If Daenerys met the remaining Stark family
  • Daenerys:I had to smother my husband with a pillow.
  • Sansa:I fed mine to his own dogs.
  • Daenerys:*raises eyebrows*
  • Arya:I was trained by the Faceless Men and am now a trained assassin.
  • Daenerys:Oh well that's...
  • Bran:I have visions and can see into the past and future. I can warg.
  • Daenerys:Wow, and I thought my family was the most strange in Westeros.
  • Jon:Welcome to the family. Oh, and I was dead but for some UNGODLY reason I was brought back to life.
  • Everyone:...
  • Daenerys:*face palms*

anonymous asked:

you should totally write #27, where sansa is the runaway bride and jon is the getaway driver :)


Sansa stares at herself in the full-length mirror of her bridal suite. She is, at the very least, the very picture of what a bride should be. She spent an hour getting her hair and makeup professionally done, and her slip is couture; the wedding dress her mother insisted on is hung on the hook by the door. She touches the jeweled comb tucked into her intricate up-do, and feels a decidedly unhappy swoop in her stomach. She doesn’t feel like a bride. Not at all.

Her mother left to get them a glass of champagne. “To calm your nerves, darling,” she said. “It’s completely normal. I had to pop a Xanax before I walked down the aisle to your father.”

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