I really love this aspect of Masquerade. 

First of all, there’s some really bright thinking that went into this - Omnics aren’t allowed to gamble in casinos, because counting cards and calculating odds is a thing. That’s a really great detail of the universe. 

Secondly, as a gambling financial counsellor - this is great. Casinos, poker machines, online gambling games, etc do rig games, and you can figure out the odds. On poker machines, for example, the return is an average 89% (although this varies from country to country). Someone smart, or someone with a calculator brain, would be able to observe people playing for a period of time, do the algorithm for the amount of time/money to invest to get a maximal outcome with specific machines and maximise their takeaways. For this reason, poker machine and gambling game manufacturers are VERY secretive about their algorithms. An omnic could figure that shit out. 

I really, really, really love this detail!


Critical Role | Sam and Travis’s football feud fizzer [x][x][x][x]

“If it’s all about sacrifice, or something that means a lot, what’s one thing that Grog aka me, would never do?” 

“You spent so many times inspiring me, I’d like to take a page from your book.”