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anonymous asked:

one of these tiny au things for jeon wonwoo (ma man ma main man) please!!!!! THANK U so much i <3 your blog im

  • book club!au with wonwoo 
  • he always shows up in the most comfy oversized cardigan and glasses slipping down his nose and tired, black circles under his eyes which you think are really r e a l l y adorable
  • doesn’t really comment that much during discussions, just listens to what others says and nods
  • got asked out by like every member at least once and he’s used the same excuse which is “im sorry, but my friend mingyu asked me to tutor him that day-”
  • fell asleep during one meeting so you carefully poked his side with your pencil so he’d wake up and not get called out
  • was staring at someone while they were talking and the person was like ‘i-uh-um-uh wonwoo are you mad at me????” and he perked up like huh what no why
  • and the person was like,,,,,,,,,sorry it just felt like you were burrowing a hole through me with that look on your face
  • wonwoo getting embarrassed: sorry,,,,,it’s my default,,,,
  • you’re reading one of your favorite books in the club and apparently it’s just come out as a film and everyone is super excited to go and see it
  • but when you all do, you end up hating it and the only other person who agrees with you on how shitty the producer did is,,,,,wonwoo
  • and you’re like “i don’t get how he ruined,,,,,,such an amazing piece of literature” and wonwoo adjusts his glasses and shrugs and is like “all movies,,,,,don’t really ever do justice to the book do they?” and you’re like RiGht,,,,,,,it’s just you can’t get 500 pages into two hours
  • and you and wonwoo both admit that harry potter flopped in comparison to the books 
  • and somehow you get to chatting more and you leave the group at the movie theater to find a cafe and wonwoo is showing you his reading list on his phone and you’re telling him about a new author you’ve just discovered
  • and he moves his seat so you’re basically shoulder to shoulder, huddled close with your cold cups of coffee
  • and ,,,,, to everyone you look like a couple ,,,,, you guys just don’t notice it hehe
  • but when you look up and see wonwoo’s eyes through his frames, you turn a bit pink and stutter over what you’re saying and he fiddles with his fingers because your eyes met,,,,
  • and when you both decide to go wonwoo shyly asks if you’d like to give him your number,,,,,,to talk about books you know,,,,,,,and you gladly give it
  • and you’re both smiling to yourselves as you walk in opposite directions,,,,,,,,
  • the bookclub demands to know how your first date went the next meeting and you and wonwoo both melt at the word date LOL

so sorry for such a slow upload rate. Ive been working on a game, making everything from scratch.

everything here is made by me except that starry bg. i started it about a week ago and im doing my best to put time into it.

the game is about a hard boiled producer whos down on their luck in a rancid alien city.

but thats the reason for slow uploads!! ill get back into the swing of things soon and do commissions and stuff!

anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing one of your little AUs for got7's jinyoung? (Only if you got enough time !! I don't wanna stress you or keep you from learning for school or smth else!!!!!) I really adore you and your scenarios and hope that you enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading them 💐💌💕💕!!!!

