If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck


Same situation, same two people, opposite reactions.  Or, why the love square can get confusing.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

The Gamer / Le Gamer


The smirks tell you which one is enjoying that particular moment and how comfortable they are with admitting it.

also it looks like Adrien launched them with an explosive, radioactive fart and now I can’t unsee that 

all of a sudden people are trash talking thomas sanders because, true to his word of loving and accepting everybody, he spoke positively of the asexual community. it’s so strange to me to see people rag on someone who works so hard to be as good as possible to everyone, being respectful and thoughtful all the while. mad respect to you, thomas, for standing up for everyone even when it’s hard. i hope the backlash doesn’t get to you. 

Chloe is so vain, she would adore fanart being drawn of her.

I think we all know that Nath feel of not wanting people hovering.

date a boy who can’t sit still. date a boy who’s a mechanical genius. date a boy who respects your autonomy. date a boy who will always support you. date a boy with an asshole older brother. date a boy who fed a rival captain’s fingers to his dog. date a boy who is the Ravkan king. date nikolai lantsov.

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0


David Suchet’s Poirot joke on the Doctor Who Fan Show, May 6, 2017 [x]

I am so friggin late! Been busy during the weekend and had no time to finish the last 2 Otayuri prompts. I know I’m suuuperrr late but I told myself that I must at least get the final two done no matter what! Sorry tho!

Otayuri Week Day 6 - Rivalry

Yura is smug because he got taller than Beka and he felt like it’s a competition to see who grew tallest during their months away from each other. Beka be cool as ice tho with the 10cm (?) difference