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So, Satan do you remember me? Dream job anon from last week. 2nd week in middle school chorus just as hard, BUT! Guess who is going to the Pride vs Spirit game tonight! So excited!! Best friend suprised me with suite tickets :)

I am so jealous! Imma need you to watch the A Team like a hawk and report back K? K.

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guess who's also confused and intrigued by critical role because of you i don't even know what it is

[bounces] i’m so excited i’m so excited OK



is 9 voice actors (incredibly prolific, you’ve definitely played a video game with one of them in it even if you never play video games tbh) who are live streaming their dungeons and dragons sessions. “but emily that sounds boring/i don’t understand dnd” YOU DON’T NEED TO AND IT’S NOT BORING AT ALL.

it’s exactly like watching a collaborative story unfolding. also it’s hilarious. also this group has been playing for years and they’re a super close knit group of friends and it’s just very nice to watch a gang of people who are genuinely friends hang out and make up shit (it’s so much better than if it… like this had been cast or something? i don’t think i would like it as much if it wasn’t so obvious that it’s just a group of friends who have been playing DnD for years except now they’re doing it with a camera) 

YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE PLAYED DND OR EVEN REALLY UNDERSTAND IT. the dice rolling is a secondary tool to further story. you’ll pick up what it’s about after watching a few episodes but honestly it doesn’t matter. IT’S JUST A STORY THAT’S BEING MADE UP ON THE FLY ITS BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY 

it is…. very long, however, and that is definitely the downside. 

He's still alive, in my heart(and deck).

Guess who got a place in a Star Wars Board game?

External image

THIS GUY!!!!!! I knew you’d love it.  It’s called Star Wars: Armada and he’s in the


Expansion Pack


Thank you so much for submitting this! I’ve been on the hunt ever since to get this (and I bought his card today, woo-hoo) because this is epic! I get so ridiculously excited for anything Aresko and to get to see him in realism is a real treat!

P.S. He looks way cooler than he deserves, I love it!


Balancing Skepticism and Optimism:  My thoughts on Doping in the Olympics

I have had a very difficult time getting into this Olympics.  From the internal debacles that Rio has faced to Rule 40 to relentless doping suspicion, part of me wants to just turn off the television and hope that someone hits a reset button before 2020.

I was hoping that my excitement for the Olympics would return once the track events started, but to be honest, I’ve been watching these races with as much enthusiasm as when I find a random throw-back Big 10 championship indoor meet on ESPN late at night.  I pay attention to the distance events, and then have the rest of the races on in the background.

I guess there are a lot of factors that come into play:  I do not believe athletes who have ever served a doping suspension should be allowed to compete in these games; I am frustrated by the archaic language used to describe athletes (particularly women), and to be honest, it is emotionally draining to me for EVERY single good performance to be accused of doping.  

I realize that last point may be criticized.  As a person who is against doping, why would I be bothered by another person’s accusations of doping?  I have been struggling with this question all week, and I think it’s because I feel like in many instances, I am seeing a lot of blanket statements.  As a scientist, I was taught to equally weigh both sides and avoid bias, and I am seeing so many statements now that implicate one person while ignoring others.  Now, I want to be clear here:  I am not writing this because I want to get into an argument about doping or WADA or the Olympics or anything.  I am writing because whether my blog was public or not, I would still write down these feelings somewhere, because I personally need an outlet to get my thoughts and feelings written down so that they stop swirling around in my head, driving me crazy.  

I think a lot of my frustration is that if we say certain things about individuals we are skeptical about, then we have to say the same things about the ones that we aren’t - and that in itself creates an unending stream of negativity.  I wish that instead of continually accusing the athletes, that we put greater pressure on the people who can make the changes - USATF, WADA, IOC, IAAF, etc.  Until the athletes (or their coaches, agents, federations, etc.) can no longer get away with the crime, we will continue to see dopers.  

I also become frustrated because (and I think this is the scientist in me), I want to look at the result from both sides.  

For instance, the women’s 10k was unbelievable.  Do I think that every single one of those performances was clean?  Likely not.  BUT, before we call the top 5 in the race dirty and 6th place clean, I think there is some evidence we have to look at first:

-Olympic races rarely go fast from the gun.  When you have a race where 8 women are running under Olympic record pace from the get-go, there will be fast times.  period.  

