GH2 fanbook Q&A - Yuki!

Waaaay back when, Spray asked fans of GH2 to submit questions to the character Twitter accounts for possible inclusion in the fanbook. There were tons of questions, of course, but only a few could be selected for each character. Over the next few days, I’ll post the translations of the questions that made it into the fanbook!

First up, Yuki’s answers! :D

Q: Do you have a method for tolerating hunger when you can’t eat? If so, please tell us!
A: I hide sweet buns in my bag. But since my stomach makes such a huge rumble when I’m hungry, usually someone gives me something to eat. Ehehe.

Q: You love to eat, but are there any foods you dislike?
A: I love all delicious foods! But I guess I don’t like foods that taste bad, or that are stinky, or bugs.

Q: Please tell us your secret for not getting discouraged!
A: When I eat my fill of delicious food, my worries usually disappear!

Q: Which of your duties in the student council are you best at?
A: Changing the fluorescent lights! Since I’ve changed so many. I’m able to change them really fast now.

Q: Yuki-kun, your hair sticks up a little, is that a deliberate hairdo? Or is it just messy hair?
A: It’s already like this when I wake up.

Q: When you play rock-paper-scissors with Professor Ito, how long do you keep getting draws?
A: We did that before. At first there were a lot of people watching since we kept drawing, but everyone got bored and left because there was no resolution. In the end, I don’t know how long we played.

Q: What path do you want to take in the future?
A: Gourmet exploration! But when I said that, everyone laughed at me….


FYI, gourmet exploration is exactly what it sounds like… eating all sorts of delicious stuff. Basically being a foodie. :Db

Gakuen Heaven 2: Muteki no Sannensei BL Scene (NSFW audio)
Gakuen Heaven 2: Muteki no Sannensei BL Scene (NSFW audio)

Series: Gakuen Heaven 2: Muteki no Sannensei

Pairing: Tetsuya Niwa x Keita Ito (Katsuyuki Konishi x Jun Fukuyama)

Looks who’s back with another BL scene~ I know my blog isn’t dedicated to posting the steamy scenes from BL drama CDs, but I enjoy doing it occasionally. I recently downloaded this CD onto my new computer and I absolutely love it, so I thought it’d be a shame not to share one of my favorite Yaoi sex scenes with everyone. This drama CD is just so cute! It never gets old and I keep re-listening to it. Although, I honestly have no clue what goes on in the second CD to this. XD;; Well, it’s alright. The first CD is fantastic and the first five tracks with Niwa x Keita make me feel all happy.

If anyone wants me to upload the second sex scene with Nakajima x Keita, then feel free to let me know. ^-^ Man, I’ll have to search for a Kazuki x Keita drama CD next. I hope it exists somewhere out there and I can get my needy hands on it. c:

Let me say real quick that Katsuyuki Konishi kills me every time I listen to this. I know I say that about almost every sex scene I hear him in, but with this one I truly mean it. His noises. Dear God, I’m pretty sure this is one of the few times I’ve heard Koni-tan so vocal. @////////@ Of course, Jun’s uke voice is orgasmic, as well.

Alright, done rambling. Please enjoy this lovely Niwa x Keita scene. <3

GH2 fanbook Q&A - Yagami!

or rather, Yaaagaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Q: Please tells the thing you have the most fun doing with Yuki-kun!!
A: After all, being in the band was the most fun, but it’s broken up now, so…. Recently, falling asleep listening to him humming next to me, I think those times are nice too.
(nooooooooo the band broke up?!? I loved those guys! ;____;)

Q: Please tell us your favorite type and cut of meat!
A: That’s sirloin! My favorite way to eat it is as a steak. Asahina says he likes meat that melts in your mouth, but the fun of chewing and chewing and having the meat juices overflowing is the best part.

Q: What is your father’s name? And what is he like?
A: Yagami Tatsuhiko. He’s a professor teaching piano studies at a music school. He’s the least talkative in the family. No matter where my mother is in the world, he sends her a bouquet on her birthday, so, well… they’re happy together, I guess?

Q: Do you have a favorite songwriter? We’d be happy to hear your favorite classical composer. And the reason.
A: I have favorite bands, but I don’t feel like I like or hate specific songwriters. The ones I’ve had the chance to play the most are Beethoven, and J.S. Bach’s violin sonatas. The ones I’m always asked to play are Paganini’s 24 Caprices and Zigeunerweisen.

Q: Your family seems to be rich, so does your house have a pool?
A: No. There’s a garden, but the maintenance is left to a gardener. As for rich people things, there are several soundproofed practice rooms. My father uses the whole basement and it’s the biggest room. Well, it can’t be helped since there’s a grand piano in there.

Getting sucked into old favorite fandoms is so painful.

