Why do people have such issue with raising their dog?

I have to walk this one, a super hyperactive keeshondje. He’s not allowed too many treats because otherwise he doesn’t eat his food - but guess what, because he is so hyperactive, moving forward is super reinforcing to him. So you can solve his pulling issue simply by halting, catching his attention, and then allowing him forward again.

After a 10-minute refresher course of what ‘sit’ and not-pulling are, he gave me a nice loose-leash walk the rest of the time, with an occasional reminder.


by なぐさめ | Twitter

Isabel: “Farlan!”

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Surprise (Ethan x Reader)

💙A/N: Good lord, I need to chill with the Ethan imagines. I’m getting out of control. But anyways, here’s a lil thing I thought of while talking about my potential trip to Ireland this summer! I’m half Irish, and would be going to see my mom’s (who’s full Irish) side of the family. But anyways, here’s a little bit of fluffy drabble for you!💙

Warnings: fluff??? i don’t think there’s anything else really

Word Count: 931

You stepped into the main hub of the airport with you luggage trailing behind you. A small sigh escaped your lips as you looked around the bustling LA airport. You had just gotten back from your study abroad trip for college, and were ready to surprise your boyfriend at your shared apartment. You wove your way through the crowd to the long line of taxis waiting for passengers and hailed an empty one. After telling the driver your destination, you pulled out your phone to check for the texts that you’d missed on your flight back from Ireland. You saw one from Ethan saying Heading to the office for Mark’s charity livestream, you should watch if you can! I’ll FaceTime you later so we can hang out a bit, okay? As you read the part about Mark’s livestream, you piped up to ask the driver if you could change your destination. He obliged, and you told him the office address.

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The Last Petal

Prince Adam/Beast x reader

The Curse Series: Part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 644

Warnings: ANGST, fighting, death, cliff hanger in a way

A/N: THERE IS STILL ONE MORE PART LEFT FOR THE SERIES! Sorry that this one is soooo short. But the final part will be coming out on Tuesday! Guuuuuuys, I’m hitting it off with this one dude and I’m kinda freaking out! Lol I’m bad at relationships. But thanks for reading! Hope your day is splendid! Love you!!

In the distance you could see the giant mob approaching the castle. From where you sat on the balcony, they almost looked like a giant wave of fire from the torches they carried. You didn’t know why you felt no panic as you watched them. You didn’t even feel an ounce of fear.

You could hear the panicked voices of the rest of the household as the rushed around and prepared for a fight. Adam had told them that it didn’t matter if the mob came or not, but the rest of the household refused to give up without a fight. You personally, did not have a care to fight back. You had lost your chance to break the curse.

You stayed on the balcony throughout the battle until you heard Adam’s loud roar. It was obvious that he was in pain. Without a second thought, you hopped in that direction as quickly as you could. You feared for the worst and that’s what you saw. A man, that must have been from Belle’s village, was attempting to murder Adam on top of the roof.

“ADAM!” You screamed, making Adam’s head spin in your direction.

“(Y/N)!” He shouted back, the happiness from seeing you made his eyes light up. “Don’t move! I’ll come to you!”

You watched as Adam and the man battled it out. Adam was trying his hardest not to hurt the man and to instead just reach you. Not wanting to make the journey longer, you began to make your way towards Adam. Being stuck as a mirror, left you unable to help Adam in fighting off the man. You were completely useless in this situation.

Too caught up with trying to reach them, you hadn’t seen Adam scare the man away completely. He jumped from a ledge to where you stood with grace you didn’t think possible.

“Are you okay?” You asked as he picked you up gently.

“I’m fine, (Y/N). There’s something I need to-” A gun fired through the air, hitting Adam in the back.

He toppled over with you still in his hand. His roars echoed through the castle and tore your heart apart. This could have been prevented if you were human. If you were still human you would have been able to have fight off the man with Adam. You could’ve made sure that the man had not been able to reach his gun.

“Adam!” You cried, his head turning to look at where you still sat, clutched in his hand.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t break the curse for you.” Adam apologized, smiling at you sadly.

“Don’t be sorry. This whole mess is my fault.” You whispered, dry sobs beginning to make there way up your throat.

“How was this your fault? I’m the monster that couldn’t love.” Adam gave a weak chuckle that turned into a groan of pain.

“You’re not a monster! Don’t ever call yourself that!” You exclaimed, Adam’s smile widening at your words.

“She left, but you never did.” Adam’s voice was softer now as he struggled to breath.

“I’d never leave you.” You promised.

“I was too blind to see. I was so dumb.” Adam shook his head, his voice becoming more breathy and forced. “The enchantress was wrong when she said there was no love in my heart. I’ve always loved you, (Y/N).”

“Adam, I love you too!” You laughed sadly, not noticing that his chest had stopped moving. “Adam?”

A blood curtailing scream left your lips as you turned to look at him. Everyone within the castle grounds stopped and flinched at the sound. It didn’t last too long though. Soon after it left your lips, it all went dark. The last petal had fell and you had ceased to exist. You were nothing more than a fancy mirror that would soon be forgotten.