iGB - All the features of GameBattles, on your iPhone

We have just launched our first application under Apptrocity LLC. It’s called iGB and it brings all of the features of the popular competitive gaming website to your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Check it out on iTunes or on Also be sure to tell your friends.

On the way down side a guy I matched against in GB’s invited me to a party after the match (mind you, this was my first GB match and I thought you were supposed to join) so I did and his friend was like “do you have a twitter? I said do you have a twitter?” And I couldn’t hear him bc I put my chat down, so I was turning it up and I said “huh?” And he was like “oh my.. are you fucking retarded? God you’re so stupid. You’re probably ugly.”

I tried SO hard not to say something bc it’s supposed to be PG in the house so I left the party. guys why u gotta be so fucking disrespectful.


My 1v2 clutch ( dubs match with my boyfriend )