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My entire year revolves around Halloween

I mean I guess it wouldn’t be the same because part of the appeal of Halloween is that it’s autumn but man Australia you guys need to get on this Halloween train it is literally the best holiday ever

  • Straight guys:man I can't understand how gay guys do it, ya know? Fucking each other in the ass, getting shit on their dicks
  • Straight guys:aww man my girl won't let me put it in her ass, why she gotta be like that

6 days post op • Key Hole • Dr. Ereso

The bruising has gone down more than the swelling so far. Some sensation is coming back on the top of my chest, around my areola and nipples I can’t feel anything. The pain has calmed down a lot, day 3-4 were the worst so far. Don’t really remember going into surgery or the first 1-2 days after surgery. I’m not on pain meds, only muscle relaxers once a day. Lost about 10+ pounds since surgery, my body didn’t take the surgery or drugs very easily, feeling very low energy but getting stronger and trying to gain some weight back.
Got up to meditate this morning, really been missing my practices.
But overall Im feeling so much excitement and joy right now, I can’t stop looking or touching my chest. I keep receiving amazing messages from you guys and it honestly warms my heart reading each one, you’re all so amazing thank you.
Caden 💙👍✌️🙏


PHEW! This took a long time and is by far the most complex piece I’ve done in this coloring style. Daft Punk is my fav band of all time (I even have them tattooed on me.) yet I never draw them. This is because of two things I dread: the symmetry of their helmets and the chrome coloring. I never thought I’d be able to tackle it. But then I thought “Heck, I’ll just do it my way” - and it kinda sorta worked! It was SO fun coloring their helmets. I listened a lot to podcasts about the first century in Hollywood. I think all the talk about LSD usage rubbed off on this piece, hah.

I wanna dedicate this to 100ottersonanaeroplane because she loves Daft Punk as well, and I want her to get better asap.

The close ups are 100%

This is why I hate it when (mostly white) liberals make donald trumps racism into fucken memes or “”ironically”” retweeting his racist tweets/posting it on here because they think “hahaha at least i’m not racist like this guy”. ingoring he is litterally violently racist and the fact that he is so open about it, that it’s letting other white people be open about it to because they know now no one will stop them. 

Litterally two brothers beat up a 58 yr old homeless Latino man because they were inspired by this guy. This man has the chance to get power and destroy many people’s lives and even now he still has some to do it. 


Raise your swords. Out fierce leader has been attacked by an evil force who’s name is unbeknownst to us for the time being. We ride at dawn to find this disgusting human being.
Give our leader as many gentle and warm messages for now and hope he recovers well and without trouble.



I have a hair appointment tomorrow, and I have no idea what to do with my hair. The picture on the right is what my hair looks like now - the left is what it was before I changed it.

So, I ask for your help - do I keep the blonde, or go darker again? The real reason I’m struggling with this, I think, is because it did take a lot of time/money to make my hair lighter, but I don’t want to keep the blonde if it doesn’t look right!

Thank you all for any opinions - I just don’t know what to do for tomorrow! ;o;