there’s like 5 million video game award ceremonies so i dont know which one is considered the biggest but if mario odyssey doesnt win game of the year ill die

[MM] 'Game Of The Year' Best indie game for 2017 KOREA GAME AWARDS

This is Cheritz.

On 15th of November, 2017, Mystic Messenger by Cheritz Team has won the ‘Game Of The Year’ Best indie game for 2017 KOREA GAME AWARDS!

Mystic Messenger would never have come this far without your love. We could reach here even without any marketing since the game’s launch because you have continued to play our game with love and support.

This award is the proof of the wonderful memories of sweet solutions for female gamers created by both Cheritz and all the MCs out there.
We will do our best and continue to bring Mystic Messenger for you the next year and the year after.

Thank you!




Throwback Thursday - Some bits from the SXW Awards 2016, which Jack hosted along with Rachel Quirico. 

Not only was it weird to see Jack in a suit but it was so cool to see him host such an important show and act in a more professional way, even without losing his personality (exhibit A: second and third gifs haha). He overcame his fears and was a brilliant host. Looking forward to more occasions like this one :D

(from “SXSW Gaming Awards | SXSW Gaming 2016″)

did you guys know that for the past 6 years, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards has given the Favorite Video Game award to Just Dance