Dear Gail Simone,

I’m very curious about this. Pictured is the cover for Secret Six #34, and written on DC’s blog The Source is this statement:

When Bane was first introduced, he was one of Batman’s most notorious villains. Remember that whole broken back thing? Exactly. Since becoming a member of the Secret Six team, however, Bane has been a man of honor seeking his righteous path. But recent events have forced him to see the ineffectuality of his journey. Will anyone be able to turn Bane from his his sinister impulses – or has the obsession taken him over again?

If Bane goes back to his truly evil ways, was this a story point you had in your mind for a long time? Or was this something that came down from the higher-ups to reestablish Bane as a Batman villain before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters? I don’t find anything wrong with either option, and look forward to the possibility of Bane being a major Batman threat again. I am merely wondering about the behind the scenes business of comics in a world where superhero movies are the top box office performers every summer. Hope to hear from you!

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Swords of Sorrow #1: Let’s Talk About Those Covers

Swords of Sorrow is here, and we at WWAC got right on it! This past weekend, Desiree, Birdi, Melinda, Wendy B, and I sat down to discuss the first issue in the female-led series that will be running from May to October.

Considering a long history of frequent sexist representation for these pulpy female characters, we cast a keen eye over the artwork for this first issue. Thus, our reviewing begins with the covers.

The main cover is by J. Scott Campbell, well-known for his T&A illustrations of female characters. Considering that Campbell’s cover is one of nine covers, all of which are pretty fantastic, we were miffed that his work landed the main cover.

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Batgirl #6: Kreaturen der Nacht
Batgirl #6: Kreaturen der Nacht ist das Ende einer kleinen Ära. Seit dem großen DC Comics Reboot The New 52 hat Gail Simone an der Serie geschrieben und schon davor hat sie für DC Comics Batgirl in Birds of Prey gekonnt in Szene gesetzt. Das große Finale sollte man also auf keinen Fall versäumen und man kann nur hoffen dass ihr Nachfolger Brenden Fletcher es nur halb so gut macht wie Gail.


Tomb Raider Volume 2: Secrets and Lies*

After the return to Yamatai Island, Lara and her friends try to put the horror of what happened there behind them and return to “normal” life. However, when a dearly departed friend pleads for help, Lara goes on a globetrotting adventure fraught with new perils and a horrible truth that must be brought to light at all costs! 

*Collects issues #7 – #12 of the ongoing series. 

Writer: Gail Simone, Rhianna Pratchett
Penciller: Derlis Santacruz, Nicolás Daniel Selma
Inker: Andy Owens, Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Andy Park