Galaxy note 3


Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene, surely! She joins the Inquisition believing mutual cooperation with the Herald would help further her goal in seeing a Tevinter reborn from the ground up…which would surely put her at loggerheads with a particular Altus. Their arguments would definitely pique the less than professional interest of a certain Commander…but which has caught his eye? Or maybe both, who knows I don’t make the rules k


We all know what’s REALLY going on in the vault…JAM SESSIONS! There’s no way The Doctor isn’t dragging his guitar rig in there when Missy has a piano. So I decided to do a fake album cover. Done in Medibang Paint on my dying Galaxy Note.


For the Thorin Oakenshield painting I did, I used Sketchbook Pro for Galaxy over a very rough pencil sketch of his head (I pretty much used it as a guide layer as I redrew a cleaned-up version of the lineart in-app). If this version didn’t come with previous Note versions, you can get Sketchbook Pro from Google Play/App Store which is the same thing (I think). Non-Note users that don’t have the S-pen will have to invest in a 3rd party stylus like Adonit Jot Pro Touch/Pogo Connect/Wacom Intuos/etc etc for the precision/pressure sensitivity (iOS users, you’ll need iPad mini/4 and up to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 that enables the pressure sensitivity).

Unless you don’t mind drawing with fingers! Which is totally possible…but harder.

Some other points of note:

a) I primarily use Sketchbook Pro for my Note 3 art, but I also use CloverPaint and Layer Paint on the side.

b) I rarely mix programs since each are only compatible to a certain point afaik; SBP for Galaxy can only have canvases up to A5-size at 300dpi, while CloverPaint can have A4-size canvas at 300dpi and beyond depending on how much RAM your smartphone can spare. SBP uses TIFF files, though it can export PNG, JPEG, and PSD formats, while CloverPaint can use PNG, JPEG, and PSD in-app and for export. So to avoid compatibility problems, I just stick to one program when I draw an artwork.

c) For brushes, please refer to images 3 & 4 above for a selection of my favourite tweaked ones and their uses. 

I hope these help!