Ryan F pulled an al lnighter and was just meant to “fix” the grass shader and a few nice surprises came with those fixes. Here are 3 shots of the same area showing the influence of rain and snow. He added a drooping leaf effect when trees are cover with snow, fixed fog blending, and overhauled the grass and trees to blend better. And with the tree optimizations I’ve done I’m getting a constant 60fps in the editor, with all the features maxed out, which is awesome, I was getting 45-50 before. He also fixed lag at dusk, so the game runs great around the game clock now. Pimp of the week goes to Ryan F!


Request: Jimin fluff where the reader is interviewing bts on a show like asc and jimin has a crush on her and other boys tease him

Genre: Fluff with Park Jimin

Word Count: 1445

And after four months of auditions, there you were, waiting for the show to start its second season. You and your co-host, Nathan, had been selected among hundreds to be the MCs for a new show. It was in half in English, kind of like After School Club, but featured the guests doing more games and challenges. You had spent weeks doing promo, posing in cute outfits next to Nathan, who often wore Jeans and a nice shirt. You both got along really well and you were happy that he was cute too. You always tried to look good, and you would have been lying if you said you didn’t have a slight crush on him at first.

You had to get used to people recognizing you, even just from commercials and promos. You also had to make sure you didn’t act star struck when you met the idols that you were interviewing. It was fun with girl groups, you got along well, having some friends in a couple groups from before. When it was girl groups you were interviewing you always got a chance to embarrass Nathan and inquire who his bias was of the group. But, when half of the members of EXO came on for the first time, you practically fell over when you shook Sehun’s hand. You had gotten better as the season went on and even made some really good friends, girls and guys, from some of the groups. You got to go to parties and events and stand among idols, despite the fact that you could not sing or dance to save your life.

When you had heard BTS was the group that would start off the second season of the show, you were excited to say the least. You had gotten to know Namjoon pretty well and got along, discussing English and travelling and literature. He was a very good friend and it wasn’t rare for you to meet up with him and, sometimes, a couple of his bandmates but there was never anything romantic between you. Namjoon had texted you as soon as they found out they were going to be on the show he talked to you about what kind of things the boys wanted to do. You were more nervous, not because of the way Nathan looked at you and smiled anymore, but because your ultimate bias was going to be on the show. The only one that knew you liked him back was Nathan, you had confided in him early on when it developed one day after going to lunch with BTS. But, the worst part was that he liked you too and you were both so busy, being together wasn’t an option. The other problem was that every member of his group knew he liked you. This meant that on the show, they were bound to say something stupid.

You smiled and waved at the camera, introducing yourself and the guests by name: Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, JungKook, V and finally Jimin. You made eye contact with each of them and suppressed the blush that your face wanted to rise when the last boy showed up.

You had developed a crush on Jimin prior to even becoming friends with Namjoon and always secretly hoped he was home when you went over, or that he would come out for lunch with his hyung whenever you were there. His smile made your heart flutter and his laugh made you smile. The way he looked lawless without makeup on, wearing sweats and a tank top, completely baffled you. He was simply a beautiful boy and Nathan nudged you when he caught you staring.

“Hello boys. It’s nice to have you on the show. This is your first time here, actually.” Nathan said in his charismatic way. “Now, we’ve all met a few times, but tell us a little more about yourselves before we get started.” They all stood and did their greeting in sync and you tried to ignore the fact that Jimin was looking at you, even when the other boys were speaking.

“Hi, I’m V.” Taehyung spoke in broken English and then continued in Korean. “And I’m the charm of the group.” He turned to Jimin. “And this is Jimin, he’s our lover boy.” They all snickered and you ignored it, but knew Nathan wouldn’t.

“Lover boy, huh? Jimin, is there a girl you’re crushing on?” Your co-host joked and Jimin blushed a slight bit.

“No, I don’t know what he‘s talking about.” He tried to play it off but it didn’t work.

“Why don’t you tell Y/N who it is hyung?” JungKook smirked Jimin went all shy and laughed an embarrassed laugh.

“Aish! Stop it!” the boys all laughed and you laughed along.