-18 of 34 women PR’d in that race; clearly these were fast conditions, a fast track, a day that will likely never be replicated

-Emily Infeld was 4 seconds from Shalane’s American Record.  This is NOT a personal diss to Infeld at all, but I do not think she is at the same level as Shalane was 8 years ago.  At the time Shalane’s record was set, many believed that 10k time would never be touched by an American woman.  

-Olympic 10k weather has traditionally been extremely hot.  This was the first race in recent memory that was not 80+ degrees (it was 64 degrees on the track at race time).

-Molly Huddle (who I believe without a doubt is clean) dropped 34 seconds from an already fast PR at the age of 32.  Ayana Almaz, in her second 10k ever after setting a record for the fastest 10k debut, dropped 50 seconds from her PR at the age of 24.  Almaz dropped more time, but is younger and has more (relative) room to improve in a distance that is new to her.  If we say that one performance without a doubt is doped because of time drops, how can we not say the other is?  (Again, I am NOT in any way saying that I believe that Molly is doped or that Ayana is/isn’t, but I think that we have to be careful when we say that one performance is while one is not, just on time drops alone).  

-The world record was a doping record, BUT it was set 23 years ago.  Is it unrealistic to think that in 23 years, with vast improvements to training, recovery, and performance technology (i.e. better equipment, better tracks, etc.) that a record would fall?  This is a rhetorical question more than anything.

-Ayana Almaz has never failed a drug test (that I know of).  Obviously, that does not by any means admit innocence, BUT, why is there not more accusations about Bernard Lagat?  Why does it not matter that he has failed a drug test in the past?  If we can say that a person who has never failed a drug test is undeniably doped, why do we not give the same treatment to one of America’s heroes who has, actually, failed a test and is putting up insane performances for his age?  (Again, not saying that Lagat is doped, but these are the reasons I have a hard time making accusations:  it is hard to say one person is while the other is not.)  

Of course, there is a lot of evidence for why there was doping in the race, and I will just name a couple (of many) key points:

-we know that Ethiopia’s out-of-competition drug testing protocol is murky

-Dibaba’s coach Jama Aden was arrested.  I believe in being guilty by association in this case.

-Almaz ran crazy negative splits - 14:46 and 14:30.  Granted, many distance world records have been run in this fashion, but I don’t know many (any?) that have gone out like that, with the final 5k under the Olympic record.  

-Two Ethiopian runners have failed drug tests this year.  While I am not saying that just because one athlete fails a drug test that the rest of the country should be judged (what would that mean for US T&F?), I think that in smaller/lesser developed countries there is more opportunity for overlap among coaches/agents/trainers/etc who may promote drugs.  

-WADA suspended Rio’s drug testing lab ahead of the games, suggesting even greater problems within the sport/Olympics at large

So, am I skeptical about the performances?  Yes, but I think that all evidence should be weighed equally when making accusations we have no strong evidence for (i.e. past doping convictions or current failed drug tests).  The statement “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” has been popping up a lot lately, and while I agree with it, where do we draw the line?  Do we say Katie Ledecky is doping because she won the 800 by 11 seconds?  Do we say Michael Phelps is doping because he has won more medals than most countries?  If we say that someone is too old, too manly-looking, broke a record by too much, or improved by too much, we have to also consider who we believe is clean and realize that he or she may fall into the exact category that we are condemning.

What is the right course of action?  I don’t know.  Should we assume everyone is doped until proven innocent?  That seems unfair and to me, and kind of harkens back to sex-testing.  Should we assume everyone is innocent until proven guilty?  I don’t know, that approach hasn’t seemed to work either.  Should we just abolish records and focus on the race?  Obviously that would never work - we care too much about novelty.

I am so torn because I feel like it is not constructive to call out athletes that we know nothing about, because that just spreads even more negativity in our sport.  (While we are on the topic, I have a plea:  PLEASE stop accusing women of doping based on their degree of “looking like a man.”  PLEASE.  This is not constructive and is extremely hypocritical when we are criticizing NBC for sexist commentary.)

So, what are constructive things we CAN do, as T&F/sports fans, to promote clean sport?  

We can call for IOC to enforce stricter doping regulations.  Voice your displeasure that this happened.  (Love that the fans have been booing the Russian athletes).

