A Sugar Baby’s Guide to a Luxury Wardrobe and Brands

FOLLOW ME ON MY SB INSTA ~ I have like no followers because I just started the account & would love to connect with more sugar sisters on another platform! I will be posting shopping hauls and inspiration photos. There will also be restaurant, bar and club recommendations and travel pics! SISTERS ONLY!!! @citysugarbabe

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion, and you are free to disagree! I am not being sponsored or gifted items by any of these brands (I wish!). I am simply just trying to share some of my style tips based off of my own wardrobe :) xo

Will continue to update as I think of more things! This was just off the top of my head. Feel free to send in suggestions, if I use it I will give you credit when I edit the post! Questions also welcome. 

Although I am relatively new to the sugar bowl, dressing stylishly and well is something I have done all of my life. I hope my advice can help others! A top, big fish SD is going to dress well, and he’s going to want his SB to do the same. You must exude confidence and style for him to want to pursue you. 

If you are a sugar baby looking to build an ultimate, timeless luxury wardrobe look no further - check out my guide below!

T-shirts & Tank Tops - ATM (wonderfully flattering, especially for bigger busts), T by Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, James Perse
Jeans - rag&bone/JEAN, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for all Mankind, J Brand, Current/Elliott, AG Adriano Goldschmidt. Yes I love my denim :)
Anything with a blatant logo on it like True Religion is a NONO.
Shirts - Equipment
Sweatpants - I used to absolutely detest sweatpants but after seeing photos of Rihanna and Gigi rock them, I’m kind of into it. Have my eye on a pair from Fenty X Puma now!

Agent Provocateur (DUH) has the most sexy pieces, they make you feel wonderful about yourself, however I would only wear their stuff to show off for my man. Their bras, corsets, bustiers etc. don’t give much support so if you’re just wearing them trying to run errands your boob may pop out of its cup lol! Very annoying to constantly keep having to tuck it back in under your shirt.

I have quite a large bust, so I shop at Journelle, Stella McCartney, Elle Macpherson, and Chantelle because a lot of other nice brands don’t make my size as much (32DD/E) - these are for sexier but still functional pieces.

Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for the most functional underwear.
Hanky Panky has great one size fits most thongs, and Commando for underwear for a tight dress or something that gives NO VPL (visible panty lines!)

Sneakers (for fashion, not the gym) - Golden Goose, Common Projects
Sneakers (for the gym) - Nike
Gianvito Rossi - The new Manolo in my opinion. Not as overdone and not flashy like Louboutins. Wonderfully classic. Something I’d wear to a dream job interview or meeting a boyfriend’s parents.
Louboutins - even though they’re a bit trashy now I still love the sex appeal of a red bottom.. who can resist?
Rochas does beautifully embellished flats that you can wear with a cocktail dress if you aren’t feeling heels!
K. Jacques for flat sandals. Made in St. Tropez but they sell it on Shopbop etc.
Chanel and Lanvin for ballet flats
Love Stuart Weitzman’s highland and lowland boots, even though it seems like everyone and their mother owns a pair. They’re just so flattering and I love that they have them in so many neutral colors.
I like Saint Laurent’s basic flat Chelsea ankle boots. Go with everything in the fall.

Dolce & Gabbana - I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana!! As I said I am quite curvy, and their dresses are absolutely made for my body type.
Cushnie et Ochs - Also sexy AF
Giambattista Valli - When you want to look like an elegant, high fashion flower child
Saint Laurent - SO expensive, more for the extremely thin Kate Moss types, but I just like to look anyways :)
Less expensive but still great: Zimmermann (love Aussie clothing brands), Wheels&Dollbaby, Nicholas, L’Agent, Reformation, For Love & Lemons, Maje

Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli
J Crew, Joie, Vince and Everlane (cheaper)

Maxmara for the elegant, most classic pieces EDIT 10/9/2016: Maxmara carries very well-cut and stylishly professional coats. Think Olivia Pope-esque. This is also where Kim K got her iconic camel wrap coat and yes, they still carry it. I have one!
AllSaints for a great rocker chic leather biker jacket - try a mens one to increase the cool factor
Rick Owens - Also great for leather jackets, but more elegant and definitely more expensive 
Chanel: Their tweed jackets and coats are ultimate and so timeless- wear one with a simple white t shirt, jeans and booties to achieve that Parisian je ne sais quoi.
Yves Salomon does a great fur coat, EDIT 10/9/2016: that isn’t AS expensive as other top fur designers… think $5000-$10,000 which is still mega expensive but still far cheaper than J Mendel whose furs can fetch up to 60k (or even more)! and the quality is still great. I used to get Elizabeth and James furs for like a $1000 but tbh they looked cheap. I think if you can’t afford good fur, it’s best to spend on other areas, because cheap fur just makes you look, well, cheap!

Chanel. Duh.
Never used to like Gucci but their new horsebit Dionysus bags (in plain suede without the Gucci logo) are to die for
Valentino Rockstud (a little bit passé but I still like mine)
Mansur Gavriel for something timeless and not too flashy
Saint Laurent for a tote bag. If you’re young, in my opinion this is a much better alternative than an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. I think for a young girl to be carrying a Birkin is a little bit… much. Although if you have found an SD who will buy you a Birkin then I say the more power to you, you’re clearly doing much better than me and feel free to ignore my advice - if fact can I have your advice?? lol

EDIT OCT. 9, 2016:

Where do I shop?
Great question - so. many. places.

