Galaxy Nails

You’ve seen us tweet and retweet the magic that Kristen Fredriksen works with nail polish - now you can keep up with all her latest designs as she’s started her own tumblr: The Final Nail Frontier!

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- Summer


Tutorial time!  Here I demonstrate how I did my sandwich baggy galaxy  nails which can be found on my page!  This is my first tutorial so please be gentle =]

Okay, so first things first.  We acquire our polish and for this look I’m using China Glaze Neon and On, Blue Years Eve, and, Too Yacht to Handle. Sally Hansen Black Tie, Zoya Alegra, Nails Inc. Kensington High Street, and Orly Skinny Dip.  Along with your polishes you’re going to want a plastic sandwich baggy to do all your dirty work on!

  1. Using the colors of your choice, drip the polish in any random order on your plastic bag.
  2. Fold your bag in half, onto your drops of polish.
  3. Smoosh the wet polish around a little bit to make the colors get to know each other
  4. Peel and lift the baggy and now you should have two mixed up puddles of nail polish.  (for my tutorial I did a bunch that way you can choose which pieces you like the most to apply to your nails)
  5. Optional: apply top coat.  I say optional only because the top coat will help lift the edges of the nail polish puddle up as it dries, making it a little easier to peel
  6. Peel that sucker off!  Now you have a big piece of marbled nail polish
  7. Cut a small amount out of the big piece (big enough to fit your nail)
  8. I’m applying a small piece to my pinkie (not pictured, I put down a base of Sally Hansen Black Tie before adhering)

After using a flat nail art brush to flatten your sides around the edges of your nails, apply top coat and voila!  Again, this was my first tutorial, so be gentle with me!  I hope it was helpful :)