“We’ll get it out of him by the end. Anyways, now on to our next challenge. It’s called singing pick-up lines. So, the object is for each member to get a chance to sing a line from one of your songs that could be used as a pickup line. The person who executes it the best without laughing will move on to the next round.” They all start thinking and you try to fade into the background, not wanting to be the one who is told the lines to. The groups usually did it facing the camera, except one time when Nathan revealed that your bias from Got7 was Yugyeom and he had to say his to you, which was painfully embarrassing as he was younger and completely surprised that he was your favourite of the group.

The boys went one by one, Suga and Namjoon signing terribly with the straightest of faces. J-Hope made everyone laugh as he said a line in a ridiculous aegyo voice and made a pouty face. Jin tried his best to be dramatic and stared into the camera intently. V couldn’t handle not laughing through his and JungKook was oddly into it and sexual. When it got to Jimin they all mumbled and told him to move, which you pretended didn’t faze you.

“Jimin hyung wants to tell his to Y/N.” JungKook laughed and tried to pull him up from his chair.

“Awe, it’ll be so cute!” Jin gushed, winking at you.

“It’s alright… really.” You tried to protest but Nathan stopped you.

“It’s alright. I heard somewhere that Y/N’s bias is Jimin so it’ll work perfectly.” You glared at him playfully for the cameras.

“Are you trying to embarrass your co-host?” You asked and the boys laughed and snickered as Jimin gave in and walked towards you while looking at the ground.

“Yes. And it’s working.” He laughed and poked your blushing cheek.

“And we’re embarrassing Jimin in the process so it’s a win-win” Namjoon piped in and you rolled your eyes.

“Do I have to do this?…Aish!” Jimin was beat red and you couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“You’re her bias. Just do it!” Hoseok whispered to him, not loud enough for the cameras to hear, but loud enough that you could.

“If you win at this game, you owe me half of the prize.” You teased and he looked at you in the eyes. Despite the fact that you were being recorded for T.V., and you knew they would have to edit this part out, you got completely lost in his eyes. They were the perfect colour and complemented his skin tone and his orange hair. They held an expression of nervousness and of admiration and you smiled at him, causing them to disappear as he smiled back at you. You had spent time together before, but never when you were both in makeup and looking your best for the cameras, let alone having a moment when you were staring into each other’s eyes. You momentarily wondered if he was going to kiss you, because he almost seemed like he was leaning into you. Instead of singing a line, he spoke it simply.

“Just one date?” He asked, instead of saying the title of one of their songs, Just One Day. You looked at him a little surprised and didn’t know if he was being serious or not.

“I think he just asked you on a date Y/N. We definitely can’t air this bit.” Nathan whispered to you and you turned back to Jimin, who was looking at his hands.

“Yes.” He looked up with a surprised and happy expression and that smile of his crept onto his face.

“Really?” He asked, mouth open slightly, and you smiled brightly and nodded at him.

“She said yes, Jiminnie. Now, close your mouth!” Yoongi pushed Jimin’s mouth closed and you giggled.


A/N: Sorry it took so long lovely anon. But, this was a really cute idea and I hope you like it. 


“I have a feeling The Cambridges team made the tour of India on the same week or weekend as the Invictus Games, seeing how they want all the PR! Seeing how they took it away during the first invictus games with announcing Kate’s pregnancy, They could have waited a few days, but noo, they are PR hungry. Disgusting. Poor Harry, all that work, and the attention wont be on him.” - Submitted by Anonymous

lord-of-morning asked:

I started playing the dragon AGE table top game as well recently. The other night I asked to see what I knew on qunari and got a 20. I'm now just allowed to consult the wiki whenever I want. Unfortunately, I'm playing an orlesian nobe in Ferelden.

Haha, I love the Dragon AGE game.

I actually had a Ferelden Tal-Vashoth in the game I hosted last week and he rolled to see what he knew on an old (obscure, not like maric or loghain) military leader in the Ferelden Rebellion. He got 18 and impressed this leader/Bann so much, that the Bann was just “fuck it” and introduced a QUNARI to marry his daughter. The first Qunari to own a Bannorn in Ferelden…

Also last month, there was a bartering encounter and the goal was trading goods worth 65sp, our rogue was unable to reach the goal after giving up two of his goods and rolled to seduce. He received a deal worth 65sp for 20sp and a cheek kiss…

Best game.

Still, your Orlesian Noble must have studied Qunari in their free time and I might be helpful if you ever run into a Tal-Vashoth or Undercover Viddathari (Tallis was an Orlesian problem right)?

