Problem Solved

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Problem Solved
[When your problem has a simple solution. Christian is more than happy to help you solve it│Christian Yu.]
Rated: Mature

Christian was editing a new video as per usual. These days if he wasn’t in the field filming, he was hauled up in his room editing for hours on end. You found yourself cuddled on his bed with his dog Lori by your side as you read. It was probably a solid two hours before either of you had said a word. Just working in the comfortable silence and welcoming the atmosphere.

You’d known Christian for practically your whole life. You moved to Sydney as a kid and grew up on the same block as him. A few years later he moved to Seoul to become an idol, and you didn’t hesitate to pick a college there.

Here you were years after graduation and still living in this beautiful city with your best friend.

“Hey what are you doing tonight?” you asked, absently flipping the page of the magazine, while scratching the back of Lori’s ear.

“Hm? Probably hitting up a Pub or a club tonight with Scott and the guys” he clicked away on his mouse, splicing the video.

“…Is Dabin going?”

“Dunno, why?”

“Just curious, that’s all.”

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It may not seem like alot, but for me it is ! I started out small. When i started writing, I had absolutely 0 people. I have released two stories and now, I have 200 !! You guys, like I want to cry.

In celebration of my achievement, I’d really like for y'all to push me as a writer…

Send me a one shot request/drabble of whatever you’d like. Supernatural pairings please. It could be any ship, x reader, or even, just a silly winchester moment.


Send me a one liner. Example: “He was so mad, he didn’t know whether to rip the giraffe in half or cry.” And i will make a beautiful story to accompany it. Also let me know of character you’d like to pair it with.


Send me a description of yourself, and I’ll pair you with a character. And I’ll write you a small drabble of your meeting.

I’m so happy ! Please, i hope you guys are motivated to send me anything ! You guys are amazing and I’d like to appreciate y'all. ❤

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if anyone has read Life After Legend PLEASE message me

LIKE HOLY MOTHER i am absolutely DESTROYED right now

Cafe AU: Part 3

Fic Summary: Leorio has has absolutely no luck with jobs… which isn’t a very good thing when you’re a medical student living in a bustling, money hungry city like Zaban.

But things take a turn when he lands a job at a unique little café around the corner from his student apartment, where he meets three misfit kids and a very high maintenance boss, whose stuck up demeanour hides a colourful past…Leorio’s world changes forever when he joins this strange little family.

Expect cakes, chaos and curiosity.

Part 3… finally! Read the content warnings and other ships included in this fic, plus part 1 of the story here. If you missed part 2, it’s here

(Thanks again to jillua for being my beta reader, and for painstakingly somewhat Americanising this hell for me)

Thank you for all the support on Part 1 and 2, I hope this chapter goes down as well as the others! Again, if you enjoyed this please rebagel it. It would mean so much to me if you did <3 thanks again

Sunday: 8:30am

Leorio lay in his bed for god knows how long, idly watching the way the sunlight leaked through the blinds and cast lines across the grey carpet. A car horn sounded outside, and somewhere in the distance there were sirens. The constant noise of the city had kept Leorio awake when he first moved here, but now it only comforted him; it certainly wasn’t the reason he’d woken up so early this particular morning.

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You think I don’t want her to be happy? I want her to be happy. But &#128;&#148;serious Shawn moment here, &#128;&#148;I want to be happy too, and for some reason I can’t imagine that happening without Juliet.

The other day some mother came up to me and told me I was pretty and when I mentioned that it was because I wear bright lipstick that draws a positive attention, she told me that it wasn’t the reason and that I just have a really pretty face shape and smile and guys. I wanted to cry, and started tearing up because. What. What.? I never get told that. And I get so insecure about the shape of my face. And just…

Idk. That really just meant a lot to me, and her daughter who looked maybe 4-5 years younger then me was with her and was confirming what her mom said

And damn… it’s sad how happy this moment made me. But it did. And it’s made me feel a Lot happier and confident these past 2 days. X

((OOC: An open thank you to the Dangans at Daisho Con))

((Hey, all.  I just wanted to give a great big shout out of gratitude for the wonderful members of the Dangan Ronpa fandom and all the awesome ones that were at Daisho Con last weekend (I WILL get pics up soon!  Sorry, it’s been kinda hectic this month).  If you saw us, my guy and I were Twogami and Ibuki from SDR2.

He’s the cutest, isn’t he?  You ask me, he’s a perfect Twogami.  However, about…frick, probably six or so years ago, he told me he wasn’t ever going to cosplay again–that he was done with it.  He didn’t SAY his reasons, but I could guess, and to me, that was heartbreaking, because he used to enjoy it years ago.  In my opinion, cosplay should be about fun, passion, and enjoyment.  It’s about dressing up as a character you love and having a good time, but what cosplay SHOULD be doesn’t mean there aren’t enough judgmental people out there who ruin it.  It made me sad, but I understood all too well.

Even knowing he’d sworn off cosplay, after getting into Dangan Ronpa last year, I wanted so, SO bad go do an heir guitar cosplay.  Not only are Twogami and Ibuki my favorite DR characters, but the costumes were perfect for both of us.  When I started asking him, he relented, and, when he played SDR2 with me, he grew to love the characters, as well.  Still, when it came time for the con last weekend, he started getting flustered, saying that he was embarrassed, that no one was going to know who we are, and that he’d just look like a shmuck walking around in a white suit.

Do I need to say how absolutely mind-boggled he was when there were other Dangan Ronpa fans there?  That there was a PANEL devoted to DR? (Which, oh my gosh, Drunken Ronpa FTW.)

And then, what blew him away most of all.

Complete strangers kept coming up to him, getting super-excited, telling him they loved his costume, that he was their favorite character in the whole franchise, that they quit playing the game after *spoiler spoiler spoiler*.  He was asked for hugs from strangers.  When we saw one particular DR cosplayer and told them about the photoshoot, they saw him and exclaimed that they'd been told by several others that there was a Twogami at the con and they had to see him.  There were SO MANY PEOPLE who were SO HAPPY to see him, loving the fact that he dressed up as Two.

I don’t think I need to explain how happy that made him.  Embarrassed a bit, but in a good, awkward, adorable way.  He enjoyed it.  He had fun.  Guys, I wanted to cry.  The confidence boost that was was something he hadn’t expected.

So, thank you.  Thank you to every wonderful member of the DR fandom for the love and excitement that you showed my Twogami.  <3  Love you all.  ))