Overwatch: Ilios - by Thiago Klafke

“Environment work I did on the “Ilios” map for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. I worked mainly on the Village tier, creating several of the buildings for this area. The architecture work in this map was split between me, Bram Eulaers, Martin Holmberg and Philip Klevestav. Dion Rogers and Helder Pinto took care of the set dressing and lighting. These screenshots feature a lot of my work but of course this map is a culmination of team effort.

Extra credits: Amirali Shojaei, Andrew Klimas, Bill Petras, Matt Ryan, Nick Carver & the rest of the Overwatch team.

© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.”


Lego Technic Steampunk by Kirill Mazurov
Via Flickr:

Personal posting!

Hello, guys! This is Ike speaking (the one responsible for so many Yoshi’s Island, Kirby and Silent Hill posts, yeah, I know, what an ecletic taste in games). So you may have noticed many Link’s Awakening posts; I have beaten it six months ago, but only now I realized how to make gifs about it. Back to that time, when I was actually playing it, I was only able to publish some screenshots posted on my Miiverse, and gather and publish some good material I found on websites (and game wikis) so now I am really excited about sharing new gifs of this unique game with you (made specially by me!), since the whole story (and its funny/unexpected events) still a little fresh in my mind! Hope you like them! (It will get a little repetitive until I get over this game haha).

Let me also share with you my most recent gaming experiences. I’ve been playing these, so you may notice them on our recent posts:

Well, that is it!

(”The End” taken from Link’s Awakening)