The trailer for the upcoming survival horror game City Shrouded in Shadow, a survival horror game where the player tries to guide their character out of a city under attack by giant monsters.  There are several scenarios including ones involving:

Godzilla fighting King Ghidorah

Gamera fighting Legion

Evangelion Unit-01 battling the 4th Angel

The Ingram from Patlabor fighting a runaway labor

and Ultraman battling Nise Ultraman/Alien Zarab

You could say I’m a wee bit interested in this game!


Excited for Skull Island! So some Fan Art! First, a Kong 2020 Concept Image. Essentially, this is Kong when he has matured and grown up to fight Goji in 2020. Also, had to give him his ‘special ability’.

And then, the fun piece, I put together a monsterverse cinematic timeline. This features the four movies we have and are coming out, and the rest are movies I would love to see happen! (Legendary can totally get their hands on the big turtle, come on now) I decided not to separate it into phases, but it could either be Phase 1 ends after GvK, or after. You decide.

Just to reiterate, this is all fan art, NOT REAL!