so today I had a call for a patient having an asthma attack. me and my partner go, and we’re treating the patient, and her fiancee shows up with her daughter, who had a tooth pulled that morning and isn’t in school. we take the patient to the clinic and I sit out in the hallway with the daughter, who was a bit scared cause her mom wasn’t well. we start talking, about her brothers and her school and her pets and video games and her favourite ice cream that she gets to eat all day because of her tooth. she asked what I was studying, and I told her, and we talked about what I did volunteering as a first responder.

then she says ‘I have autism’
and I look at her and say ‘guess what? I have autism too.’
and she was so excited. we high fived. I told her it was nice to meet another girl with autism, because it was mostly boys.
she asked if I had sensitive hearing too. then when her mom came out, attack over thanks to the medication, she told her mom.

then afterwards she told me it was nice to meet me and she gave me a hug. it was great. I’m still so happy. I’m happy that I got to meet that young girl who probably doesn’t know any other autistic women, who probably won’t meet many more. I’m happy that I was able to distract her from worrying about her mom. I’m happy that she gets to see me, going to school and helping people and generally being successful and also autistic. I’m glad that I was able to share that with her, that I wasn’t afraid of other people finding out or realizing that I’m autistic and it’s okay. I’m glad she knows it’s okay too, to be autistic, and to be proud of being autistic.

Also do you guys ever meet people irl who used to play the games but then stopped like 8 years ago or whatever? Because this happened with a few of my friends and I got all excited like blah blah omg but they are like oh yeah… haven’t seen those in forever (and don’t have an interest in getting back into it). And I’m sitting here like oh yeah right never mind maybe I guess we won’t freak out together. Like I even sent someone links to some posts here that I thought were hilarious and I don’t think she answered 😂 sooo okay I’ll stick to tumblr fam then.

vas-alarei  asked:

I'm in a weird place right now. I'm salty as fuck and pissed at BioWare for the lack of mlm representation but I'm still really excited to play the game. Is that bad?

No, it’s not bad. It’s okay. 

If you ask me, nothing is entirely “unproblematic.” Some creative works are very close to it, but they’re rare. Does that mean people who like all types of works are bad people? Far from it. 
I guess the issue is when people deny that something has flaws. I’m not talking about people who just don’t enjoy being critical and focus on the positive stuff but people who will insist there is nothing wrong when others point out that yes, there is something wrong. That’s intended ignorance. It’s not the case here.

Now of course you can say “I’ll stop supporting Bioware, I won’t play that game considering what I know about MEA.” 
I think some people are doing that. That’s their right.
But we have a right to be excited anyway, we have a right to play MEA, we have a right to see what Bioware worked on for so many years. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about those issues, we do. We acknowledge and talk about them.
But fuck, it’s a new Mass Effect game. I live, breath, eat, talk, and dream Mass Effect. Of course I’m excited! But me being excited doesn’t mean I support the lack of mlm representation in MEA.

And at this point we haven’t even played the game, you know? 
So I wouldn’t feel too guilty about this. I don’t think it’s good to let others pressure us one way or another. 


While the voidcritter game is underway, Ryan’s friend, Cameron Masters, stops by for a good ol’ chess game.

Carmen entertains SayJ, and Olivia, on Don’t Wake the Llama..while chatting with Sierra..who was so excited about winning a spelling bee in her class, she jumped up from the game table.

Sierra:  And guess what! I spelled a reaally hard word and I had to put it in a sentence, too!

Carmen:  What word was that?

Sierra spells slowly:  F-r-i-g-h-t-e-n…frighten.  Did the big dog frighten you?  ..I won.

Carmen: Oh wow, Sierra..that’s so good!

Meanwhile on the chess board…

Ryan to Cameron:  You sure you wanna do what you thinkin’ bout doing? You know I’m inside your head right now.

Cameron laughs…

Cameron: Shut up, always do this. I’m trying to focus.


“Build a fort with us,” Jax and Opie cheesed as they plopped down on the couch, you being squished between them.

“No,” you blantly replied, continuing your attention to your book.

“Build a fort with us,” they repeated.

Their faces so close to either side of you that out of your peripheral you could see the giant grins.

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Guess who got a job!

I’m so freaking excited. I will be working as an office assistant at a video game studio. This job is amazing! Really cool company, great people and perks.

I switched my major to computer science so this is opportunity is an amazing way to get my foot in the door. Shits coming together. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Seokjin Scenario: Game On.

Request:  Can I request a scenario where you and Jin meet online (it can be any online game like Maple Story) and fall in love along the way (like he’ll come save you in games lol) and when you meet personally you guys just click and he asks you out. Thank you again~

Genre: Fluff

Nothing could compare with arriving home and knowing you had free time to spare in one of the things you enjoyed the most. You kicked out your shoes and clothes so could change into your pajamas, pulling your hair up into a ponytail for more comfort and letting yourself down onto your bed. Your body bounced a little on the mattress with your excitement, this was like a guilty pleasure, one that you didn’t really hide, there were people who knew about your obsession with MapleStory, some others just guessed it by your key chain and the little themed objects you carried around, they were cute and you loved them.

Taking your laptop you went straight to the game, you’d been craving this all day long so you accommodated yourself against your pillows and placed the laptop on your legs. Your character welcomed you back and you smiled at the screen, it didn’t matter what other people thought about getting caught up with video games, this was as good as any other thing and much healthier than the things some of the people you knew did.

This game had brought you so many good things to your life, you’d made a lot of friends along the way and it was just nice, because there was also someone who was your friend but sometimes it felt more than just that. You didn’t know how to describe it, you were one of the best players among the community and that’s what made you know Jin. He was one of the best too, and at first you’d been a little jealous of him, just a little you must admit because you were a competitive girl. You’d even laughed at his username because which boy would name himself pink princess? Seokjin, that’s who, and even if at that moment you’d said that the only one allowed to be a princess there was you, you’d ended up warming to him, with all your bickering and all.

You now knew his username was a joke form his friends and he never really cared too much to take the time and change it, but you also found that Seokjin was odd in a good kind of way, he was lovely and funny and always came to the rescue when he saw you were in too much trouble for your own good. Both of your characters were Mages, the only difference was that you were now an Arch Mage of Ice while Jin was a Bishop, maybe it was because of the protective nature of his character, but somehow you always found each other along the road and he made sure to keep you safe.

You were far more daring than he was, and the first time you traded information with him so you could know each other better, you’d been scared but excited at the same time, the old saying of not trusting strangers on the internet kept repeating on your mind but you’d already traded your cellphone numbers. You only wanted to see if he was the same way as his character, kind, gentlemanly and dedicated, and you’d found so much more that now you anticipated Jin’s presence even more. It was cute and at the same time heart racing to know that somehow, Jin was taking care of you and that knowledge alone made you feel stronger, just like it happened in the game.

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