Left, August 2013. Right, May 2015. 

Nearly 2 years strong into this game.

What keeps me going? No it’s not what I see in the changing in the mirror. But it’s what has changed between my ears. 

Education, discipline and happiness. 

Master it, work hard at it, and if you don’t love it, what the fuck are you wasting your time for?

There are so only so many fitblrs, blogs, guides, diets, nutrition plans, progress pictures you can follow and look up too. 

But you gotta find what works for you.


anonymous asked:

Bro help me out How do i get shredded?

Ok, its better explained than shown so. I’m gonna help you out.

ok first off just ignore cardio its useless. good for your heart bad for gains. you can get decent cardio working legs anyway.

To get shredded your gonna lift heavy ass weights. and eat a ton. and sleep a lot.

I’ll break it down even more.

Noob brolings: you prolly don’t have any muscle to speak of. a push up is impossible, don’t even think about pull ups, you prolly couldn’t run for 30 seconds. well here’s what you’re gonna do. Full body workouts. you don’t have enough gainz to worry about splits ( grouping muscles to work, like back and bi day or leg day.) you’re gonna focus on 12-15 sets per workout doing nothing but compound exercise. Things like, bench presses, deadlifts, squats, pulldowns etc. for my lady brolings, you’re gonna do the same. you won’t get bulky. thats actually really hard to do and if you do it by accident i applaud you on your inhuman genetics.

you’re gonna do these full body workouts three days a week maybe 4 if you’re feelin it. every other day, rest day in between. you’re gonna be sore as fuck but just keep at it. it gets better. you’re gonna do this full body routine for like 12+ weeks. you’ll notice how much stronger you get for sure. maybe keep doin it if you’re seeing progress. eventually you’re gonna hit the wall of your noobie gains and thus become a regular broling. also don’t diet and try and get gains you gotta do one or the other.eating cleaner is good you can do that and get gains but don’t restrict your calories while trying to build muscle, you won’t build any muscle. dieting means you are in a caloric deficit from what you need to sustain your current body weight. muscle gaining requires a caloric surplus, so eating more than you need to maintain your body weight.

regular brolings: you guys have some lifting under your belt or you are already athletic. maybe you got some good muscles already and just have some cutting to do. try intermittent fasting. while continually going to the gym. basically you’re giving yourself a window to eat your food. say from 10 am to 6 pm. then you don’t eat anything from 6pm to 10am. when you work out fasted it forces you into a catabolic state, which basically means you’re burning fat not the food you just ate. every 3 or 4 days though you need to refeed yourself. so eat like you normally do on those days. it keeps your metabolism from slowin down. and you get to keep your muscle gains. or you can keep doin the old cutting and bulking thing every year. basically you eat a shit load of food while you lift heavy and get as much muscle gains as possible but also getting fat, then you lose all the fat later to reveal your muscles. both ways work.

also remember to make sure you’re eating enough protein, fats and carbs. macro nutrients. fats and carbs are not teh enemy, they are you’re energy source. but yeah im just rambling now go look this shit up its everywhere.

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