Sometimes I just have to get images out of my head and onto paper so they’ll stop taking up space in there. Sometimes these images are of a story I’ve already drawn similar illustrations/images of in the past. 

Ooops? Hahaha…

More of the gang from my alien story “GRUX”: Where we find out our moon has it’s OWN moon and on that tiny planet is a race of 12 foot tall cyclops creatures called Gruxxor. We bring a bunch to earth and keep them in a military base in Alaska. People start to have a bad time when one Gruxxor’s wife dies and he declares a race war against humanity with the help of a giant cult of humans that worships them. 


Also, shout-out to this goofy rendition of the picture that @rottenchicken did:


Still more older work from a couple of years back I think?

This here is an excerpt from one of my more larger and ambitious comic stories called “GRUX”, which has a group of aliens (known as Gruxxor) discovered on our moon’s undiscovered moon (named Grux) coming to Earth and not taking to the relocation so well.

This is just a showdown scene at the Alaskan Fort Jarosinki where the Gruxxor Ferdel makes his full cross-over from notable threat, to full-on evil antagonist while preparing to fight C.I.A agent Caesar Harris

Often times, I’ll conjure up single frames or stills “images” of scenes from my stories in my head while I’m working them out. This is one such result of that that I had the itch to sketch out. It’s from my story “GRUX” and and is during the alien uprising in Fort Jarosinski. Here we see a unit of armed fort guards (comprised of humans and one Human-Gruxxor hybrid called a Gaal) moving in to (try) and quell the violence. 

The letters on the assault shields reading “H.G.P.F” are for the Human and Gruxxor Protection Force.

Sour as my fingers
Dirty pick pocket
I can still taste you
I won’t wash my hands

Red is the color
Of the sun with my eyes closed
I can still taste you
And I will again

Woman please I’m in your possession
You are my obsession
Let me go down
Down, down, down, down, down, down, down