get away with it.” I stick up the middle finger and get in my car, happy as fuck. As I sat in my driver’s seat, I heard him screaming to his parents about me taking “his” stuff. Screw his parents, I didn’t even care anymore.

Sweet, sweet revenge for my brother/friend that I’ll always miss.

mama and me athletic wear set

1000 (1400 now!!! sorry this is late!) followers gift! thank you all so much<3

this set contains:

teen-elder adidas sports bra (found in tops)

teen-elder adidas leggings (found in accessories)

toddler adidas sports bra (found in tops)

toddler adidas leggings (found in accessories)

-base game compatiable

-two swatches for each piece (blue and pink)

-original textures by ea

*download under the cut, separate files*

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So it super sucks that Disney Infinity has been cancelled as I was hoping to make bases for all of the Disney Princesses eventually. With that in mind I’ve decided to spend my energy creating bases for my second favorite toy/video game, Nintendo’s Amiibo series! 

My first base is Re-tail, home of Reese and Cyrus, from the awesome Animal Crossing series. My plans are to create bases for the whole Animal Crossing series and then make bases for some of my other favorite characters like Wind Waker Link.

As usual I modeled in Rhino, 3D printed on my Flashforge, and hand painted it. I hope everyone likes it and that it’s a worthy successor for the Disney Infinity Bases. 

Might be giving up on Amiibos...

Am I the only one who feels disappointed in how Nintendo is handling the amiibo distributions?

Yes they say you can pre-order ,but only make enough for the first few people to get which defeats the purpose of “Pre-ordering” which in my mind pre-ordering gives them a estimate on what they need to make for the pre-orders and how much more hey need to make to match demand.

I’ve also been told by some retail workers that most retail stores will only got a limited amount of them (example: 10 of each amiibo) and won’t see anymore for months,or non at all after they sell out. And most of those are being sold to scalpers which I found Nintendo likes to support.

I mean I would love to have all the legend of zelda ones that just came out because I have BOTW and would like to get all the goodies that they provide. So far I have only wolf,rider,archer,and ssb links. I couldn’t get BOTW zelda because of all the scalpers buying them all and selling them for up to $80! And I doubt that I will ever get her.

I’m made my mind up on if I can’t find the 3 link Amiibos that just came out this week anywhere I will no longer support Amiibos.