hey everyone!!! guess what…… OMOCAT x TAMAGOTCHI is LIVE!!!!

last summer i got the opportunity to work with BANDAI, WiZ… and here it finally is… my first collaboration!! so exciting!!

thank you everyone who helped me through this process… kira for taking the photographs, sweet streets LA for representing, tokyofashion for being cool B^), and finally the models elleanor and nica for their amazing modeling and styling…

anyway, i hope you all enjoy!!

and also HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!! (time to play a dating sim…)

So I guess it’s all a game these days
Trying not to be the one who says something first
Suppressing the need to say “just come over and drink some beer”
But I don’t know the rules
I don’t even know how to fish
And as my bait is being naïve
I guess I’ll get hauled in and thrown back quite some times
Before I can finally say screw the rules,
Because you don’t care
Whether it’s been a minute or a day

When the preliminary excitement has mislead me countless times
And the involuntarily imagining of a future that’ll never exist
Has finally put me down to earth
My brain can stop pretending to like the things you like
As you finally stop speaking to me, I’ll realize I was never into it any way
And I lose another bit of naiveté
Until I’m so down to earth they might as well bury me
Cause even I don’t know who I am or what I want anymore


Charles Dilaurentis spells ‘Nerd Lucas is the liar’
~all credits to Jess Barnett

Ahoy-hoy! (Fun fact: Alexander Graham Bell wanted people to answer the phone with this saying instead of the usual “hello”… like the Japanese “moshi-moshi”… hue hue hue.)

Went to rePLAY last night with C-Diggity, and it was most excellent! If it ever comes to your part of the neighbourhood I highly suggest you be there since the amount of squareness if you do not attend is simply unspeakable!

Soooo I guess I never actually posted my Burial at Sea get up, and since I threw this on for rePLAY (because when else am I going to have a legitimate excuse to cosplay in the Sydney Opera House?) here’s Elizabro’s red hair variant… *shifty eyes* (something something… working on the wig).

Anyone pumped for episode 2?


Guys guys guys, I have something pretty cool to show you today! A good friend of mine, Tom Lynskey, has been working with some equally rad people on a video game of the Titanic. It’s been getting international news coverage, and I’m honestly super excited for it! Tom is one of those really annoying dudes who’s spent his whole life working incredibly hard at something he’s really passionate about, and all he’s got to show for it is… erm, well, a successful film career and a reputation as a leading historian at the age of 22. Go Tom, I guess. 

The game is called Titanic: Honor and Glory, and it’s an incredibly authentic rendering of the Titanic, from sail to sinking. As you can see from the pictures above, a lot of work has gone into making it as accurate as possible, to the extent that it’s looking like it’s going to be the most accurate representation of the Titanic yet. 

The team are currently fundraising for the third phase of the project, and are asking for funds to cover the costs of hiring more people to work on the game, as well as the use of more advanced hardware and software, to ensure that everything is completed to the (totally achievable) high standards they’ve set. I mean, legit, this is an ambitious project, but I’m so proud of the team for making it this far, and I really hope it goes all the way. 

Even if you can’t donate to the project, you can follow the Tumblr page to keep on top of developments. Please do share this campaign if possible; I’ve known Tom for around 9 years now, and if anyone deserves to pull this off, it’s him. 

Thank you! 

Sarada Uchiha.
i cant believe this is my first finished drawing i made in 2015. I should sped up all my wips and get my head on the game.
Im so excited to watch boruto the movie tommorow!
⭐️Time: 3 hours
⭐️Tools: Copic markers. Watercolor
Sarada is my new favorite character on Naruto. Guess who’s my second one. Hmm? Comment below!
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ok but little mix coming to america again to promote their single is such a big deal and i’m reaaaaaaally excited for it, besides the bm videoshoot in la, the last time they went there it was just before cancelling the salute tour and it’s kind of game changing that now they are back performing at their first american award show, at a billboard event and at one of the largest tv shows there plus the fan meetings with radio stations. they’ll be back there with heads held high and hopefully everything WILL work out for them because they truly deserve it.


“I’ve been feeling pretty good so it’s finally time to get back at it… I’m just excited to get a game in and get playing again, and uh, kinda get my feet under me again.”


He tweets a picture about your engagement (requested) - Preference #311

// Guess who finished writing the first chapter of my fanfiction! This girl! I’m really excited and stuff. The entire fanfiction is called The Games We Play (TGWP) and I really really like it oml. I’m still not sure who’s going to end up with who but idk we’ll all figure that out along the way lol //