Sakumoto Art in Drawing Shiritori (Anishi 19.11.2016)

So Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is into the drawing version of the linking word game, Shiritori, and here’s what OTP got up to.  Such serious play, these two.

To start, this was Jun’s first go…

… which led to Sho’s first attempt…

… which Keio Chipmunk erased himself and replaced with what looked like a box (hako)…

… causing Kyary-san to draw a kotatsu, but which she erased when Sho-san added details to his drawing…

He decided that adding a stick figure might help.

See the pride he had that he could deliver such an ‘accurate’ drawing…

… though a few more details were again ‘enhanced’ for clarity.

Then OTP decided to kill this shipper’s brain cells with their second attempts, down to one minute on the clock.  

Sho-san’s indecisiveness was obviously rubbing off…

… though Sho-kun was quick to catch on to whatever it was that our youngest had drawn.

In deciphering the drawings after time up, we learn that Jun’s…

‘sou-PU’ was originally connected to ‘PU-oh’ (Pooh) Bear…

… till Sho worried that it would be mistaken for a big-eyed bear…

… so he changed it to PO-ol.

It was the second attempt that made my OTP kokoro squeal a little with…

Jun’s fuE (flute) and Sho’s connection of Entotsu (chimney).  While everyone was trying to figure out what Jun-kun had drawn, Sho happily claimed that he had no problem figuring it out.  That was why he was so quick to fill in his square.

Delusional shipper in me chooses to imagine this… (^_^)

Ahhh~ it’s a fabulous time to ship this revival? pair.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 19.11.2016




(( OOC: So I’ve had these gifs forever and have never posted them on any of my blogs, so I figured I’d go for it now, for Oddoo’s b-day. XD 

My siblings enjoy cosplaying too, and here’s Grace and Oddoo as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, because they cute and did a fantastic job. XD <3 )) 


“terra’s way too trusting around obviously evil people i mean who else does that”


so i watched this chinese drama called Nirvana in Fire and it fUCKED ME UP

here’s a thing i’m working on! i’ll eventually color it, but i quite like the lineart :D

DMC Quotes in Project X Zone 2: Part 5


Part 5: Brotherly Love

It has been a while, but today I had the time (and patience) to continue the game. It’s not easy when a single mission takes 1-2 hours in the later stages of the “story” x_x

Isn’t his killer look his standard expression…

But not as bad?

I take it back.



While on a dance mission…

a concept: it’s mike’s last game, and ginny has thrown a perfect game. she’s about to strike the last batter out, and instead she throws a ball, because she’s not ready to be done with mike and wasn’t ready to make her last pitch to him

pinchitosmcpupas  asked:

I love that last poly reaper76 imagine you posted. Moustache Jack is one of the best/funniest things this game has thrown at us. The part where he goes "Get ready for Jack The Man” killed me. Now I need that to be a new voice line in the game

Thank you! <3 <3

Soldier’s legendary skins range from ‘meh’ to ‘so awful they’re good’ and I still can’t decide if whoever was in charge of coming up with the Stunt Rider/Daredevil skins was high or a genius.

Modern AU Bagginshield: Pokemon Go Addition

the lovely @meridorc​ and I came up with some headcanons last night so in no particular oder….

  • Bilbo is team Instinct
  • Thorin is team Mystic but for the longest time everyone, including Bilbo, assumes that he’s Valor until Thorin claims a nearby Gym and it goes from Valor to Mystic. 
  • Everyone assumes that Bilbo got introduced to the game (and to Pokemon in general) by his nephew, Frodo. In reality Bilbo is the biggest fucking Pokemon nerd. Has been for years, he knows everything there is to know. 
  • Thorin starts playing because his nephews become obsessed with it and wouldn’t stop pestering Thorin about it until he downloaded the game. 
  • Bilbo has repeatedly thrown his phone from server frustrations and every time suffers through immediate regret. 
  • Thorin has the worst luck imaginable with eggs and it drives him nuts. They usually hatch into pidgey’s and rattatas but he feels extra insulted when a weedle hatches like HOW DARE YOU?? 
  • Thorin is constantly buying more space because he’s a hoarder and won’t release his army of pidgeys, rattatas, and weedles.                                                   Bilbo: Thorin, just get rid of them!                                                                 Thorin: No, I need them, I need all of them.                                                 Bilbo:  Thorin…                                                                                            Thorin: They are my army! Weak but good! 
  • They often take family hiking trips nearby, taking Frodo and the boys with them. 
  • Kili almost broke a leg and an arm during an outing because he spotted an Ivysaur and fell down a steep hill trying to get it. 
  • Thorin has shitty aim with pokeballs, is always at zero, and so they always have to stop at every pokestop they encounter so he can stock up again. 
  • Bilbo loves all his pokemon dearly but he has no remorse in trading every Weedle, Pidgey, and Rattata he captures (the only reason he still catches them at this point is for the stardust)
  • Bilbo only changes the names of the pokemon he uses the most/just genuinely loves. They’re always something ironically gentle and sweet in comparison to the actual pokemon in question. Currently he has a Haunter named Violet, a Sanslash named Toast, a Jolteon named Marigold, and his favorite, a Scyther named Sweetpea. 
  • Thorin meanwhile gives his pokemon warrior nicknames. His favorite is a 300 CP Rattata named “War Hammer”. He also has a Weedle (his first one) named “Balrog’s Bane”. 
  • Bilbo has, on more than one occasion demanded that Thorin stop the car  so he can get out because THERES A MAGIKARP THORIN I ONLY NEED TWO MORE UNTIL I CAN EVOLVE SEA BISCUIT NO I DON’T CARE THAT WE’RE ALREADY LATE STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME!!

Artwork by @bubblesteaart

As written by my husband:

Since 2009 Kate and I have have been officially joined and playing the hardest game we ever have - Life. There always seems to be another level that needs to be beaten or a random encounter that comes out of nowhere. I think together we’ve beaten a lot of difficult bosses that this game has thrown at us but we’ve decided we finally need a little help. Coming in May of 2017 “Player 3” will be joining the fight. We already love this new guy and can’t wait to help level him up through all of Life’s challenges