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1|2 Seeing at the Grell Will dynamic, I always feel that Grell always goes that one step too far. Grell is one of my favourite characters, but even I have to admit that what Grell does can be a bit too much. William is also often unnecessary cruel, although there is a slight understanding why he has those extreme reactions. I don't think their relationship is abusive, violent yes, but there the willingness of Grell, and the obvious discomfort of William makes it seem like someone trying to get

2|2 away from a (sexual) harasser. it might not be Yana’s intention, but it just feels too much like Grell is the creepy stalker who forces themselves on an unwilling victim constantly, I don’t really feel their chemistry at all. While Grell is one of my fave characters, that doesn’t stop me from being bothered, that the way he acts is shown as comic relief. Imagine the same thing with a young girl and a pervy old dude, who constantly tries to force himself on her. Not that funny anymore.

Mmm…I think Grell is the definition of excess in some ways.  Which contrasts with William’s austerity.

This is a really great analysis of their dynamic, anon.  Probably the best I’ve ever seen.  You’re right–it really wouldn’t be the same with a young girl and and older guy; it wouldn’t be very funny in that case.  :-/


TV 黒執事 Book of Circus I 完全生産限定版 アニメイトオリジナル特典:枢やな描き下ろしメッセージカード

Black Butler Book of Circus DVD Vol.1 Animate Limited Edition Original Tokuten: Message Card by Toboso Yana

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The more details you see, the more matching elements you’d find…*eyes fluff behind ass* :p

And look at the loser who is still holding his freakin’ death scythe - just enjoy the circus, damn it!