you’re so sweet, thank you !!~~

  • amusement park!au with jinyoung 
  • in which he gets dragged along, by bambam and yugyeom, and you get dragged along by your friends
  • and it’s like,,,,you don’t know each other but somehow you’re now in line????? for the biggest roller coaster you’ve ever seen in your life?????? with three upside down loops????? and a drop that looks like a heart attack waiting to happen???
  • and jinyoung is like “ill sit this one ou-” but yugyeom is like nO we,,,bought all day passes  we cannot let them go to WASTE and bambam is just dying to see jinyoung scream
  • and jinyoung,,,,,,,,,wants to be a responsible Adult and not smack yugyeom upside the head so he’s like fine whatever,,,,,,and yugyeoms like hMMM ARE YOU SCARED and jinyoung is like WHAT NO FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW YOU CHILD
  • and your friends also pestered and annoyed you into coming on the line
  • but when it’s finally your turns,,,,bambam and one of your friends gets paired together while yugyeom and your other friend are next 
  • and somehow you end up sitting next to ever handsome,,,,,,,look like his eyes might pop out of his head jinyoung
  • and you don’t know his name and he doesn’t know yours but you can feel the mutual “oh fuck what did i get myself into” vibe going on 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,im guessing you were forced onto this?”
  • and jinyoung swallows and nods and you’re like “friends are the worst,,,,”
  • and as the ride jerks into motion you’re trying to focus on not like passing out when suddenly you feel someone grab your hand
  • and you turn to see the boy next to you,,,,eyes closed shut to the point where wrinkles are forming around them and his lips are pursed and you kinda,,,,,,wanna laugh because he looks silly
  • but then you notice you’ve reached the top of the first drop and before the laugh can escape you, your squeezing his hand back in fear and you’re screaming as  the ride picks up speed
  • and jinyoung is squeezing your hand back and refusing to open his eyes
  • and you’re both like trying to hold onto your lives while bambam and yugyeom and your friends are throwing their hands up having a Grand Old Time
  • and somehow you make it out alive
  • but when you’re off the ride, you notice how you and the boy are still holding hands and it’s because you’re both in too much shock to let go
  • and when you finally do, after walking off the ride he’s like ‘o ,h,,,,im sorry!!!!’ and immediately bows after letting go and he introduces himself as jinyoung and you say your name too and he’s like how rude of me,,,,to just hold your hand without even knowing your name
  • and you’re like jinyoung it’s fine we were both literally ghosts of ourselves on that ride and he’s like touche
  • and you’re both talking and bambam is elbowing yugyeom like,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,,look at those two
  • and your friends are grinning too and you and jinyoung don’t even notice
  • because he’s like “let me get you snack for all your trouble!” and you’re like “i don’t think i could eat after that, how about some soda?” and he’s like deal! and you guys completely forget about yugbam + your friends because hey,,,,,cute boy offering to buy you something
  • and bambam is like “i bet you this is gonna turn into a date real fast.”
  • yugyeom: “jinyoung isn’t smooth enough for that”
  • yugyeom,,,,,,,,,how wrong you are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hehe 

anonymous asked:

pls do a small au for bambam pls ily have a great day!!!!

  • rival actors au! with bambam 
  • in which you’ve been competing with each other since college, always trying to see who’d land the better role
  • and literally following each other on every social media just to see who got a photo with which celebrity and who has more followers on instagram
  • and bambam is always being cheesy and greasy with his fans and you roll your eyes at all the lovely dovey stuff he posts
  • and he always makes fun of you for not giving your fans enough attention and it’s like you guys knitpick at each other
  • but like,,,,,,,,,never anything too mean,,,,,until one day you’re both cast in the same movie
  • and you see each other on the first day of rehearsal and you’re like UGH at the same time
  •  and bambam is like haha i see you’re still short and you’re like uhuh i see you still keep hitting your head on every door you try to walk through
  • and the director is like AH,,,,im happy you two get along so well because you’re playing lovers in this movie isn’t that FUN
  • and you’re both like WHAT and the director just gives a thumbs up and is like “ok we’re doing the lines on page 204 so-”
  • and you and bambam ,,,,,,are shocked but,,,,,,,you also can’t let the other person win
  • so sure you’ll play lovers, and you’ll both do freaking amazing, you’ll let bambam wrap his arm around your waist naturally, you’ll trail kisses up his neck like you ACTUALLY wanna kiss him, and hell you’ll conjure up a blush as bambam whispers that you’re the only one in the world for him against your ear
  • and ok oh god you’ve made out like seven times in one day and oh um maybe?????? the last kiss before rehearsal ended was,,,,kinda,,,,,not fake
  • and both you and bambam are thinking it
  • and the other actors are like WOW your chemistry seems so real i can’t believe you hate each other irl and you and bambam just sheepishly laugh
  • until you have to go to your dressing rooms but instead you wait for everyone to disappear off set and bambam and you both turn around and,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you’re like ‘get over here’ and he practically runs back to scoop you up in his arms and you’re kissing again,,,,because holy hell this was a long time coming,,,,,and bambam’s big hand is on the small of your back and your fingers are in his hair
  • and when you pull back you’re both trying to breathe and you’re like “,,,,,i still kiss better than you” and bambam smirks and he’s like “will you say that after i do this-” and he leans back in
  • and the director is coming back to get their forgotten phone but then literally falls over when he sees you tugging off bambam’s jacket and bambam has his hand up your shirt
  • and the director is like alright im out,,,,,but also a pat on the back for seeing you and bambam’s true potential
  • safe to say everyone is surprised,,,,but also not when your rival instagrams become couple ones LOL 