ODL Fates psa

So everyone, since Fire Emblem Fates is just around the corner I thought I’d make a PSA to let you all know what this blog is going to look like after the game drops.

First of all once I get the game I’m not going to be regularly checking my dash. I probably wont be checking it much at all really, and I wont come back to doing that until after I beat the entire game. The entire game as in all three routes yes. During this time, if you ever need me for something, I ALWAYS check my activity feed so just message me or @ me in something. I WILL BE LISTENING.

As for the game itself, yes I’ll be shitposting it a lot on this blog. If you dont want to see my playthrough, the tag for it will be #Pablo plays Fates. With the secondary tag of #Conquest/Birthright/Revelations, depending on what path I’m on at the time. There’s also a search bar up on my blog, so if you want to see only my conquest posts, just search “tag1”+“tag2” and you’re set.

BUT WORRY NOT, because I have a queue loaded full of aesthetic anime posts to kind of dilate the fates posting, so this wont become a fates playthrough blog. At least that’s the idea. 

As for spoilers, I understand some of you wont be getting the game day of release. Up until now I had not, or had tried not, to post anything that wasn’t shown in japanese pre-release material, mostly characters (like the kids). So once I recruit that character in game I will no longer be tagging them as spoilers. For a while I will be tagging plot spoilers as such. If you want me to tag anything else, just ask. If you want a catch all just blacklist my playthrough tag or “Fire Emblem Fates”.

And lastly, IF YOU GUYS ARE DOING A PLAYTHROUGH WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT IT. If you post about it on your blog you should make a tag for it and tell me what it is!!! You should message me some time and talk about the kinda stuff you’re doing in the game. WHETHER WE’RE MUTUALS OR NOT ITS OKAY, LETS ALL SIN TOGETHER. Although brief disclaimer, make sure I’ve already seen what you want to talk about before we talk about it. Like “HOLY SHIT BITCH DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN CHAPTER HONKHONK” make sure I’ve played chapter honkhonk before we talk about it haha.

So that’s about all. Let’s all have a good time, shall we? and remember, no matter which path you take, you’re the one who chooses the future.

I’m posting this here too because i like this pic a lot uvu

Last week I restarted my fire emblem: awakening game to get hyped for the new one coming out later this month (which i dont have the money for but I’ll cross that bridge when i get there). I (finally) got to marry Say'ri today, who is the love of my life behind Anna and Donnel. She’s just so cool ;v; 

Games of Fate is an rpg that takes place in a steampunk Victorian fantasy with AU youtubers, called Victubia. We stream our games live each week (though we’re taking a month break after this one.)

So join us today on Twitch for session 6 of arc 3! (starting at around 6-6:30pm PST, 9-9:30 EST)

Will these nerds get in the sky already?! Or do they still have more obstacles to overcome? Does Queen Knight know about them, and what plots could she have in store for them? Will this hardly-united group be able to stop her after all?

lilytessa asked:

Hi, it's confusedregular, and I just wanna say that I'm hooked on this fudging cat game.... IT'S TOO JAPAN TO HANDLE. I started playing last week and I'm 40 gold fish away from my first yard expansion! Can't wait!

nawww hahah nothing can be too Japan to handle, ok except maybe those squid hentai or nah ok I’ll just shut up.. if someone doesn’t know that, I’m so sorry and do not google it

David Brooks: A Question Of Moral Relativism
External image

Six days a week, Mr. David Brooks makes a very good living hauling water for the worst political regime in modern America history.

He does it by lying about the history and direction of his Republican party. He does it by pretending that any outward evidence of the depravity of his Republican party is merely a transient, surface nuisance. He does this by deflecting any honest discussion of the unique, toxic madness and malice of his Republican party by relentlessly playing Both Siderist games.

Week after week, month after month, year after year Mr. Brooks plies his deeply dishonest craft in the service of the worst political regime in modern America history.

And then, on the seventh day Mr. Brooks (“A Question of Moral Radicalism”):

Yet I don’t want to let us off the hook. There’s a continuum of moral radicalism. Most of us are too far on the comfortable end and too far from the altruistic one. It could be that you or I will only really feel fulfilled after a daring and concrete leap in the direction of moral radicalism.

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