I decided to make some Sherlock lockscreens and I start from Lestrade (’cause he is my favorite). I hope you like it ;)

To be continued… 

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edits that i tried my best about my fave fics

All’s Fair in Love and War by EventHorizon

“{…} Lestrade smiled as widely as he could and hoped Mycroft couldn’t see how fast his heart was beating.  He’d come here to get as pissed as he could, find someone to shag and cry his eyes out tomorrow for being a complete waste of skin because no matter what he might ever do to be the man he once was, his Mycroft would never love him again so why not drink and fuck his way to the grave and be done with it once and for all.”

What’s your name?

Sherlock Holmes

Summary: Sherlock was dropped off in Scotland Yard by Mycroft, expecting all but to make a new friend.

Warnings: Young Sherlock

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A/N: Good read everyone! 

“Hey there little boy! Aren’t you a cute one?”

Sherlock did not like what was going on. Not only he had to go out with Mycroft, he ditched him in Scotland Yard with a supposed acquaintance of his and now he was left waiting with the extremely annoying secretary who kept pinching his cheeks and trying to give him candy. It was so exaggerating and overwhelming that he even had started to think of ways that a murder could happen right then and there.

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One reason I love the Sherlock fandom is that we’re so crazed that we literally create ships out of nothing to make up for lack of new episodes and therefore new ship material. And I’m not just talking about Mystrade, which is beautiful in itself. Fucking MorMor. Yes, Sebastian Moran is an actual character, but not in the show. We decided that Moriarty needs a killer boyfriend(pun intended) and so we did our research and pulled from the ashes Moran. We created a modernized personality, we decided who plays him, we created backstories, we made fan art and fan docs and photo manips and fuck I just love this fandom.