Gunhee’s Instagram update 15.01.21

집에서 빤스도 안입고 있기없기? 수요미식회 첫방 시청   #노팬티그램 #수요미식회

Trans:  You also don’t wear underwear at home isn’t it ? Watching the first episode of “The Demand of Luxurious Food” #nopantiesgram #TheDemandofLuxuriousFood

[indefiniteblue] seriously heechul! cant you see we dont care about scandals and being butt hurt...just officially introduce us to Gunhee already

if you guys are dating we dont mind, like we are your family!! :P

okay you just get released from the army and you start posting your adventures with him

he even hung out with heechul’s celeb chingoos

is he your stylist??

then he was with Heechul in SSTP 2 days ago, live on air in a radio show and they didnt even bother to introduce him, he just got in and started talking and fooling around with Heechul and Shindong 

and by fooling around i mean:

 Heechul went to Singapore for a photoshoot and he was, once again, there with him in the airport

heechul you really got guts to instagram this stuff, this is why we love you:

they wore couple clothing on the way to the studios:

explain yourself kim heenim-ssi…okay dont!we are just so happy that you are happy and smiling again :)

Photo Credits to: heechul’s instagram and water marks.


15.07.09 Gunhee’s Instagram Update for Heechul’s bday

생일축하해 내새끼 !! 이태리에서 축하해 줄께!!!!

Trans: Happy Birthday my baby !! I’m sending my congratulations from Italy !!!!


anonymous asked:

I have a question im trying catch up to heechul history lol i read somewhere that heechul was heartbroken before (idk if before or after being in the army) meeting gunhee again and getting close? Do u know what or the reason why people say that?

Basically Heechul had been very close with former SJ member Hangeng, obviously some people thought he had a bit of a crush but at any rate he felt really strongly about their friendship and when Hangeng left he was really torn up about it. He actually cried on stage throughout a whole song during their first show after Hangeng left, and if you look at the pics taken from behind him you can see he was sitting directly in front of Hangeng’s section so he was facing all the signs with “HANGENG” written on them.

He also left quite a few extremely emotional posts after he left that kinda gave the sense he was more hung up on Hangeng than usual close friendships.

Then later on he admitted to having been depressed in the months after and basically didn’t leave his room for about 3 months, and was having “dark thoughts” until the other members (Eunhyuk specifically) helped him get out of that place. For a couple years after you could tell he wasn’t his usual self, he stayed pretty moody and just seemed like he was in a funk more often than not. He still used photos of him with Hangeng as his profile pics years later and posted not-so-subtle birthday playlists on Hangeng’s birthday.

He also wrote the lyrics to Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” which a lot of people think are referencing Hangeng, and in my opinion they come off as pretty obviously about him or at least inspired by what happened, especially the parts about someone “disappearing without telling anyone”.

Later when he got close with Gunhee again you could really see a change in his attitude, and he posted about this himself basically saying that he had been unhappy before but thanks to Gunhee he’s been able to find himself and be happy again.

So whether things with Hangeng were a close friendship or if Heechul felt something more than that, it’s obvious he felt really strongly about their relationship and him leaving suddenly left him “heartbroken” in a sense. But Gunhee’s been able to help him get past whatever he went through and he always seems back to his old self whenever they’re together.

honestly it’s 2015 and a non- celebrity man has kissed heechul on the lips on international tv, when chul was supposed to be with his co-star romantically, and they’ve gone on countless trips together and talked about how happy they’ve made each other, and Korea and fandom is like “wow Heechul and Hani are totally flirting on that tv show huh!!!?”

so pardon me for being unimpressed when your logic is “nobody in kpop can be gay or bi or lesbian unless they make it obvious!!” because the only option left at this point is to wear a neon sign


150516 Heechul’s Instagram Update with Gunhee

DJ GunHee. 길어야 1000년도 못사는 인생, 서로에게 피해주지 말고 웃으면서 즐겁게 살자!!😀😀😀😀 나를 더 사랑하는 방법을 찾아요 우리!!!!🙊🙊🙊🙊 #난그만찾아도된다 #난남을사랑하는방법좀배워야함

Trans: DJ GunHee. This life is long, we can’t live this life even for 1000 years, let’s not hurt each other and let’s smile and live an enjoyable life!!😀😀😀😀 We should try to love myself more!!!!🙊🙊🙊🙊  #icanjuststoptrying #ishouldlearntoloveothers      (cr:sujunesia)

@gunheenim: I love you bastard


30 Day SuJu Challenge Day 2 - Favorite OTP


“I’m happy^-^ I hope I can continue to laugh like this everyday from now on.. A relationship that would let us remember our past memories while smiling, not only as Universe Big Star and fan, but even when we become old grandfathers and grandmothers.. After meeting Gunhee, I have learned to relax, and be positive. Instead of hoping for 200% of happiness for just me, I hope you all and I could have 100% of happiness together.”
-Heechul (trans cr)


Gunhee’s Instagram Update 15.02.02

희철형님 아이폰128기가 감사합니다. 무릎꿇고 인증샷을 올려야 주신다길래 이렇게 올려요 감사해요 형님#아오

Trans: Heechul hyung-nim thank you for the 128GB Iphone . Proof that I’m on my knees, rising/putting up (my hands) to get the present. Rising/putting up (my hands) like this , I thank you hyung-nim. #AOh

*hyung-him = shows respect to the older brother

Kimheenim: In the middle of all this, my “hand” -nim looks pretty.