Online (just google the names, I’m too lazy to hyperlink haha. Maybe another day):

Net-a-porter: love, and they do same-day courier delivery in NYC, London and Hong Kong
Moda Operandi: swoon-worthy site. You can pre-order next season’s clothes custom made for you straight off the runway, and they show up at your door just in time for the season! You put a 50% deposit down when you place the order at first, and pay the rest a few months later when the clothing piece is completed. I trick myself into believing that it’s budgeting, lol.
Revolve Clothing
TheRealReal (You can get some GREAT designer pre-owned and vintage on the cheap here, AND sell your old designer stuff you don’t want anymore! Note they only accept from a preselected list of designers, check that your item’s brand is on the list before sending anything in to sell)
Vestiaire Collective (same as theRealReal)
Forward by Elyse Walker
TheOutNet (Net-a-porter’s sale site. I’ve found some fantastic deals here. But be sure to check everyday because they definitely sell out fast)
Barneys, Saks, Selfridges, Bergdorfs etc. - I know these are department stores, but their websites are surprisingly well-maintained and carry a really good stock of stuff from top designers.

July 27th 2017 - Learn To Let Go music video

Kesha dropped the music video for Learn To Let Go, a song co-written with her mother that urges people to let go of the bad feelings of the past and move forward. The video, directed by Isaac Ravishankara, incorporates home movies filmed by Kesha’s aunt over the years and shows the artist reconnecting with her childhood innocence.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! You know all about Jared Leto. What do you know about the ring on her left hand, which he wore at the premiere of the SS? Please tell us what you think or know about the ring. Many thanks! Hugs

ahahahahahahaha, no one knows all about Jared but I do, for some reason, seem to have a photographic memory when it comes to him…

There’s been no exact confirmation on the rings he wore at the Suicide Squad NYC premiere (and also the same ones on Jimmy Fallon/Fallon Tonight) - but here’s an educated guess and then some from me.


It’s gold in color with a flat-face. My guess is it’s the gold pinkie “skwad” ring the cast was gifted in celebration of the premiere.

Karen Fukuhara (Katana) posted a close-up of hers on her Instagram:


It looks to be a cocktail ring with a gold-base and either a large, flat-faced oval-shaped black onyx gemstone or some other element set within the face of the ring.

Jared so rarely wears rings and I’ve never seen this one before when he has worn rings, so, possible LETOTHEORIES COMIN’ ATCHA!

What if Jared 5-finger-pocketed it and it’s a piece he wore while filming Suicide Squad cause that Joker lives for flair?
He’s done it before and he’ll do it again! Just kidding - but also not at all. We learned he repeatedly tried to steal random things from McConaughey while filming DBC and he has a history of stealing popstarlet’s songs and turning them into piano-heavy heartbreaking works of art.
Submitting as evidence:
Exhibit A
& Exhibit B.

In addition to the helmet he wore as Hephaistion in Alexander (2004), Leto also stole some other bits from the production, including but not limited to a matching necklace both his character and Alexander (portrayed by a peroxided Colin Farrell tryna give us Lion Realness) wore. In the film, the pendant served as a sort of silent symbol of their characters’ undying devotion to one another. The day the film wrapped, Oliver Stone’s hot af son who had been filming the production for behind the scenes shit captured this moment between the boyz:

(I mean, that’s basically the face Jared made throughout 2014 and 2015 whilst performing “End of All Days” - and I think we all know where his hands were and what they were doing during that song…anyways.)

According to The Making of Alexander by on-set advisor and Alexander historian, Robin Lane Fox, Colin and Jared exchanged necklaces in some little intimate ceremony once filming ended. The necklaces also had been customized as they now contained a lock of the other’s hair.

Yanno. Just two dudebros, being dudes and being bros…rubbing necklaces together containing locks of the other’s hair, while whispering words of encouragement and casting longing glances at each other, locked in some emotional embrace, and also possibly climaxing (in Jared’s case). Just doin’ some normal, standard bro-shit.
Don’t worry about it.

Especially don’t worry about Colin being photographed post-filming while on some little vacay with select individuals from the production (*cough*jared*cough*) like, apparently, still wearing the necklace.

Farrelleto Postscript: Colin confirmed during a Q & A in 2013 (I believe) that he still has his necklace. We can only assume it still contains 2004-Leto’s OG Ombre (so please someone remember this for when the apocalypse is nigh and we must begin cloning Jared Letos to complete our vampire armies). We can also assume since Jared still has his Hephaistion helmet (like proudly on display in his living room (for the last 10 yrs) like some kind of goddamn trophy for surviving some of the hottest days of his life full of hottness) - he likely still has his necklace too. OMG STOP BEING SO SADLY ROMANTIC AND SENTIMENTAL GUYS OK GROSS RELAX. It’s not like both ya’all will still be single well into your 40s or anything. Sheesh.

I looked thru Suicide Squad set images for all the rings that the Joker was captured wearing - but none appeared to look like this one from Fallon/NYC Premiere. HOWEVER - I have not seen the film, yet, so it is possible that ring appears in it - and also possible that it was provided for filming and never made it into a complete look. Maybe Jared was so taken with it, he pocketed it and like most lifelong kleptomaniacs decided to wear it to the premiere like some sort of trophy.
Also possible neither because it didn’t look to contain a lock of Will Smith’s beardhair so who cares? Certainly not Leto. He will only wear jewelry from films that contains co-star’s hair and/or DNA – or nothing at all. 

Including special guest appearances from Mamaleto and Lallo omggg!11!!!

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