My fellow marvel fans, I understand you guys making literally every character in the mcu gay, making Loki practically your god, and making a lot of cancerous fan-ficton.

But this

This is too much, stand with me brothers and sisters as we find this person and sentence thim to death.

We start the hunt at noon tomorrow stand with me or against me.

Vital: Part Two - Space: Chapter 17: Smooth Criminal

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Rated M for language, violence and adult content (nsfw chapters will be marked as such). Continued from Vital: Part One - Terra; Kraglin’s background based on Loyalty

Wooo, this one’s a doozy, y’all. It’s as long as like 3 chapters, but I didn’t want to break it up. Enjoy! Thanks for all the input on Yondu’s suit, I think I combined all the requests into one! ;)

It’s the night of the Gala. Ryx and Mosegi help you get dressed, and Rhian surprises you by putting your hair up into an beautiful braided updo. All ready, you make your way to Yondu’s quarters. You buzz his door, but he doesn’t answer. You try again, also knocking on the thick steel door. Still no answer. With an exasperated sigh, you dig your wrist com out of your new purse and dial him.

“Yeah, what!” he sounds disgruntled.

“Hey,” you chide. “Be nice.”

“Oh, sorry darlin’. This blasted necktie - shit, no! that’s too tight, Krags! Can’t breathe, dammit." 

"Where are you?”

“Kraglin’s quarters,” he replies. “It’s closer to the hangar, why dontcha meet me here, honey? See ya in a minute.” With a click, he disconnects the call.

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Tony: Thrusters? Check.

Steve: Shield? Check.

Thor: Mjölnir? Check.

Clint: Arrows? Check.

Groot: I am? Groot.

Peter: Hotel? Trivago.

Y'all remember the first time you watched infinity war and it showed the wakandan fight and how everyone was getting weaker, even Bruce in the Hulkbuster and he was convinced that they were gonna lose but then suddenly in comes a big ass fuckin AXE with lightning and it decks like 20 aliens before flying back to Thor and then he just yells “bring me Thanos!!!” and fckin OBLITERATES LIKE 300 ALIENS WHILE THE AVENGERS THEME IS BLARING IN THE BACKGROUND? Yeah.