Gallien Krueger

Cats on amps - black metal edition. Shelby’s rig: a norwegian forest cat with corpsepaint fur, 2 GK cabs and she uses the TC electronic RH450 for practice ( the Mark Bass TTE 500 live) as well as the Darkglass B7K & Warwick/LTD basses

My roof starting leaking early this morning, so everything had to come out, Ampeg V4, Earth Superbass B-1000, Univox U200L, GK 400rb, Univox UB250 1x15, Ampeg B-100 (ss combo from the 70’s, sounds amazing for guitar), and lastly my peavey rage (everyone should have one). Not pictured are my Acoustic 450 and 150, my Fender/Sunn 4x12’s, Sunn 6x12 and guitars/pedals. So much gear but still never enough.

My half of the studio room my girlfriend and I share. Behind me is her L-desk, an easel and some other artsy stuff. That guitar rack extends a bit longer. There are four more on it. This is a bit of an old picture too because that marshall head doesn’t work anymore so its been moved to a different room to wither away and in its place there is a Traynor TS-50b that’s on loan from a friend.