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Hi! I checked your wcif and I saw something about her previous hair, but where can I find Cara's current hair? Thank you so much.

Thanks for checking! You can find it here. –> [x]

so i was watching Russell Howard’s Good News when i saw this part -> (x) and just couldn’t stop myself.

basically its a heartbroken Stiles meeting drunk Derek at a party on his way to the bathroom and Derek all woozy sees his shirt and goes “that’s a cool shirt“ so stiles loving the compliment realizes that Derek doesn’t kno it glows in the dark so he smirks and says “dude. it glows in the dark“ so like a second later he is being pulled into the dark bathroom and hearing a soft gasp when the ghosts on his shirt glow.

An old joke I cracked on a thread somewhere in Reddit— (>x>)

Also Ft. Mr Face !!
I was starting to draw this comic until the “Recommended-Up-next” video in youtube was this film by mister denmo featuring Mr Face and it started playing!

“Mr Face Luvs It”

Took it as a sign for this Roegadyn comic so I hadta mail him! >:Ob
Thank you for your presence, Mr Face! (n_n)9

Mr Face @

Concert Experience with Yoongi.  

requested by: @jungkook-gifs 💗🍺

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