Phantom Beast Showcase: Shaikit

Beast: Shaikit

Alignment: Shadow

Species: Mammal (fox)

Shaikit is a shadow alignment beast that has control over dark energy, but only can control the energy that surrounds it’s neck. The dark energy around its neck is used for attacking or looking more intimidating. when attacking it turns into a larger set of jaws and snaps down on opponents. when not in use it turns into a liquid like state that flow like theirs no gravity holding it down.

Shaikit are nocturnal beast that tend to sleep during the day and are more active at night. This beast isn’t very expressive and tend to show little emotion. they more show emotion through body language and the tail. when Shaikit is low on health its tail with close in on its self.


This is Shaikit , if you would like to know more about this creature any Phantom beast message me

or if you got an idea for an Phantom beast please dont be afraid to tell me i love to hear it.

anonymous asked:

skye you know who this is. i wanna request an au for seungkwan💖

  • youtuber!seungkwan 
  • he puts up covers of songs and also does cute vlogs about his life,,,,everytime he goes to visit his family in jeju he does a vlog and spends like 30 minutes of it talking about how much he loves his family and then the other 10 minutes is him running into the ocean fully clothed because subscriber vernon requested he do so 
  • his voice,,,,is undeniably amazing and everyone keeps asking him if he’s gotten signed to any labels
  • seungkwan always gets really shy talking about the fan letters he receives, even though in every video he makes corny hearts with his fingers and winks and stuff like that
  • like he’s still a soft boy and is humble for all the people who like him
  • has a fanclub that literally goes into the comments section on every video and deletes any hate because #protectseungkwan
  • you’re actually a youtuber too, but what you do is review singers voices and everyone keeps sending you the link to seungkwan’s page and when you finally listen to his covers
  • you fall in love,,,,,,,,,,with his voice
  • and you do a video reviewing his cover of a famous love song and you’re just full of praise because like WOW???? he has the voice of an actual angel
  • and seungkwan gets so happy watching your review that he leaves a thank you comment and it gets upvoted to the first spot
  • and everyone is going crazy in the comments about how cute you two would look together and if you know each other in real life
  • and that’s how you end up getting an email from seungkwan about what he should improve on vocally and how he trusts your judgment
  • and you guys talk a lot over text and stuff and ,,,,,, finally you decide to meet
  • and when you do,,,,you’re both blushing looking down at your feet and you both say you admire the other and then get flustered
  • and you guys unironically go to karaoke and have so much fun seungkwan makes you laugh till your stomach hurts and then he’s like “is it ok if i vlog this???” and you’re like sure!!!
  • except when he gets his camera out he pulls you over and he’s like “you guys know them right!!!!” and you give a wave
  • and you guys talk on camera together,,,,and it’s fun!!!!!
  • and when seungkwan uploads literally everyone is like ‘hehe cute first date!!!’ ‘more couple vlogs!!!!’ ‘when is your 100th day?’
  • and you get so shy when you see all these people saying that but also,,,,,,you and seungkwan have already set up a second date next week hehe 
Final Verdict on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game is explosive!

This game is beautiful!

This game is exciting!

This game is adventurous! 

This game has good character design!

Breath of the Wild has its flaws, but they don’t ruin its experience

I can’t give it a 5/5, but I’ll get as close as possible to that. I’m not talking about system limitations when I say flaws, I just mean game design- no way to counter rain in any way, functionality problems, dungeon design flaws, other small things- but the effort put into the game over so many years really shows.

