Why are people so damn salty?? Like, binch, your negativity is so uncalled for?? We’re getting a Last Of Us 2 and all you can say is “well it won’t be better than the 1st.” and “oh look here comes the hype train”. CHOO CHOO binch! I’m gonna ride that fucker into the ground and you best fucking believe I’m gonna stay on that shit. Take your Negative Nancy self to IHOP so you can hop onto other things to criticize. Gamers have been waiting a while for this and we won’t let you spoil it.

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               Today, the first post shall be about the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a first-person shooter game that has multiple game modes, and it is made by the company named Valve. The head person over Valve is Gabe Newell.

               Counter-Strike: Global offensive, CS:GO for short, was created in August 21/22, 2012. This particular game was based off of the First known game called Counter-Strike: Source. The game offered more maps and more game modes. They did bring one game that originally was in CS back to CS:GO and it is one of the best, and frequently played, maps. Over the years the game has grown in popularity and has gotten so many people to come and play it.

               In the game you can get buy online skins for the guns you have, multiple different knives and skins for them, and a new thing has arisen, they’ve added gloves to the game. You can go onto the community market to buy any of these, or you can buy a “case”. A case has multiple skins going from blue, being the worse, and leading up to red or gold, which is the best. Skins, on the community market, have a range of prices. Red and gold skins and the best skins you can get and the go for a pretty penny on the market place. There use to be gambling over the internet for multiple skins and multiple can have a chance to win, about six months ago, however, the company Valve starting terminating the sites that hosted the gambling because there was a major fraud going around leading up to two Youtubers.