We can call for lifetime bans/Olympic bans for people with doping suspensions.

We can call for USATF not to allow convicted dopers to be Olympic coaches.

We can sign petitions.

We can use the hashtag #ReedieResign

We can call for greater out-of-competition drug testing in suspect countries.

We can support local races that ban athletes/agents with doping backgrounds

We can support science and performance enhancing drug testing research.

I was asked recently why I have been silent about drugs and doping in the Olympics, and this is why.  I do not think (unless we have evidence besides an unreal performance) we can accuse a person of having doped without implicating others who have not.  I hope that instead of speculation (unless, of course, you know more than simply that a performance seemed too good to be true) we can collectively work together to support measures to make 2020 clean(er).  

dlc: blonde homosexual looks for his nemesis who also happens to be his life crush
he gets too excited and tells everyone including his crush’s husband. now they all wanna come with him and he cant “celebrate” meeting his crush again. to get rid of them he decides to climb a fuckin mountain. they all die. theres a sassy shaman somewhere

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Izzie (Elecktra) and Dark!Warren for the ship thingy

who hogs the duvet : Izzie
who texts/rings to check how their day is going : Izzie
who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts : Izzie
who gets up first in the morning : Warren
who suggests new things in bed : Warren
who cries at movies : Izzie and Warren comforts her
who gives unprompted massages : Warren
who fusses over the other when they’re sick : Warren
who gets jealous easiest : Warren
who has the most embarrassing taste in music : Izzie
who collects something unusual : Izzie
who takes the longest to get ready : Warren, you gotta groom the wings you feel
who is the most tidy and organised : Izzie?? I guess??
who gets most excited about the holidays : idk Izzie?
who is the big spoon/little spoon : Warren//Izzie
who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports : Warren
who starts the most arguments : Warren
who suggests that they buy a pet : Izzie

what couple traditions they have
what tv shows they watch together
what other couple they hang out with
how they spend time together as a couple : idk them that well to answer these

who made the first move : Warren, I bet
who brings flowers home : Izzie 
who is the best cook : Izzie

@heyitselecktra and I can’t find warren tag him

This made my day

So today, I was doing some shopping for groceries and stuff. Ofcourse, to make things more exciting, I was playing Pokémon Go. After taking back a gym from Instinct (it only lasted 5 minutes, but that was enough for me #GoValor!) I noticed my battery was dying and decided it was time to go home.

I walked past a Pokéstop and passed two young boys who were on their phone. Didn’t know what they were doing, but my guess was they were also playing the game. While I was walking on the bridge, I decided to drop a lure. As soon as I dropped the lure, those boys turned their head, looked up smiling and waved at me enthusiastically.

It’s the small things in life, people. Be nice to your fellow Pokemon-trainers and drop a lure once in a while. Even if you can’t stay.

Oh and I forgot to buy groceries. Shit happens.

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your sister and Fred for the ship thingy

who hogs the duvet : Carmen
who texts/rings to check how their day is going : Fred
who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts : Fred
who gets up first in the morning : Fred, like but it is still at like 1pm
who suggests new things in bed : I refuse to give this a dignified answer
who cries at movies : Carmen
who gives unprompted massages : Fred, I guess
who fusses over the other when they’re sick : Fred
who gets jealous easiest : Fred probably
who has the most embarrassing taste in music : Carmen lmao
who collects something unusual : Fred probably
who takes the longest to get ready : Carmel Corn
who is the most tidy and organised : Carmen
who gets most excited about the holidays : Freddie
who is the big spoon/little spoon : Carmen is the little spoon but could switch
who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports : They both are jfc
who starts the most arguments : Carmen
who suggests that they buy a pet : Fred
what couple traditions they have : prank wars on their siblings and watching movies together
what tv shows they watch together : NCIS, Law and Order, and Parks and Rec
what other couple they hang out with : They surprisingly hang out with like Harry and Ginny or someone like that
how they spend time together as a couple : mostly just chilling and cuddling AND NOT DOING ANYTHING SINFUL
who made the first move : Carmen, I think
who brings flowers home : Fred
who is the best cook : Carmen sucks so it’s Fred by default

@carmencassidy @its-fred-weasley