This game is the first in the century to go back to that feeling of the first Zelda- pure exploration, no hand holding, adventure, mystery- this is one of very few games where you can learn more by talking to other people who are playing it than looking up a guide online (speaking of which, I highly recommend NOT using guides of any kind until you’re completely desperate). 

Breaks countless Zelda conventions, and does an amazing job at what it does

This video game is an achievement in its kind, and although it is in the far future, the next Zelda game will never feel the same as a new Zelda game because of this. Either they regress back to their formula, or, they continue with what they made- I don’t see either one going too well, so I consider this the pinnacle of what they’re trying to achieve. 


Breath of the Wild is a popular explosion in the video gaming industry right now, and for very good reason- it’s easily a classic, and will be many people’s GotY.

I give Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a 4.5/5

anonymous asked:

hi mom!! if it aint too much trouble could you please do youngjae for the small AU game? if ur too busy or if you just dont want to you dont have to ofc! thank you~~

  • fallen angel!youngjae 
  • probably got roped in with something other fallen angel jackson did and now he’s stuck on earth,,,,,,,except he’s immortal,,,,and has to hide his wings,,,,,but still earth,,,,,,ew
  • gets a job as an ER nurse and is just trying to do his best to help people,,,,,you know,,,,,,since he can’t do it from above anymore
  • and everyone loves him because he’s a sweet kid who looks cute in the nurse’s uniform,,,,his scrubs have little dogs on them
  • keeps telling fellow fallen angel jackson that they need to stock up on good deeds so they can be let back into heaven but also why is jackson not listening to him and going to parties every night showing up to the hospital semi-sober jackson PLEASE
  • you’re in the ER from an accident which leaves you coming too from a bunch of IV meds and youngjae is your assigned nurse and he sees you opening your eyes and he’s like ‘are you ok? how are you feeling?’
  • and the first thing you blurt out is ‘are you an angel?’
  • and youngjae’s eyes go wide and he looks around and pulls the curtain around your bed closed and leans forward and he’s like ‘how?????? how did you know?????? are you one too??????? or are you a demon??????’
  • and you’re like woah woah woah hold up what 
  • and you try to sit up, the meds wearing off and you’re looking at nurse youngjae
  • cute face, nice skin, and you’re like ,,,,,,,,, well he looked like a blur a couple of seconds ago so that’s why you said angel but??????? he really is one?????
  • and you’re like ‘i don’t suppose your wings are binded to your back right now?’ and youngjae gasps and puts his hand on his back were you guessed it,,,,,,his wings around bounded
  • and you’re like holy moly you’re an ACTUAL ANGEL
  • and youngjae puts his hand over your mouth and is like yes yes shhhhhhhh i don’t know how you ,,,, a normal human knows,,,,,but you cannot tell anyone,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like i wasn’t going too,,,,,,,,,,,,,but um question
  • and youngjae sighs and he’s like ‘my halo isn’t visible to people if that’s what you want to know’ and you’re like akhfljds no but omg
  • and you’re like ‘are all angels as handsome as you? i mean they have to be right, but wow you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,stunning’
  • and youngjae is taken back by the sudden compliment and lifts his nurses clipboard to his face like,,,w,,,what,,,,,,,no all angels look different
  • but you’re just like ,,,,,,,,you’re so handsome it’s just unreal,,,,,,,,,no wonder you’re magical
  • and youngjae is slowly feeling himself heat up because ok ok you’re also,,,,a pretty cute human and you’re saying all these nice things,,,,and maybe he won’t discharge you just yet,,,
  • but also he’s like ‘you see that nurse over there attempting to do a backflip for that patient?’ and you look to where youngjae is pointing and you’re like oh yeah and youngjae is like ‘he’s an angel too’ and you’re like WHAT
  • but you’re also like he’s good looking too and youngjae is like ,,,,,,,,,,im better though right,,,,,,,,you: yes, i’d also trust you as a nurse,,,,,,that one not so much