- The LJ groups are either dead or abandoned
- The last new entry in forums is from like 2003
- No one writes new fics anymore, except maybe some AU
- No one translates any new doujinshi
- The general tags are empty, cause the fandom didn’t survive the move to tumblr, except for some stolen art you already saw years ago
- You don’t even know what your ship’s name could be, in case there are new fans, cause last time there were only ‘lemons’ and two names with an x in the middle

GH2 fanbook Q&A - Takato!

Next up, Takato time! :D

Q: What part Asahina’s body do you think feels nicest to touch?
A: Should I interpret that question to have a sexual connotation? In that case, I like Asahina’s abdomen. It’s not very toned, but his skin protected from the sun is rather flexible and smooth and fits comfortably in my hands. Especially below his navel, his lower abdomen, slightly soft with firm muscle beneath, is so lovely I want to pet it forever.

Q: Please tell us about the situation that has made you feel the most charmed!!
A: Recently, I saw Asahina grinning and writing “Takato Yuki” in the margin of his notebook. He turned red and suddenly kissed my forehead, shouting “I just sucked out your memory! You won’t remember anything, Takato-san!” I was honestly charmed.

Q: Please tell us the origin of your pen-name.
A: It’s simple, expensive->cheap, east->west, so it’s Anzai. For the first name, I randomly opened a book I was reading at the time and took it from a sentence on that page. (Note: Takato’s family name is literally made of the kanji meaning expensive and east - he just chose the opposites for his pen name. The first name of his pen name is Samatsu, which means trivial.)

Q: We’d like your thoughts about when you were doubted by your cute underclassman thinking “maybe he’s going out with a married woman.”
A: Even though that doubt had nothing to do with jealousy, no matter the implication, it was irritating. If he’s going to make a ridiculous mistake, I want him to be at least a bit jealous.

Q: How long have you been wearing glasses? How many pairs do you have? Do you use computer glasses? Do you want to wear contacts? When you take off your glasses, how well can you see?
A: I’ve had glasses since I was 8 years old. I have 4 pairs at the dorm, and 3 at home, including ones I don’t use. Of course I use computer glasses. Contacts put a burden on my eyes since I have a bit of dry eye, so I don’t want to wear them. My visual acuity in both eyes is 0.3, so it causes problems in my daily life if I take them off. (Note: roughly 20/63, between rows 3 and 4 on a Snellen chart)

Gakuen Heaven 3: Happy Paradise BL Scene (NSFW audio)
Gakuen Heaven 3: Happy Paradise BL Scene (NSFW audio)

Series: Gakuen Heaven 3: Happy Paradise

Game: Boy’s Love Scramble!/ Okawari!

Publisher: Spray

Pairing: Tetsuya Niwa x Keita Ito (Katsuyuki Konishi x Jun Fukuyama)

Yo! I have returned with yet another BL sex scene and I’m quite happy that I’m back so soon. I tend to go long periods of time between posting BL audio posts and I really want to do them more frequently, so I’m glad I have the time to share this with you guys. :D

Man, was I thrilled when I came across this CD and found there to be a Niwa x Keita scene. I used to only know of the first major Niwa x Keita sex scene where they’re presumably on a beach and have sexy times, so it was super exciting that they did the deed again. 

I swear that Konishi has yet to disappoint me as Niwa and him playing Niwa in the sex scenes is one of my favorite things because he’s vocal, gentle, and has such a freaking hot voice. The dashing bastard. That applies to both Niwa and Konishi, honestly. 

This scene, tho. Konishi’s moans and grunts and oh dear Lord have mercy on me because I can’t handle his raspy breaths or his sexy and rough voice and his climax omg just stop it Konishi. Srsly.

Jun doesn’t disappoint here either. He’s the cutest thing as Keita, as always. Gosh, I just love Niwa and Keita together. They have great chemistry, in my opinion.

All of that being said, I hope you enjoy hearing a squeaky, adorable Jun and a sexy, deep-voiced Konishi <3

GH2 fanbook Q&A - Keita!

I’m kinda disappointed that they only published two questions for Keita, but at least he got some attention! We actually asked about how Keita’s parents reacted if they knew he had a male lover, but of course cool questions like that never get answered. Boo. :p

don’t worry tho some of our questions for other boys DID get chosen whee

Q: A question for Professor Ito. It seems you have your driver’s license, so have you gone on a drive with your special person yet? Has that person said something about your license?
A: I went through the trouble of getting a license, but somehow, they don’t seem to want me to drive them very much. They seem to be worried about me, but I wonder if that’s really it.

Q: A question for Professor Keita. When did you decide to become a teacher? And why?
A: I first thought of it around the time of graduating BL School, I guess. It was because I wanted to repay the school somehow. After that, I put in a lot of effort to become a teacher.


PS for the cool person who reblogged the Yuki Q&A and was excited about the existence of GH2: we have an English version of the demo here! :D