Galaxy note 3


Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene, surely! She joins the Inquisition believing mutual cooperation with the Herald would help further her goal in seeing a Tevinter reborn from the ground up…which would surely put her at loggerheads with a particular Altus. Their arguments would definitely pique the less than professional interest of a certain Commander…but which has caught his eye? Or maybe both, who knows I don’t make the rules k


So this past summer I discovered that it is humanly possible to draw on my 3 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and I got a little excited and drew these three lovely people. I got to give Eva the print in person and was stoked asf. Hoping to give Derek and Christy their’s when I see them on January ❤ @bcefa @playbill @broadwaycom


We all know what’s REALLY going on in the vault…JAM SESSIONS! There’s no way The Doctor isn’t dragging his guitar rig in there when Missy has a piano. So I decided to do a fake album cover. Done in Medibang Paint on my dying Galaxy Note.