Starfarers: Chapter 1

Happy birthday @whereisthefood123! I am so excited to finally bring yall my Day 2 prompt for Fallfest. I’ve been in love with the idea of an Eden’s Zero crossover and here you have it. This was originally a oneshot, but I’ve expanded it into at least a three part fic. In honor of my co-mod’s birthday, have Part 1 of Starfarers! WTFood is a fantastic writer, friend, and really helped pull the event together. Happy birthday, darling. I hope you have a fantastic day and all the sweets your heart desires. I hope yall enjoy. Leave me a comment, reblog, tag, anything so I know what yall like. Be sure to check out my writing blog @luminescent-words for all fics, WIPs, and everything literary!

Pairing: Gajevy

Prompt: Adventure

Length: 1k

Levy McGarden has a thriving business and a comfortable life on Blue Garden. But that life was turned upside down the night she crashed into the Captain of the Iron Dragon. Space pirate: Gajeel Redfox. She saved his life that night, and they’ve only grown closer since. Now, he’s got a proposition: come with him and he’ll take her to find what she’s been searching for her entire life.

Chapter 1: Risk & Reward

Levy turned the note over again in her hands. Remnants of the daylight that had streamed through her window when she’d sat down cast shadows around her room. But she didn’t need the light to know what was written there; she’d read it countless times over the past three days. Fifty-seven words scribbled into parchment were now burned into her memory.

How about a little adventure, Shrimp? Meet me where I first swept you off your feet. Four days from now, just before first light peeks out over this planet. I’ve got something special I wanna show ya, if you’re not afraid to sail with pirates. I’ll bring the rum this time. You bring better running shoes. -CGR

Levy buried her face into her knees thinking about that night. Swept her off her feet—more like tossed her over his mechanical shoulder kicking and screaming. Still, she wouldn’t have changed anything about it, despite the rather unfortunate circumstances.

That had been six weeks ago. Six heart pounding, gut wrenching, butterflies running races through her stomach weeks of all-day texts and late night video calls. And Levy hadn’t been able to stop smiling since. Especially now that his studded face graced every other wanted poster on Blue Garden.

His strong, chiseled face with that cocky grin. But the posters never truly did him justice. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye that you could only see in person, and Levy longed to experience that flash of dangerous excitement again. Some days it felt like it had all been a dream, but the universe had quite literally shoved her into his arms.

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→ Fairy Tail main ships (+ Canajane)


I always found it hilarious how pretty much every Dragon Slayer tried to murder Natsu at one point. With that track record I’m surprised he didn’t expect Wendy to kick his ass when they met in Oracion Seis arc :p

just wait till Sting and Rogue show up buddy