ohdarnitripped  asked:

Concept: Moira, Gabe, McCree, and Genji have to team up post-Recall to fight a bigger threat and No One Is Thrilled.

Moira: The situation is obvious, Jesse. If any of us are going to get out of this Omnium alive, we’ll need to work together.


McCree: Y’know? I think I’m good with dying at 37. 37’s a good age to go out. Yeah…. 37’s a good run…

Genji: McCree.

McCree: Fine. I guess we’re doing this.

Reaper: So I hope there are no hard feelings about Volskaya.

Genji: There are a lot, actually. Lots of hard feelings. Feelings like ‘angry’ and ‘I’m going to stab you as soon as we’re out of here.’

Reaper: It was nothing personal.

Genji: I’m taking it personally.

Reaper: The Doc made it out, didn’t she?

Genji: Despite your best efforts.

Moira: Seems you don’t have a monopoly on grudges, Gabriel.

Reaper: Hrm.

Moira: Let me see your leg.

McCree: I’m fine.

Moira: you’re falling behind. Let me see it and—Oh for goodness sake, you were running around with a gash that big for that long? Are you a child?!

McCree: Look–I just—I hate your biotics, okay? They make my skin crawl and I don’t know why. You did something to them— and you don’t have the tether—

Moira: I don’t want to be weighed down by a staff.

McCree: …’Cuz you’re already weighed down by that ugly life-sucking rig….so you’re just… spraying biotics willy-nilly.

Moira: Just let me heal your leg, you idiot.

McCree: Ugh, FINE.

Moira: *healing McCree’s leg*

McCree: I’m uh… not gonna get tumors from this, right?

Moira: That depends on if you continue being rude to me.


McCree: …That was a joke, right?


McCree: …please say that was a joke.