I love when I play reaper using the blackwatch Reyes skin and you fight a reaper who isn’t. it’s like a battle of wills between what’s left of Reyes’ humanity and soul and the monster he becomes.
legit blizzard should add a interaction where if Reaper kills blackwatch Reyes he says “You can’t fight fate”

sleepy Widowmaker is my favorite thing on earth like

napping in sweatshirts twice her size after missions because even though she’s a sniper her heart restricts her from doing excessive amounts of exercise and she gets tired really easily

catnaps against Reaper’s shoulder. he just huffs and grumbles but eventually he’ll sleep too and they’ll wake up with Sombra sprawled out across both of them

falling asleep literally anywhere. dropships? yep. break room couches? you bet

she’s so tired please let this woman rest

Mi Corazon

Jack still can’t believe that he’s found an Alpha that can see past their biological statuses, but he doesn’t have time to enjoy that fact, because not everyone is happy to learn that he’s an omega.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its beautiful characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere‘s ABO comic HERE and HERE

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A little tied up

Welp, it’s officially chrimas cuz it snowed last night so here, have a…festive Reaper/Gabe x reader >:3c as requested by @gz43va __ Gabe gives his SO a little Christmas surprise that both are surprised they enjoy - W: shibari, submissive - Gabe hated bets. Somehow, he always lost. And always ended up with the short end of the stick, complete with laughter from team members. But he didn’t mind goofing around sometimes. But this time, OH, how the tables had turned. Jack and him had agreed that one of them would give a little “christmas present” to their lover. And low and behold, he had lost. He had grumbled about it but had agreed, asking Jesse for his help to set it up. He had cackled his way through it but hadn’t minded. But as he thought more and more and let his mind drift, he didn’t mind the idea so much. He’d called you earlier and told you to come to his room. You groaned. You were a busy person, but he asked for you to come fairly late. That in itself was suspicious. But you obliged. Finding your way to his room, you knocked on the door. His voice came from the other side. “Come in, darling” you groaned and did. But upon opening the door and looking up, your poor little heart skipped a beat and your breath caught. There sat Gabe on his bed in nothing but red. But not even much of that. Red boxer briefs and the rest, red ribbon. “Gabe…” you squeaked out his name as you looked him over. Of course, he was grinning. Some was wrapped around his legs, up to his hips. It followed up and was tied over his torso, but more intricate and enticing knots. Almost how a female may tie her’s to show off her midsection. He had taken the liberty of searching up how to tie those. Judging by the look on your face, it had paid off. His arms had a criss cross pattern on the upper half. And on his neck,there was a pristine little red bow, tied evenly and perfectly. You covered your mouth and leaned back on the door, blushing like a bright red rose. He smiled and chuckled lightly, beckoning you over. “Come here, honey.” You did with shaky legs and stood in front of him, still awe-struck. How had he agreed to this? Who had tied him? How did he look so….good? He brushed a hand over your arm. “What do you think?”. You tried to stutter out words but he laughed quietly, “Slower.”. “You….you look so gorgeous.” he smiled and gave you a gentle peck. You couldn’t say anything, bering that for the moment, you were too embarrassed to speak. He brushed a hand over your hot cheek and grinned. You reached out slowly to touch his delicate confines but he grabbed your hand and pulled it much faster over his heart on his chest. You gasped, as if you had never felt his skin before. He chuckled lightly. You brushed a hand slowly over the smooth fabric of the ribbon and smiled lightly. It felt nice. And looked nice i contrast of his darker skin. You moved your hands up his harmad felt the twisting pattern under your palm. You grinned and pulled back to look at him. He chuckled. “What?”. You leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss. “You look so good.” you muttered. “Really? I didn’t know you were into this”. You brushed fingers over the perfect bow on his neck and grinned as he gave a little shudder. Looks like you weren’t the only one on edge. “Not usually…” you pushed a hand onto his chest and gave him a better kiss. “But on you, how could I not be?”. He smiled and kissed you cheek. You moved down to kiss his neck and his shoulder and to your suprise, he made a small noise. He was never this submissive. But he looked so delicate and so enticing, that was even more rare. You grinned and leaned down to his ear whispering “Lay down.. “ . I’ll write a follow up if it is requested and speaking of, requests are open for overwatch chars!

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How about Sombra messing with Reaper for a prompt? I find it super adorable

“Hey, parca, want to see something stupid?”

Sombra, who had hacked past his door and is leaning on the doorframe, no doubt, voice lilting. Reaper gives his tablet one last, forlorn glance before blanking its screen and letting it drop onto the desk, wisping his legs so he can twist around in his seat and face her directly.

“What,” he says to her, inwardly groaning at the bright smile she flashes him.

“Grab your tablet and meet me in the mess,” she says, and then she gives him a little wave and disappears in a blur of purple pixels.

He stares at the space she had recently vacated for a few moments, quietly weighing his options as he glances back towards his datapad; but hey, it’s not like he has much else to do, or at least much else he wants to do, so with a sigh he swipes a hand and tucks his tablet under his arm as he rises to his feet. He ignores the aches and pains as he steps out into the hallway, waiting until the door to his room slides shut and locks behind him before beginning to walk.

The mess hall is full of other Talon agents when he arrives, each sitting down with their carefully-prepared meal to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal calorie intake. Sombra waves at him from a corner of the room, standing out with her flashy, glowing violet, and rather than force his way through, Reaper exhales slowly and lets his body unravel at the very seams, flying over the crowd with as little effort as blinking. By the time he’s resolidified, Sombra has her holoscreens out and is tapping away, a mischievous grin pulling at her lips. “Turn around and watch this,” she says, tapping a single button on her screen, and Reaper sighs a long, drawn-out sight as he does as she asks.

Beyond him is a sea of faces - ones that are typically hidden under masks but now show a myriad of expressions and thoughts and looks. He forgets, often, that these are real people who have lives outside of Talon. He doesn’t feel tremendously guilty about it, though, considering he really doesn’t care about anything but vengeance at the end of the day, and he tilts his head, confused, when a single agent in the center of the room starts - laughing?

Then Reaper sees it: there, on the center of the room, placed carefully on a table, is a holoprojector - and currently, it’s projecting what appears to be a gag reel of Talon missions gone wrong, high up and adjusted so that its surface can be seen from all angles. That’s when Reaper sees a scene he remembers vividly, when Sombra had opened and then shut the door in front of him. Volskaya. She’d laughed at him for hours afterwards.

Then the image shifts to a time when Widowmaker had messed up one of her grappling hooks. Then it shows a strangely high-quality video of a nameless Talon agent slipping on blood and falling flat on their face, then another agent walking into a wall, then -

“Where do you find the footage to compile all of this?” he asks her, turning his head so he can see her face.

“Anything can be hacked,” she says with a chuckle, a vicious smile that makes her eyes crinkle at the corners, “And anyone.” He rolls his eyes, giving a slight huff of laughter despite himself, and turns back to look at the screen.

(And he’ll remember, too late, that she can’t see his face.)

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