Leaked Audio Tape Proves that Republicans Are Conspiring to Manufacture Obama Scandals

A secret audio tape of a May 8th meeting of the conservative group “Groundswell” (a total nightmare amalgamation of creatures mostly bearing Southern drawls, birther conspiracy beliefs and a reliable paranoia of being persecuted) shows the group using their collective power (media, sleeping with SCOTUS, money, evangelical base/money, GOP Congressional aides) to pressure elected Republicans into making something out of the now debunked Benhazi scandal.

They want a special committee or else.

If they don’t get it, they warned Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and Obama fake scandal manufacturer Darrell Issa (R-CA), the two could face a loss of support and financial backing.

Birther Frank Gaffney made it clear on the tape that he told the puppets to play ball or else! He told the group that he had reminded Boehner and Issa that their donors are getting restless (aka, deliver us an Obama scandal or your PAC gets it), “I’m somewhat encouraged that they’re taking this thing very much to heart and we really impressed upon them that there’s a lot of restiveness on the part of folks like us, and some of their donors as a matter of fact, about what — what’s happening here.”

Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council told the group of conspirators that in their secret meeting the night before, Speaker Boehner warned them that the media would see this as an attempt to bring down the Obama administration (gee, ya think?). But, have no fear, patriots, “We got an ugly baby here and it’s going to get ugly today. We are not backing away from our call for a special committee with subpoena power… We’re not backing away from a special committee, but we kinda have a pledge from Issa and the Speaker.”

The tape of the meeting was published on Crooks and Liars by Karoli, who writes that the source wished to remain anonymous. The meeting was led by Catherine Engelbrecht, a founder of True the Vote. True the Vote is the organization found guilty of illegally aiding Republicans by operating like a PAC instead of a non-profit, and the very same organization trotted out by Darrell Issa and the media as just one example of Obama’s IRS picking on conservatives. Naturally, that wasn’t true, but it didn’t stop the media or the Republicans from running wild with their fictional accusations.

Among those present at this meeting were Ginni Thomas (wife of sitting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), former Republican Representative Allen West and of course, Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News, who was on hand to instruct everyone how to handle the talking points (keep repeating that you are just interested in the “TRUTH”).


Along with University Settlement, Chinatown YMCA, and Groundswell, the New Museum’s G:Class program is sponsoring a series of mural-making workshops for teens. The Mural will be painted at 271 Bowery. Come check out the mural painting process during the IDEAS CITY StreetFest TODAY!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the preparatory collages the teens have been making!

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group

David Corn & Kate Sheppard | Mother Jones >>

Groundswell has set itself up as the theme lab for the true-red activists of the conservative movement. Fearing that some hydra of the left has long been running wild, vanquishing the right, and bringing the nation closer to utter ruin, the members of Groundswell have birthed a hydra of their own.  >continue<

Ever wonder how right wing mouths are always spouting the same jingles and memes so damned fast?   Been going on for ever, basically reflecting the style of Newt Gingrich, who was invited to speak to Groundswell. Of course, the focus on the sorcery of language, of subverting rationality, thinking and argument by means of cute definitions and buzzwords has been a staple since the 80’s. Now, however, the sync between GOP wordsmiths and the “press” has veered into a schism of sorts, with a new Tea Bagger faction trying to create their own special collusion zone, Groundswell. But, like Romney’s ass-tacular remarks got recorded… now their workings have been exposed.

A must read, especially since Clarence Thomas’ wife is involved at a high level. Quite starkly, you can see a focus on sheer sophistry, marketing, “a grand parade of lifeless packaging ready to use”, all intent on bypassing rational consciousness and inquiry for the sake of hypnotic manipulation. This is what they think is at issue both in making and winning an argument.
Audio Emerges Proving Secret Conservative Organization Behind Benghazi "Scandal"

‘Groundswell’ was largely responsible for the false hype surrounding the Benghazi and IRS controversies – here’s how.


At the end, the camera zooms out and you see what these kids painted.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when people from one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York put aside their differences and work together using art.

21 Juicy Questions | Katie Lee

This weekend the lovely Katie Lee will add fiction writer to her list of many talents when we celebrate her debut novel, Groundswell, at our East Hampton outpost on Saturday from 5-7 p.m. We can’t wait to meet her and tell her how much we love her book (beach reading doesn’t get much better!)

You should definitely read it, but read her answers to these 21 Juicy Questions first! Enjoy xx.

1. THE WARDROBE ITEMS CURRENTLY IN TOP ROTATION: Juicy bikinis, white T-shirts, cut-off jean shorts and maxi dresses.


3.  A TREND I WILL ALWAYS SIT OUT: Stirrup pants.

4.  YOU’D LIKE TO TAKE ME OUT TO DINNER, I SUGGEST… Somewhere very casual. 

5. THE CAUSE I’M MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT I have a few…Surfrider, Feeding America, Charity:Water, North Shore Animal League.

6.  THE SIGNATURE LOOK I WILL ALWAYS RETURN TO: When in doubt, a little black dress always works.

7. IT’S 10 P.M. ON SATURDAY YOU CAN FIND ME … at home, having a dinner party with friends.

8.  MY GREATEST TALENT: is cooking. 

9.  MY STYLE ICON: Ali McGraw.

10. MY CURRENT NON-FASHION OBSESSION: “Flower Fridays”… every Friday I get fresh flowers and make small arrangements for my house. 

11. YOU ASK FOR MY NO. 1 STYLE TIP, I SAY… I like my fashion like my food, the 3 c’s: casual, comfortable, and a touch of couture.

12. THE BEST GIFT I EVER RECEIVED … My friend made me a mosaic from an image of me surfing. 

13. MY FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: I love traveling, so it’s tough to choose. I always love going to Paris, but I’d have to say my best trip ever was a safari in South Africa. 

14. MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT L.A. IS: That I can order my food any way I want it.  Waiters don’t even blink an eye when you ask for substitutions or the dressing on the side!

15. YOU SAY JUICY TRACKSUIT, I SAY … comfortable!!

16. MOST RECENT PURCHASE: A hot pair of Brian Atwood shoes (I don’t know which is sexier … the shoes or the designer?!)

17. THE LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Katy Perry is my summer soundtrack.

18. THE LAST JUICY BOOK I READ: I’m reading The Paris Wife right now and I love it.

19. THE LAST RECO-WORTHY MOVIE I SAW: I just saw Horrible Bosses and it was hilarious.

20. MY CURRENT GIRL CRUSH: I can’t get enough of The Bachelorette.