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Imagine if, because Anti has occupied the same space as Jack all this time, he's picked up mannerisms and vocabulary. So if you piss him off he'll drop his head slightly and menacingly growl at you "Ima stick my lil' winkydoo in your eye hole! ...Fuck's sake! I meant skullfuck! ...FUCKIT!!!"

lmaoooooo! that’d be fuckin hilarious

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Do you have anything on your bucket list?

I had to check out what bucket list is :P
I do! I wanna see Jack and Woosh and Markiplier and Ethan and Emma Blackery. I wanna meet my tumblr friends in real life. Yes, i’m talking about you too  :) I wanna go to Chester one more time. I wanna learn playing electric guitar and few more instruments. I wanna learn how to make digital art. I wanna read shit ton of books. And many more things that i can’t think about right now :D

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Who are some people you've become good friends with on here? :)

Aw there are a few! :D 

@jacksepticeygifs @fluffy-jack @lum1natrix @chaenir-sam @ill-spink @dork-iplier @justchasingghosts They are the people I talk the most with and that I like to call friends :D 

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I appreciate all you beautiful people *wink wink* and thank you so much for being here with me! :D

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*stands up* My name's Gabi and I'm an Antiholic. It's been 4 days since my last headcanon, but only 20 minutes since my last tag scroll. I'm ready to admit that I have a problem. I'm not ready to fix it. Ever. You can't make me. Shut up, leave me alone, I'm fine. *twitch*

Let’s make this fellow Antiholic feel right at home! ;)

“I’ve been silenced for far too long.” 

Another quick drawing cuz I’m lazy. No glitches cuz fuck it

God I had such a cool idea why did I half ass it?? Gotta redraw that idea sometime…. Jeez.

Inspired by @gabis2r depiction of how Anti is when he’s drunk

And this post by @no-strings-puppet.

Lets just say, @therealjacksepticeye, you got me curious. And slightly terrified.

Ego Headcanon Masterpost

Using the ‘headcanon’ search on my blog isn’t accurate due to a lack of chronology and others using that tag that I then reblog.  So I’m making a ‘HC masterpost’ to keep my HC tidy and I’ll be adding new HC as they happen.

NOTE 1: Some of these were posted on @gabis2r. That’s my main blog before I created this one. Check the blog descriptions if you need evidence.

NOTE 2: I’ve bolded the ones I’m most proud of, ones that give actual insight.

(Written at the time of Detention)

Antisepticeye origins 
What is he? Why did he choose Jack? How did that turn out?

Detention 1
Jack & Robin’s conversation after ep 1. (Crack HC)

Detention 2
What if Jack & Anti worked together during Detention? 

Say Goodbye clip - created by @marielgum by request
Something happens in this clip that changes everything.

Crack Anti vocabulary HC 
A crack ask I sent to @anti-support-group

(Written after A Date With Markiplier & PAX)

In a Fight Between Dark & Anti - Who’d Win?
Written after ‘A Date With Markiplier’  Who would win?  Make your bets…

Who’s More Terrifying?  Anti or Dark?
Who should you fear most? Why?
Read the warnings on this. Some may find it disturbing.

Drunk Anti 
(not entirely comfortable with is as it turned a little more fic than HC, but I wrote the damn thing I may as well own it)

Say Goodbye ponderings.
A minor detail we missed?

Pop Culture Comparisons
A very brief look at similarities to other characters.

Adding to Observations
Short musings written after PAX

Did We Miss Something?
Regarding Chase’s apparent suicide with a NERF gun

(written between Bio Inc 4 and 5 (Kill Jacksepticeye)  

How are the Egos Linked? - 2 versions below. One with warnings, one not. Choose wisely 
Why are the egos so unlucky? What is Anti’s end-goal? 

Descriptive Version
READ the WARNINGS - this is painful to read for Chase fans.
Read the simplified version below if you’re unsure you’ll manage

Simplified and Condensed Version - (from HC above)
This version is condensed and non descriptive, so easier to read

What if Anti had a Weeping Angel power?

A Storm is Coming
Why he wants us burnt-out

(Written after Kill Jackspeticeye)

Glitch Bitch: A Warning
Repeat his nickname, chant it, be warned.

Mocking Anti is fun, huh?
Proceed with EXTREME caution

Kill Jacksepticeye Gifset - Anti’s horrific nature
Gifset by @thefaultinoursepticeyes Tagging here for comment thread.

Electric Demon
What if Anti doesn’t just affect electrics, but manipulates them?

The Great Kill JSE con

Anti operated on Jack, not Schneeplestein

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The top cake is my main bday cake! (Lemon!) My sister made Sam and the “JSE”!! Sam looks so good, right????

The cake below is another cake because we had a lot of ppl and some ppl like chocolate over lemon which is totally fine cause I like both! I absolutely love the Warfstache!!!

The fanart on the left is frickin AMAZING!!! It was given to me as a present! I taped it to my door to look at whenever I have a bad day, plus it makes me happy!!

On the right, another Sam and Warfstache made by my sister on my card!

Man, I WISH I could draw like that!!! I’m so happy that people put this effort for me!! That makes me happy beyond belief!!!


Look!! Isn’t this AWESOME?!?!?!?!

gabis2r answered your question: I just really want a silly Sam icon so here are some.

1. For pure cuteness.

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2 and 8

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Either 4 or 5. They are my favorites :)

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