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I keep seeing that bit of Rebecca's interview with gaming industry little shit Geoff Keighley where her tongue slips and she says losers but what about the full interview? Did Warframe receive an award at that show?

I finally found the whole stream of the show and it seems DE was brought out to do some kind of sponsorship thing, talk about Warframe because it’s one of the more constantly evolving MMOs out there. I’m not sure about the winners of awards, y’all can look that up yourselves. Good ol’ Rebecca was put on the spot and she made the Loser slip-up and, well, y’all know how memes are. And there ya go, that’s how it started. It wasn’t even a long interview, it was like they just wanted to have someone fill in the extra time before the commercials for the next games started, but she was just saying that the community was cool, talked about The War Within being their biggest update and the giveaway they’re doing. If you need to, the full stream is on Twitch under TheGameAwards, so you can watch the mini-interview.

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Game Awards 2016 Trailer
  • Game Awards 2016 Trailer
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The second trailer for Breath of the Wild debuted at the 2016 Game Awards!

Here is the music from the …there are a few enemy noises here and there but it’s another beautiful peek at what will be a gorgeous soundtrack for BoTW!

If you missed the trailer, you can watch it here