To anyone who knows more about video game history/video game development than I do: can you help me figure out a mystery that’s been bugging me for a while? 

I had this really crappy Tarzan game growing up. Here are some pictures:

It came out on Gamecube and PS2, and was released in 2001.

When I played Deep Jungle, I was surprised at how… familiar it felt. 

It’s obviously not the same (if I remember right, Kingdom Hearts handles a lot more satisfyingly, the combat is a lot less stiff in KH, and it doesn’t have half as many crappy minigames to add padding), but it feels… suspiciously similar.

Do y’all know if the Tarzan game actually came first, or was it shovelware using the engine from KH and some prettier assets to make a quick buck while they still had all the stuff on hand?


Hey guys, so something really shitty happened to me the other day and has caused me to lose faith in yet another notch of the internet. 

Basically, I was streaming on Twitch, Pokemon Blue, an old, not incredibly popular game by the site’s standards, and saw a rush of viewers out of the blue. In fact, more viewers than I’d ever had before (about 25). I thought it was cool and got nightbot working so people could make song requests, and then quickly realized what was going on. 

As racist songs began to play in the queue and chat started to become progressively aggressive and racially geared towards blacks it’s obvious that this was some kind of racist ambush. Allegedly a popular streamer sent her followers to come harass me. 

What’s worse is when I tried to ban them, they would just come back, they were at the point where they were overriding the mod tools and unbanning themselves. Even attempting to silence all typing in the chat failed completely. Finally, they began changing my stream title to LYNCH ALL N*GGERS and I realized I was helpless. 

I decided the best thing I could do was ignore them. And then it happened. After about 3 hours and continuing to try to stay strong and salvage my screen, it happened. TWITCH BANNED ME FOR VIOLATING THEIR GUIDELINES. END OF STORY.

24 hours. I was mad. I tweeted I redditted I sent a support email. But no waves shook. No one cared that people could just invite someone on Twitch, be completely racist, have the target punished, and these vultures would go feed on the next person unpenalized. 

After 24 hours I logged on and I thought things would subside, but no, almost IMMEDIATELY my chat once again was flooded with the same conduct, and I knew the inevitable would happen. Again I fought the good fight for a few hours, enduring emotes of black people being shot in the head, N BOMBS, and other various slurs. Having my stream title changed to horrific things like I DID THE FLORIDA MASSACRE, and I was banned.

PLEASE- I implore you friends, SPREAD THE WORD. I have a feeling this will just be attempted to be swept under the rug. This could be any of you. What good is a site that will allow racism to go unchecked and penalize its patrons. Please get Twitch’s attention, I’m pretty fucken devastated about all of this. Help me out. Please reblog.


so!! this is what I’ve been up to!! I was asked by google to make something that I thought would be interesting on an android device. Kintsukuroi was the result!

you can get the game and its code here - there’s a video there too and a pretty extensive write up that’s continued here on my site if you wanna know a bit about development!

it’s been an amazing experience, even for what is quite a small game. thanks to Clark Powell for working on the music with me! I’ve never worked to a standard like this before - this is the realest game I’ve made and it feels real nice. I hope you like it!!! check out the other experiments up on the site too!
8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know -
These women of different ethnic and racial backgrounds all have (at least) one thing in common: they make games.

While writing “5 Female Game Developers We’re Thankful For,” I came across an interesting realization. The first draft of my article was filled with awesome women, but they were mostly white women. While I intended my list to be encouraging, having a piece filled with only one race could actually be discouraging to the women of color who hope to get into the gaming field, so I revised the article to deliberately add women of color. But I found that it wasn’t easy to find articles about minority women game developers.

I want women and girls of all ethnicities and backgrounds to see themselves in gaming. I want them to know that there are other women like them already here, and making some awesome and compelling games.

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