The Dynamic Duo Makes Their Debut
By GM Sonata

Ahoy to you El Peeps and salutations to Elsword’s first Dual Character, Luciel!

Starting tomorrow everyone will finally be able to hop into the world of Elrios on their pre-created Luciel. And it’s not too late for those of you who haven’t boarded the Luciel hype train! Brandish your gunblades, sharpen your claws, and get ready to embark on a whole new adventure!

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That’s why we love Animal Crossing:

- feel free to make and design your own town
- meet happy, helpful, nice and pretty villagers
- create you own designs, paths, clothing and more
- interactive gameplay with other people all over the world
- change your style with your wishes
- different situations everyday
- updates everyday like new DLC’s and more
- collect stamps
- beautiful trees, fruits and flowers

and so much more!

-Pearly /

Cabin Pressure 30 day challenge

July 1: a favourite main character
July 3: one of your headcanons
July 5: tenuous references to CP you see in your day to day life/see today
July 7: what is your favourite cp quote (or one of them) 
July 9: a song that reminds you of Cabin Pressure
July 11: a show/book/film etc. that you’d recommend to a CP fan
July 13: a favourite non-main character
July 15: make a CP gif
July 17: take the travelling lemon with you somewhere today 
July 19: an au you like and/or crossover
July 21: make a CP piece of fanart and/or graphic
July 23: make a poster for mjn air
July 25: make a gif/fanart etc for the ep starting with the letter of your name
July 27: write a CP poem (doesn’t have to be at all long!)
July 29: a favourite episode

This will start on July 1st, and each new challenge starts after two days. You can answer them in whichever form you like - for example, a gif, graphic, poem, illustration, poster, limerick…..  (You can also reblog some of your old posts as well as this.) Please don’t submit posts, but rather post them to your own blog tagged with ‘ cabin pressure 30 day challenge ‘ and I will reblog some from all days, and general CP things that I see that fit with that day’s challenge, over the course of the month and everyone can see them in the search! You can copy and paste this link at the end of your posts to link back to this list of challenges: Cabin Pressure 30 Day Challenge . Thank you and enjoy! (: