RainWorks: Arte activada con la lluvia.

El funcionamiento es sencillo. El notas pinta con un líquido super-hidrofóbico, y cuando llueve todo se moja menos lo que él ha pintado.

Yo solo puedo imaginarme pintando buenos cipotes en sitios concurridos, o al paso del tour de Francia.

Chain Chomp Earrings

Looks like these Chain Chomps broke free of the dog house again!

Which brings up a great idea…

If you need to get out of the “Dog House”, maybe gifting these will get you out!

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The Gun Mug

The Gun Mug gives a whole new meaning to getting a shot of coffee.  If out of shot glasses, we are sure you can add a shot of something other than coffee to this awesome ceramic invention as well.

Hold your guests hostage with a perfect cup of joe and some arresting conversation or get a gadget or gun loving special person the perfect special gift.

This cool gadget will warm the heart of even the most rootinest tootinest shootinest gun slinging coffee lovin bad boy out there.


El gadget importante del día.


Monkey Fist Paracord Self Defense Keychain

This monkey fist looks pretty unassuming, right? It looks like something that a little boy or girl made for you and now you are guilted into carrying it with you. However, If there came a time when you needed to protect yourself from an attacker, this “keychain” really packs a punch!

This innocent looking keychain has a secret hidden in the monkey fist knot at the end. There is a 1″ solid steel ball bearing held inside. Swinging a 1′ steel ball from the end of a rope turns this keychain into a very formidable self defense tool.

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CRKT Eat N Tool

  • Multiple tools in one: spoon, fork, bottle opener
  • Includes three hex wrenches
  • Equipped with a carabiner for convenient transport
  • Large central hole for finger gripping and keeps tool weight down
  • Finished with a black non-stick coating

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One M9 和 M8 有多像? 竟然連 HTC 自己也混淆了!

  HTC 揭曉今年的新旗艦手機 One M9 之後,不少人都表示有點失望,因為外觀設計和 One M8 極之相似。HTC 解釋指是想 One 系列更加標誌性,讓人一看就認得出來。究竟新舊兩代是否太像..?現在竟然連 HTC 自己也混淆了。   HTC 日前在官方 Facebook 帳戶貼出一張圖片,宣傳 BoomSound 前置雙喇叭。標題列明 “HTCOneM9”。可是細心一看,圖中的根本不是 One M9,而是去年的 One M8。如果連 HTC 自己也搞錯,相信一般人也就不太可能會分這兩代手機了。   當然,Apple 也是每兩年才換一次 iPhone 的設計。但至少中間外觀設計不改的一台,名稱只是在後面加 “S” 一個字,讓人一看就明白只是去年的升級版。這樣人們自然不會期待新設計,也就不會因為這樣而造成失望。     無論你是 iPhone /… 閱讀全文