So I didn’t post any of the Tree Warrior rough sketches this week. Why? Because I actually was productive and sketched them out in my sketchbook while my car was getting an oil change ;P. Problem with that is I sketched them super light….because I wasn’t think clearly obviously…so the photos did not come out well >.<.  I haven’t had the chance to bring them in photoshop yet to re-sketch them. But until I do I figured I’d show some other rough sketches sitting on my desktop. 

These are my zodiac rough sketches. The bottom was from last year right before I headed to CTN in November. I lost my inspiration to complete them once I got back. But with the new year i’m revisiting these characters again. The top sketch is my newest zodiac drawing (can you guess who ;P) that will be completed hopefully tonight. :) The other signs will come later…they more then likely will differ heavily from my original rough sketch ideas on the bottom. ;)

 If I manage to make this first zodiac drawing nice enough I may add it to my online store for a new print. :D